Best Filter Songs


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Hey Man, Nice Shot
Awesome song definitely deserves number 1


Gotta love songs about suicide, and respect Bud Dwyer and his balls to do that not only commit suicide, but do it on live T.V.. By far the best Filter song.

2Take a Picture
By far their best mainstream song
Oh my god I am so angry this is just so shoking this is clearly their best song to date and it put them right on the map

3Where Do We Go from Here?

4Welcome to the Fold
Awesome song, but what's with the tall tree part?

5The Best Things

6Soldiers of Misfortune
By far their best song. I love this underrated band, awesome lyrics and sound, wish they would tour Oz. Also the new album is great.

7(Can't You) Trip Like I Do



10The Inevitable Relapse

The Contenders

11First You Break It

12Burn It
This song... This song makes me have no words its amazing

13No Love

14Watch the Sun Come Out Tonight


16It's Just You

17Take Another
Insane beat. Angry and heavy as hell. Love it!

A great cover of this old song.

19It's Gonna Kill Me

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