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All Around Me
One of there best songs they ever performed! But personally my favorite song by flyleaf will always be "Beautiful Bride" because of its unique lyrics! And it isn't even on the list!
One of the best songs I've ever heard in my life. Her voice is so powerful and the song makes me wanna dancing around like an idiot
I absolutely love this song and it makes me cry every single time that I hear it. It's just so beautiful, and not only will it help you get through bad times, but it'll make an inspirational song to listen to all of the time.
God bless Flyleaf
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I love this song and how everyone can interpret it however they want. To me it has great meaning and is really uplifting. You can apply it to people or God whichever way you want to go it still makes sense. Absolutely my favourite.
A great song and it's meaning, just great. And it was good enough to get on Guitar Hero, so ha! Just everything about it makes it deserve at least the number 3 slot, Cassie is the only thing standing in it's way because of the story it talks about. They are both amazing songs, all of their songs are.
This song is Christ's love empowered. He has touched so many with this band.
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3I'm So Sick
Why is a cover at number 2? If a cover gets to number 1 then that is like saying that Flyleaf can't write decent songs, which they obviously can. And I'm So Sick proves that.
I'm so sick that this song isn't #1 where it should be.
One of the first alternative metal songs I ever heard. Thanks to Flyleaf for making my music taste what it is today!
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4Fully Alive
The best man. Just the best. Has to be the number one. Dunno why it isn't. Vote for it. Bring it to the top.
So much energy, and the vocals are amazing. Should definitely be top 3
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This song is AWESOME! Its my favorite and should definitely be at least in the top five if not the number one spot. I know good music and this song is great. If your looking for great Flyleaf songs I recommend Sorrow.
This Song Is My Favorite. This Song Touched Me ^^ Sad. This Song's Lyric Is Really Good. This Song Should Be In The 1st Place.
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Sing to me about the end of the world
(meaning: there is no such thing as the end of the world)
End of these hammers and needles for you
(meaning: you can always start over, "hammers and needles" mean repairing, mending and redoing things)
Hold on to the world we all remember fighting for
There's still strength left in us yet
(meaning: don't give up easily after all these fights! )
Hold on to the world we all remember dying for
There's some hope left in it yet
(meaning; there is always hope)

And the last line took my breath away:
"Arise and be all that you dreamed, all that you dreamed"

This is my all time favorite inspiring song ever!
Flyleaf are incredible!
Great song, one of their best. Lacey really brings it. The Chorus really does drive it.
Seriously? Number 9? This song has so much emotion in it, and so much inspiration! This song should be number one! THE CHORUS IS SO INCREDIBLE! I CANNOT EVEN
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Cassie Was The Younger Sister of the Lead singer in Flyleaf.
And This Song Is A True Story About how she got shot because she said yes when some evil men asked if she believed In God.
Any song about a girl who gets shot for refusing to say something against her beleifs... And it's a true story.. Deserves the number one slot!
Such an inspiring story that the song is about, and it is really catchy! Rock on Flyleaf!
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8Broken Wings
I like this song so much!
Its cool amazing and it has a great lyric
Takes me to the time of dream on by aerosmiths.
I love it so much. The lyrics are just so... So... Wow!
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9This Close
I love this song do much. There's so much emotion in her voice, and the lyrics truly speak to me... Flyleaf has so many incredible songs that it's difficult to pick just one. "This Close" is definitely my favorite from "Memento Mori".
That chorus just hits you like a wall of bricks. truly impressive. This was my first taste of Flyleaf and certainly the best.
This is my personal favorite. The lyrics are so meaningful, and Lacey's voice is angel-like here.
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10Fire Fire
I love this song, I think this is the best song on the album and also represents the concept of this.
Lacey's beautiful voice makes the whole song so enjoyable to hear. Amazing song concept and it's my favourite!
You have to listen to this song!
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The Contenders

11New Horizons
This is a super-super moral boosting song... I love it


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12Call You Out
One of the shortest but most epic flyleaf songs yet.
One of the best songs ever!


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13Beautiful Bride
I love this song! Personally its my favorite and even though it isn't number one on the top tens it till always be number one in my eyes. I love this song so much!
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14Much Like Falling

15There for You
Don't knw why such good song is far down in this's a beautiful song must be in top 5
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16So I Thought
How the hell is this so far down on the list? This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard
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17Tiny Heart
I love this song because it reminds me of people today and how they don't love like they should. This song could be about people or it could be about God. Sometimes I just want to blare it on my radio so that I get others to listen to what it says. Although this song is amazing my personal favorite is This Close because a lot of times people are really close and just fall back.
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18Swept Away
Can't stop singing it. Should at least be in top 10, It's totally intense and really awesome!
Maybe even like number 1... Vote it up!
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19City Kids
This is one of their bet new songs, Love it!


20Cage on the ground
I'm gonna take my bow, and disappear unto to the sound, I'm leaving my cage on the ground! I love how awesome those lyrics are! They are so true!
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22In the Dark
This song is awesome, literally awesome, it should definitely be in the top ten list. This song will move you, this song will inspire you this song will change the way you look at religion as it did for me.

But seriously this song is a really good one I put it above "Again" and "all around me" just listen to it!
I love this song! The lyrics, and music and singing are all perfect!
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How come this is not in top 3

24Set Me On Fire

25Bury Your Heart Listen to sample

26Missing Listen to sample

27Green Heart Listen to sample

28Great Love
Such a great song - a powerful love song!
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29Circle Listen to sample

30Freedom Listen to sample

31Breath Today Listen to sample

WHY IS THIS SO FAR DOWN ON THE LIST!? THIS SONG IS EPIC! Lacey's voice sounds so angry and determined. Thus song is amazing.
There is so much awesomeness in this. Chasm is my go to song if I want to headbang.
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33Perfect Listen to sample

34Saving Grace Listen to sample

35Treasure Listen to sample

36Believe In Dreams
In this song, I can feel the emotion. The lyrics of this song is very meaningful. Flyleaf show another genre which far from their common songs. This is the best song I've heard from this band
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These tired body's spirit perseveres (... ) You are not alone in this. This song is for people who need to stay strong, you are never alone
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38I'm Sorry
I adore this song!
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39The Kind Listen to sample

40Set Apart This Dream Listen to sample

41Breaks Your Knees Listen to sample

42Light In Your Eyes Listen to sample


44Justice and Mercy Listen to sample

45Something I Can Never Have
One of m favorite song ever, the lyrics, the guitar, the voice, everythig about it gives me chills. Flyleaf best band with a female singer hands down.

46Red Sam Listen to sample

47What's This? Listen to sample



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