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21 Second Hand News Second Hand News

Say WHAT? Second Hand News isn't in the top ten?! This is one of the greatest songs they ever recorded! It's a distinct blend of rock, pop, country, and traditional celtic jigs. It even has a "Jive Talking" Bee Gee's beat under it all - and, due to Buckingham's brilliant composition - it works. I saw the song dissected by Buckingham on "The Making of Rumours" dvd, and it was astounding. Also features a great lead vocal by Buckingham and beautiful Buckingham/Nicks harmonizing. Fun song that never fails to get the audience up and moving when played live.

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22 As Long As You Follow As Long As You Follow

It's my favorite song of Christine. Very beautiful.

23 Hypnotized

Wonderfully rhythmic and haunting song by Bob Welch.

24 Oh Well Oh Well

This song is a MASTERPIECE! It's hard to see how Oh Well didn't play a significant role model to Led Zeppelin's Black Dog.

Come on guys the best Fleetwood Mac is Green's Fleetwood Mac!

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25 Silver Springs Silver Springs

Best female vocal performance. Cannot be replicated, not even by Stevie Nicks herself. A truly magical recording. It's a shame it was only a B-side.

I will follow you down 'til the sound of my voice will haunt you. It doesn't really get more stirring than that.

This song should be #1! So beautiful!

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26 Keep on Going
27 Say You Love Me Say You Love Me

I can't believe this song is this down,this deserves to be all the way to the top

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28 World Turning World Turning

Great tune and harmonies galore amongst the three upfront. John and Mick doing their thing - "World Turning! "

29 The Purple Dancer The Purple Dancer
30 Heroes are Hard to Find
31 Blue Letter Blue Letter
32 Albatross Albatross
33 Night Watch
34 Black Magic Woman Black Magic Woman V 1 Comment
35 The Green Manalishi The Green Manalishi
36 Angel Angel V 1 Comment
37 I'm So Afraid I'm So Afraid V 1 Comment
38 Hold Me Hold Me

My all time favorite!

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39 Beautiful Child Beautiful Child
40 Storm Storm

Great song, very underrated compared to others, but it's my favourite of theirs.

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