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21My House

Wow. A Flo Rida song that is about partying that has a good melody and production that isn't soiled by awful lyrics (well there was Low but that song barely exists anymore)? WHAT MIRACLE IS THIS? - WonkeyDude98

It is awesome! It can't get of my mind so good 88votes

I heard this song a billion times. It's a great song!

He's had a lot of great songs and my house is right up there with the elites like right round and good feeling.

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22Here It Is

Going down for real should be higher best song ever

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How does this not have any votes? Its 8 on billboard

Love it it should be #1 very catchy

It's awesome going down for real

Super catchy with an amazing beat

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27Tonight Belongs to U!
28Boom Boom Pow (Remix)
29Let It Roll

The video on YouTube is very funny

Come on let it roll!

Deserves position in top 10

Absolutely deserves top 10

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30Turn Around (Part II)
31Move Shake Drop
32Hello FridayV1 Comment
33Run To You
34We Found Love (Remix)
35How I FeelV1 Comment
36Going Down for Real

With Sage The Gemini adding additional vocals/rapping, this song has got to crack the top ten soon enough (came out in October 2014). The beat and the "trumpet" noises top off a beautiful hit.

Love the song I mean first heard it at the NBA All-Star game and loved it!

It's a pretty good song with a catchy hook (which is subtly repeated throughout the whole song). Not a big flo rida fan, but I love that song for it's catchyness.

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37RespiratorV1 Comment
38Hey Jasmin

This should be on the fist song amazing party music fantastic florida voice mizing and the magic wit charm make this exciting to hear freakishly addictive

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39Can't Believe It

Way better than club can't handle me...

Seriously? 31? Deserves to be in top 10!


Should be at at least 5th

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