Best Finishing Moves In WWE History


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The Top Ten

Tombstone Piledriver - The Undertaker
Its the best move ever performed in wwe performed by the best wrestler in the world. He never lost a single match in wreslemania thanks to tombstone and the hells gate. He is gonna rock in future wrestlemania also.
I have to vote this one. It has been finishing matches for over two decades. Countless people have been laid to rest by this move.
Come on guys, the tombstone is beast. All that hurt on your head, it ends matches in a heart beat. Best move but just by a slim margin of the RKO.
[Newest]Under taker tombstone pile driver can finish any one

2RKO - Randy Orton
I think that Tombstone and pedigree can't get to RKO because RKO is far more quick and Randy can perform it hundreds of times without being tired because it doesn't take any power of him + one of shortest time requiring move in WWE just like giving a kick to someone!
It is most dangerous move in the history there is no other move like that. And Also Randy Orton rocks rocks
It is the sharpest and the wuickest move in WWE that can be hit out of nowhere... RKO rocks...
[Newest]Best move in this world

3Stone Cold Stunner - Steve Austin
toughest, quickest and the most stylish finishing move.. This should be on the top... I feel rko is a sloppy version of stone cold stunner
This is the most cool move ever... Not just because it does massive damage to the opponent but also stunts the person... THE STUNNER rocks... The best ever move... That's STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN
Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!
Best Head breaker ever like stone cold

4Attitude Adjustment - John Cena
It is the only great move in wwe universe I have ever saw in my life. It can make a dead person to get up without what is happening around them.
I like FU because John Cena can do it very night. LIke he Fu The Big Show He was like The Greatest of the world John Cena says that he will never give up. Until he will get the Champion Belt and keep that gold belt. We love you John Cena!
F-U is the best because john cena never gives up and it was used almost every night on raw or smack down
[Newest]John vena is number 1 AA is number 1

5F-5 - Brock Lesnar
Was the most devastating move in WWE history.. was deadly.. really miss him.. here comes the pain
F5 can be performed any where and can be as dangerous as the performer want with this move brock really hurt and injured the best in wwe and without brock lesnar no one can match to this move. Becaous every thing he did matched him.
F5 is the strongest and most power full move in wwe and no one can escape it should be in the top -world wrestling entertainment chief manager suvin
[Newest]Ended The Undertakers streak you idiots

6Pedigree - Triple H
I did this to my younger cousin once... he ended up in a hospital for a few days.. I gave him whiplash.. lmao


More like the deadigree ;)... it ends all matches, very different, its quick, you can do it to ANYONE, and its really a deadly move in real life, amazing


The pedigree is so cool and it will be the no. 1 and after that the 619.


[Newest]Pedigree it's my favorite best luck for team authority

7Sweet Chin Music - Shawn Michaels
One of the best finishers in history, not to mention that it is by the best wrestler in history
Simply the best MOVE ever, nobody could do it and bring such a sense of reality like Shawn Michaels, it really looked like he just turned their faces to frying pans. The allure, the set up, the selling, even the sound of it rocked. You're Still missed Shawn <3, you're the best ever.
Shawn michaels is the best in world. He was the best finisher in wwe history

8Rock Bottom - The Rock
It is the most electrifying move in wwe history no one can stand up in this move.
Through this move many of the best wrestler loose like: John Cena, Randy, Bigshow, Rey mysterio Hulk Hogan& many other wrestler
The rock is best and rock bottom should be no. 1 in this list
[Newest]It is a best move in the world

9Swanton Bomb - Jeff Hardy
b'coz the sky is no limit for jeff hardy
Jeff's swanton bomb is like an eagle flying from the sky to the ground to catch his prey.
The Charaismatic Enigma Can destroy any one with the Swanton Bomb, The Creature Of The Night Can Soar through the sky from 20 feet and destroy them ending the match. EXTREME!

10Batista Bomb - Batista
The batista bomb is the most cool move I've ever seen and batista is the person who started his own wwe title the batista bomb drains your energy because your slammed on your back and when you loose power and then your head followes your back so when your first hit on your back your energy gets drained and when your head follows you hit your head so hard your knocked out
The batista bomb just drives your back straight into the ground. After bean given a batista bomb it will just drain every little bit of energy in you and in will stop your momentum. It is just pure strangth the whole move I don't think uses much skill just strangth and momentum.
It shoulsd be on top 3

The Contenders

11Go 2 Sleep - CM Punk
Cm punk the best in the world best finish gts
BEST MOVE EVER, IT should be in the top 10. But whoever typed in the choice of this move was wrong. IT's not the Good Night. It's The Go To Sleep or GTS
Go to sleep baby
[Newest]His style is awesome

12Spear - Bill Goldberg
His spear is very dangerous and causes serious injury.
Thus move should be on top
Its absolutely a killer moves, wayy deadlier than any other superstar on WWE..
[Newest]Goldberg is the best player

13619 West Coast Pop - Rey Mysterio

14Spear - Edge
What this is the best move ever it should be number 1
Vote for edge spear I will kill you panni paradesi punda

15Hell's Gate - The Undertaker
The Undertaker is good fighter and wrestlamania record

16Chokeslam - Kane, Undertaker, Big Show

17Code Breaker - Chris Jericho
He does it very fast
Code breaker is best move... Most damage produce on head... Y2j
Best move by y2j

18Brogue Kick - Sheamus
Lalala, I'm just walking along, admiring the daisies, skipping in the morning breeze- ooh look, there's good old Mr brown. I'm going over there, have a nice chat, then I'm off again on my travels. Keep skipping, I'm skipping, I pass a pond, so I - BROGUE KICK BAM! AARGH!


When he kick someone only three numbers are to be heard.
Warrior kick... Like hulk

19Sister Abigail - Bray Wyatt
It should be ranked number 1.
Its got the whooeole world in his hands

20DX Combo - D Generation X

21K.O. - Big Show
Nowadays he kos everybody

22Walls of Jericho - Chris Jericho

23The People's Elbow - The Rock

24Jackhammer - Bill Goldberg
When he hit this on the Giant (or big show now), unbelievable!

25S.T.F. - John Cena
This is the best angle lock ever
It is very painful

26Last Ride - The Undertaker
It's better then most move above should be in top 5
It's better then most move above should be in top 5

27Spear - Roman Reigns
Crazy finisher it rivals goldberg!
It is a the shield awesome move
That is more dangerous than edge's or anybody' spear
[Newest]Nobody has ever kicked out of his spears

28Killswitch - Christian
And Christian hits the switch.AMAZING FINISHER

29Crippler Crossface - Chris Benoit
The one reason that Benoit used to lock this in from any side or any position the opponent was incredible.. And for me.. Crippler Crossface is one of the best finishing moves ever.
This should be in top 10!
It made triple h tap at WM 20 only about maybe less than 2 min after benoit applied it there is a variant of this used by Daniel bryan known as I think the lebell lock then the yes lock then the no lock, this one finisher made benoit win so many matches its also great how at great timing including being able to successfully and quickly trip the legs and get the arms around the face it is a truly devastating move

30Airbourne - Evan Bourne
Its is very nice bourne

31S.O.S. - Kofi Kingston

32Twist of Fate - Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy

33Shell Shocked - Ryback
Meet on the table ya that's what you are-Feed me more
Good moov in wwe
Yeah, rybotch is the next big thing in wwe.

34Running High Knee - Daniel Bryan
It is the most dangerous finishers in WWE history. No one kick out of it untill now.

35Star Ship Pain - John Morisson
No one can do that move beside john morrison

36Skull Crashing Finale - The Miz

37Glam Slam - Beth Phoenix

38Cross Rhodes - Cody Rhodes

39Zig Zag - Dolph Ziggler
Best move in the current WWE!
The breaks when the move is done good job by zigller

40No Lock - Daniel Bryan
Yes and no lock rocks

41Frog Splash - Eddie Guerrero

42Sharpshooter - Bret Hart

43Irish Curse Backbreaker - Sheamus
This is so awesome and the victim breaks his bones! And after little recovery he gets up and turns other side then BAM the brouge kick connects then it is good bye to the victim. SHEMAS wins the match

44Spear - Kaitlyn

45Ankle Lock - Kurt Angle, Jack Swagger

46Face Buster - Torrie Wilson

47Flying Knee - Daniel Bryan
It is very powerful that even WWEworldheavyweight champ gave up

48Hells Gate - Undertaker

49Cobra - Santino Marella
It is most destructive move in sports entertainment history. Stronger than tombstone and F5 and faster than rko. laugh out loud
It's like baba gi ka tullu

50Machka Kick - Rusev

51Eye Pop - Bhavya Rai
When bhavya Rai was a kid, The Undertaker tried to taste his baby food, well the then 2 year old bhavya was so furious that he lost his cool and stared at The Undertaker, The Undertaker died on the spot, and ever since he is known as the deadman. That's how the eye pop originated
Bhavya Rai once stared down dr. Isaac yankem, that stare burned his face and left the behemoth embarrassed, ever since to hide his scars and moreover that embarrassing moment, he wears a mask and calls himself Kane. He says that he is The Undertakers brother because both of em were embarrassed by the same person, mr. Mighty bhavya himself. They hold arms and give each other a shoulder to cry on, when those dark memories strike em again
He is insane, how can someone defeat his opponent by staring at him, he is a talented wrestler

52DDT - Dean Ambrose
It is cooler than rko

53619 - Rey Mysterio

54Cross Body - Sin Cara

55Angle Slam - Kurt Angle

56Piledriver - Jerry Lawler
This move is better than tombstone this move can break anyones neck easily...

57High Cross - Sheamus

58Blackout / Peace of Mind - Seth Rollins
This finisher is great too.

595 Star Frog Splash

60Superman Punch - Roman Reigns
Its cool for a guy like him
Come on put this move third on the ladder
My favorite move of all WWE is this move

61Stylish Kick - John Morrison
This Move Is Only done By Aj styles In tna And JOhN MOrrison In WWE great kick to get people. Out

62Headlock Driver - Dean Ambrose
This move is superb

63Leap Man Basement Drop Kick - Roman Reings

64Neutralizer - Cesaro
This move is so good. No-one has kicked out of it, not even randy orton, rvd, big e,

65Curb Stuck - Seth Rollins

66Shining Wizard - AJ Lee

67Punt - Randy Orton
This move is unique and is barley used by randy because he already has the RKO but this move is still deadly and Orton is the best

68Knock Out - Big Show
Actually its for big guys like him

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