Best Fire Type Pokemon From Unova


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Reshiram is one of the two pokemon that made the Unova region completely destroyed it and rebuilt it bigger and better it special attack is almost unrivaled except to Dialga and its extremly fast so it will hit first and hard so its little or no chance for its opponents to retaliate and it learns two power ful Fire type moves Fusion Flare and the ultra powerful Blue Flare its BADASS
Reshiram is just plain awesome. It's beautiful, it's powerful, it can fly, it knows fusion flare, which is the best ' move known to pokemon mankind, and I love it, which deems it amazing cause it caught my liking. But, being a girl, I can't help but love Victini to! That lil guy is so cute! Sorry, Reshirham lovers, but I think that I might like victini a teeny bit more than Reshirham.
Reshiram is the best in fire because he learns the 2 powerful fire moves called fusion flare and blue flame
[Newest]How the hex do you get it

Am also having the same pokemon... Its very nice and very best in the non legendary... No fire type non legendary pokemon can beat him... Its awesome... Am very lucky to have this pokemon
Volcarona has quiver dance and it's sp.atk is high, with moves like heat wave, bug buzz, flamethrower, or even roost gives it an edge to even beat reshiram with enough quiver dances

It has the highest special attack of any non-legendary pokemon at a whopping 145, plus it gets Shadow Tag through the Dream World, which makes as broken as Wobbuffet.
The badass Chandelier that can suck out your soul and the highest Special Attack of any non legendary makes it more worthy to be the strongest Ghost type.
It makes sense to have this around with you because of it's reliability. Just have it at the front of your party and 1 hit all of those pesky wild pokemon you don't have a repel for.
[Newest]Amazing special attack, and it is Ghost type, too. What could you want more?

Oh so sweet, come here wittle bay bee! 2 hours of snuggling later... (Yawn) I feel so tired... (falls into bed and sleeps for a week. ) HE CAN SUCK LIFE FORCE!

Arthur lost family member. Man Heatmorlooks cool.

He is OP with his attack! Just use thrash or flare blitz to wreck Pokemon! By the way his defenses both are just 55
It can learn a variety of different and powerful fire type moves.
This guy is a beast he will probabaly K. O anyone here, he has really high attack and defense whish is awesome he can learn flare blitz which is cool to

Tepig is infront of him so if he is the final evolved form, he is better in every way. Heat crash and hammer arm and stone edge and flare blitz. Get him a higher spot in the top ten, please
I started with Tepig and Emboar is really powerful helped me defeat all gym leaders really easily.
Emboar has a lot of power and he is more of using strong fire type moves
[Newest]He is a cool Pokemon and he is very strong

I love his sound. He is the best ghost Pokemon.

This cute little thing is pretty strong

I have a Victini that knows Fusion Flare (Reshiram's signature move) Fusion Bolt (Zekrom's signature), Psychic, and V-Create (Victini's signature move). I partner this thing up with Zekrom in the endless double/triple battles in Unova and woe to anyone who I see. Plus Victini's stats are insane. And Emboar is just a slow sucky Infernape that is nowhere near as cool-looking
Who can't love this cute fire/psychic type? It's a flipping legendary for peat's sake! Give it some respect!
It is the first ever fire/psychic pokemon and is awesome
[Newest]Such a cutie! I would literally kill for one!

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Ash's Tepig is missing chromosomes, however that doesn't stop it from slaying tonnes of gash, YEAAH!


It has a hyper power.


Early in my adventures, this guy no joke, kills pokemon using one single fire punch. It's incredible! You won't believe your eyes when you see him KO a pokemon one hit even so the pokemon was 2 Lvs higher
Okay, so Darmanitan is on here, but not Darumaka? This little thing is awesome and adorable.

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