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Charizard is the best. He alone owned blastoise which is a water type pokemon. He also beat artocuno and even mewtwo himself said that charizard is a very powerful pokemon. There are also charizards in the charicific valley where all of them are more than three times the size of ashes charizard and they beat him in one hit.
CHARIZARD IS A DUAL TYPED POKEMON (FIRE/FLYING) which in fact is strong against fighting types like infernape and blaziken.. And is my favorite pokemon... CHARIZARD IS AWEESOME! AND COOL, BRAVE, POWERFUL WITH DRAGON TYPE FEATURES!
Well I use use charizard in my team and that is only because I think its way cooler than arcanine, but with arcanines physical attack and speed they are I guess equal
[Newest]Yes charizard is best fire type Pokémon in all the regions
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Blaziken should be FIRST! He is way better and is rated uber on smogon. Plus, he has the ability speed boost which practically makes him a one man team!
Blaziken is awesome with the moves brave bird, sky uppercut and the best is blaze kick, I used him in emerald and I beated all the elite four with him. Blaziken beated a charizard last time I checked(don't mean to be rude) in ash vs harrison. I used every fire starter, blaziken the best.
I actually managed to solo the champion with this epic starter! It's also a dual type fighting and fire to add up the awesomeness

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A Fire and a Fighting Type is enough for me!
Infernape is defintley badass. Paul lost a really good pokemon too bad. Infernape overall is beast.
It's the best fighting pokemon
It can also kick charizard's butt!
[Newest]One of my favorites
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By the way this is purely based on the game, cause I don't care about what happend in the anime, because charizard beat blastoise in the johto league but in the game "blastoise used hydro pump" and the end. Anyway back on track, is arcanine the best fire type? Yes and I can give you plenty of reasons why. Firstly it has access to STAB flare blitz that can demolish anything that's weak to fire types. Water types gonna try stop ya, arcanine blows water types away with wild charge. And don't get me started on max happiness return. Arcanine max happiness with 252 evs in attack and speed and holding silk scarf can wipe the floor with almost any poke that stands in his way, and if the opponent has a focus sash and just somehow miraculously survived the return, no sweat, just finish em off with extreme speed. My arcanine using the set above always gets me at least one KO because its just so good. It's a million light years ahead of that bird man blaziken and that flying salamander charizard. One word sums this Pokemon up, EPIC.
Ever since... Well WAY before I played the games, this one was my favorite. I always thought he was a legendary and the design was awesome enough to make it a legendary. After I played games like Heart Gold and the Black and White series so far so on, I seemed to forget about him during these times... But when I wanted to pick my favorite Pokemon (not favorite fire type Pokemon) this one came to mind. yes, I could have picked CHarizard or Blaziken because those were the next best fire Pokemon, but starters? Give me a break. Arcanine was MEANT to be a legendary and always will be in my belief and has awesome moveset, great design, and the stats? Well... how about ALMOST as good as Dragonite, Garchomp, Tyranitar, etc. 555 is a CRAZY number Charizard and Blaziken WISH they had. What can you not like about this beast?
I think this Pokemon is awesome, judge by it's move set and speed. I can't compare with other Pokemon, I think all are the same if we train them properly. Just train Arcanine well and he will be a great Pokemon, I know charizard is much cooler, I agree if he in the first place. I must agree to vote Arcanine in the 2nd place, So stop comparing these so-called Pokemon.
[Newest]Arcanine is a push over next to charizard
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It comes from possibly the cutest pokemon... And transforms into some beast! Truly awesome pokemon! May not be a classic like Charizard, (Who rocks), but it's still cool as hell!
I have a typhlosion and he beat the crud out of 7 feraligatrs in a row, and they were higher level then my typhlosion by at least 10! It is so cute when it is a cynaquil! Yo
I've won the Elite Four (Gold Ver) with this pokemon alone, trust me! It was level 83 so yeah. GOO TYPHLOSION!
[Newest]Based on the data and attack range (special attacker) none can beat typhlosion! Ima use ERUPTION!
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Ho-oh's base stat is 680 - higher than any Fire pokemon in the first four generation's of games (unless one counts Arceus with a Fire Plate hold item), easily the strongest Fire Pokemon in battle, the only downside is it's rarity which is limited to Gold/Silver, Colosseum and Heart Gold/Soul Silver outside of event only conditions.
I think you'll find Ho-oh and Lucia can be found in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. But I agree Ho-oh is pretty strong
Ho-oh's stats fit his legendary status and is a deadly sweeper even against other legendaries. And with the new gen with resistance to fairies and stealth rock nerfed with defog he has become a top uber, which even Reshiram can't brag about. Sacred Fire is arguably the best fire attack in the game and whatever it doesn't burn he can hit them with Brave Bird, indeed, very few Pokemons are safely switch into Ho-oh, even Kyogre doesn't like taking Brave Bird. Rock Arceus is perhaps the closest thing to a counter but even then Ho-oh can also wield EQ to hurt it. Stealth Rock will probably always be Ho-oh greatest threat and as long as you keep it out it is virtually unstoppable.

So yeah, Ho-oh is the only Pokemon I can think of that is a top uber Pokemon and also a fire type. Reshiram, Blaziken, Charizard and every other fire Pokemon all fall short to the noble phoenix who dominates the fire Pokemons.
Almost everything about this guy is cool, he is the 4th strongest Pokemon, he can learn hundreds of different Fire moves, and his Sacred Fire can own any legen including Celebi, absolute awesome Pokemon
[Newest]Why is charizard higher than this guy in this list?

HELLO! He's Legendary! And AWESOME!
According to research, when Entei roars, a volcano will erupt on the other side of the world.


If you have entei you have everything great pokemon, charizard is a real pushover compared to entei, stupid list. WHOEVER MADE THIS LIST IS NUTS THEY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT, GO ENTEI!
[Newest]This Pokemon is so crap and don't learn any good moves

It's a legendary pokemon. It's fire and dragon type! Does the name vast white pokemon mean nothing to you people? Maybe you guys belong in a mental hospital. And with Arceus, he's not a fire type. He can be but that's not his true type.


How is, nt reshiram in the top four he should be number 2 after ho-oh him and lugia are number five out of all the pokemon judged by the pokemon creator and hello he, s a legendary
Resharim speaks for itself... A legendary Fire/Dragon pokemon... That is just epic. It's special move... Blue Flame is Epic!
[Newest]It should be at least second, maybe ho-oh for the first.

Its awesome because it automatically brings you victory
Victini is the best Pokemon ever it has cuteness but with a sweet heart of fire plus it's the toughest Pokemon of all. Time

Victini isn't fair. It's special ability (victory star) raises your entire teams accuracy. Plus, it's extremely small and adorable but a complete TANK of a Pokemon.
[Newest]It's overpowered, and it's name even offers assured Victory

On pokemon white it is WICKED
It evolves from a cute pokemon and turns into another cutting edge Pokemon that is cute but WICKED!
Ninetales is the only fire type pokemon (besides Vulpix) that can have the hidden ability drought.
Ninetails is one of the cuter fire types, and is extremely strong. Love ninetails!
[Newest]My second favorite Pokemon! My favorite is still espeon though...

The Contenders

I loved using magmortar on my black 2 version and on Pokemon X. It just obliterated everything in his way.
This pokemon that comes from the 4th gen is the best non-legendary fire pokemon ever! With its super amazing special attack stats, it can send pokemons flying into their own grave. If a pokemon fights with Magmortar with Psychic, Flamethrower/PPupped Fire Blast, Thunder, and Hyper Beam, they are digging their own graves.
Come on. you guys don't know the true power behind magmortar. plus, he's better than charzard. he can own him with just a few thunderbolts. WHY IS IT ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE. should at least be in the top 5.
[Newest]Move this to #1 please this thing is badass! It could kill everything above it when you put a choice scarf on this sucker!

Come on now, internet. Houndoom is a beast. Use nasty plot a few times, make sure it has good speed and boom, flamethrower and dark pulse make it pretty much an instant two-hit kill, if not a one-hit KO. Houndoom wins.
are you kidding me? houndoom pwns charizard! its got cool typing, great move set and amazing sp. attack! how can he not kick ass?
Why isn't he higher? His design is awesome, he has high special attack and access to Nasty Plot and Flamethrower, he's got an awesome shiny, a mega-evolution, and not to mention an awesome name! Also, he was my first shiny.

One of the most powerful sweepers in the game. Quiver dance combined with awesome stats scare anything away besides heatran. My personal set is quiver dance, fiery dance (good to use if you want a boost but can't use quiver dance, or to revenge kill), bug buzz (raw power), and psychic, because that provides near perfect coverage (excluding heatran) well, that's my volcarona. Thanks!
Volcarona has VERY high special attack, and as a result it is very good. One strategy I like is using a Volbeat, have it use Tail Glow, followed by substitute, and finish it off with Baton Pass. Then I let Volcarona do the rest of the work.
I raised my volcarona from an egg, and it hurts me to see him this low on the list
[Newest]He has a Base Stat of 550, but I never thought he was very good. That is why he is #6. Also, he has too many weaknesses, being a Bug type in all.

Cool it's a flaming birdy. Laugh out loud!
Yeah, so uh, this personally I think its better than everything ever
Moltres - A rare, unique and super-powerful flaming bird. Much cooler than Ho-oh! 'enough said.


[Newest]Moltres sucks a Emboar could beat it

Why isn't this awesome guy higher? Everything I have read about chandelure in black 2 is good. And seriously I don't blame them. So here I was evolving my lampent into chandelure because his design is awesome. Afterwards Soulblaze helped exponentially. He could have destroyed every elite four if I didn't have the decency to let my others gain exp. He delivered the winning blow to the champion's Pokemon every time, saving my butt again and again. He is way better than that stupid gengar.
This guy should be #5, or something, not 15, he is one of my favorite pokemon, he is my favorite fire, non legendary
Has the best base special attack out of all the non legendaries. Also has ghost as a second type. Its moveset is varied so you can counter attack its weaknesses pretty well.
[Newest]Man this guy is the best hyper beam killed the black 2 legendary 1 move

Rapidash should work for Garden Force, literally the most retarded Pokemon, in this one episode Ash is naughtily slapping one on the bottom and call it rude names, whilst groaning furiously.
I agree with the garden force comment, the dapper gentleman who submitted that comment, really knows his pokemon.
[Newest]This was my fire type of my 3man team in Pearl. Sorry Palkia, but this horse isn't messing around

It is a really strong pokemon and it is both fire and fighting type and it can defeat charizard any day because if it just uses stone edge charizard is gonecase
It's so big and awesome looking, plus it's attack is insane and has a great amount of health
He's boss. He can smash anything to pieces. He could almost beat Arceus! That's all it is.
[Newest]Really very strong Pokemon. But not stronger than ARCEUS

I think Flareon is cool because it evolves from Eevee and Eevee can evolve into seven different types of pokemon. Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon.
Thank you for reading this!
So strong and better looking than all of them besides Arcanine,
Blaziken, Ninetales and Entei
Flareon is so much better than that pathetic excuse for a flaming chicken. It's moves can render any opponent speechless.
[Newest]It's a fire fox, and its surprisingly powerful

HEATRAN THE TANK - why this title? - This Pokemon, the only fire/steel type, has five resistances 25% damage, 2 immunities 0%, and four regular times 2 resistances 50%... Offensively this is the only Pokemon with Magma Storm, the only partial-trap move with 100+ which lets me switch and murder any Pokemon.

More facts- Learns Dragon Pulse for coverage. PERFECT STATS! 91 HP (386 life), 106 definitely (342), and 106 special definitely (342) makes his life to defense 1:1 which means it has the highest the potential of taking hits on both sides with its total stats.
Fire steel... What more could you want
Got heatran on my black 2 he was the BEAST! He had the best moveset I've probably seen and he's a Legendary 22nd place doesn't suit him.

Being a fire/psychic, Delphox, if used correctly, can beat Blaziken, Infernape, and Emboar. If it's taught the right moves Delphox would make an excellent member of any team as long as you have Pokemon to cover its weaknesses "water, dark, ghost, ground, and rock". I suggest teaching it the moves Blast Burn, Overheat, Psychic, and Solar Beam all of which are high powered attacks and they help to nullify one of its weaknesses.
Delphox is the best fire type starter it can beat charizard easily
Who doesn't like Delphox? He is like Pokemon Harry Potter!
[Newest]DELPHOX IS TOTALLY AWESOME! I beat all of the elite four solo just with Delphox

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