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Tuomas is just a genius. The Poet ^^ The Pendulum and Ghost Love Score are one of the best songs that gave me the chills. The first band I ever heard in my life that made a coherent mix between symphony and metal.

I have been a fan of classic and hard rock most of my life (Ok, I still love ABBA) and hearing the two fused together so naturally is astounding. Love it so much we are going to name our speed boat "Nightwish" when it is finished. Tuomas is a musician's musician. Love the older material but Story Time would be number one at present. The melody and lyrics would be perfect for a movie
Script I have... Darn they bet me to it.

As soon as I saw Finnish in the titlw ; I knew it would be Nightwish.


H.I.M. is the best band ever!... Ville have the most beautiful voice I ever hear! his lyrics are amazing... but other guys in band are really important!.. when you combine Ville's voice, Linde's guitar, Migé's bass guitar, Burton's keys and Gas's drums you get a great band... umm... not great but the BEST! <3 H.I.M. for life! (sry.. mine english sucks)

H.I.M. most popular and lovely rock band in Finland. so they must be in this place exactly... their music is something... it helps to live and feel better, thats why they are number one in the world)))

HIM HIM HIM is the best band ever this band is my life! HIS has the most beautiful songs and live performance and Ville Valo is the best singer in this world he wrote the most beautiful song and the best is Gone with the sin I love him and HIM xD

You have to love this band, this man! Ville is charming and talented. And if you really want to find something that is typical for Finland, you can find it all in this band. And try not to love his laugh.

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3Children of Bodom

Just a kick in your face band..good riffs and in your face music


Apocalyptica is my second best band my number one band is Poets Of The Fall and I'm wondering why it's not on the list?


Excellent, excellent band! These guys rock!

7The Rasmus

The rasmus are the best finish band not only in Finland but in the world well to me any way I think the are amazing<3 every single one of there songs are just perfect and more people should no about this band all over the world <3 I'm from Ireland and I love use specially Lauri3

THE BEST! FANTASTIC SONG, MUSIC, LYRICS! I love them veery very much! Lauri is my love.. I'm the biggest fan.. I wish I see them live one day.. :')

Despite of the lack of the instrumental armony in their tracks the voice and the lyrics are incredible also the feeling and the message of their songs "keeps your heart broken"

A long-term favourite band of mine. They're experimental, deep and original. There's little more that needs to be said.

I disagree with anyone claiming they are even minutely similar to HIM.

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Amorphis rules! They've been going in for almost 20 years and they're still going strong and their albums just keep selling and so on. They are by far the best band in Finland and one of the top five bands in the world.

Best melodic metal band ever heard!

10Poets of the Fall

Sucks that I had to vote PotF just to get a mention that this is by far the blandest, most generic radio friendly rock band Finland has ever produced alongside Sunrise Avenue. The singer has just as much charisma as a lamp post and the rest of the band is just exciting, too. - tommydeath

This list doesn't mean anything if POTF is not in the top 5! Listen to carnival of rust or cradled in love and you will be blown away

What can I say?! It's simply the best band in the world

They should be in first 5

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12Hanoi Rocks

One of the most important bands in history of rock


The best band ever! I have loved them from the first time I heard their songs!

Just a great band, great songs, great costumes, great performances, great effects. They wera heavy monster costumes and they can still rock the audience out. I just love them. COME ON LORDI FANS

17The 69 Eyes

About all I listen to anymore... Love them!

18The Jade
19For My Pain
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