Best Film Editors

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The Top Ten

Dede Allen
I love editing with all my heart if only someone like Dwdw Allen help me on the tactics... My dream will come true


Miskilla (m.

2Walter Murch

3Thelma Schoonmaker
raging bull, the aviator, casino, goodfellas all those show some of her best work. any scorsese film for that matter, but the editing in those ones is particularly brilliant


4Michael Kahn
From all editors mentioned here, Michael has been the most inventive and the most daring. He is never afraid to reinvent himself to improve the movie. Most editors have just one style and stick with it for their whole career.
Sir, I don't know about you very march. I saw your interview, your are very simple man. You are artist, paint in a canvas, which is create a film.
Your student
Samir james

5Stephen Mirrione

6Anne Coates

7Jerry Greenberg

8Daniel Rezende

9Chris Lebenzon

10Antony Gibbs

The Contenders

11Verna Fields

12Carol Littleton

13Jim Clark

14Ray Lovejoy

15Tony Lawson

16Alan Heim

17Claire Simpson

18Paul Hirsch

19Lou Lombardo

20Pietro Scalia

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