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Absolutely amazing! They have such huge variation in each of their songs, with melodic instrumentals and powerful vocals. Definitely one of my favourite bands of all time.

Amazing band best folk metal band out now

Sometimes mountains are climbed to Ensiferum.

Tale of Revenge had me sold on this one.

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Folk music + heavy metal + dragon & valkyrie' vocal
What could have been better? M/

They're simply amazing! The songs are so beautiful, just listen to songs like "inis mona"!

I don't like folk metal, but these guys are listenable

Best folk-metal band of all time...

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It's impossible of being on a bad mood when listening Korpiklaani.
Their songs are simply wonderful, seems that they were born with their instruments in the hand. They are just the best. I am a big folk metal fan, and they are my favourite.

Korpiklaani, Eluveitie, then Finntroll. Greatest bands in the genre - Deathmetal

Not just the best folk metal band but also the best metal band ever.

The BEST folk Metal Band

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That's not folk metal but I love this band jari and kai are real geniuses

It must be in the number 1 position! This band is so very much great!

I think best folk metal band ever. Jari Maenpaa is god of guitar. Awesome lyrics, amazing vocal!

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My first folk metal band and until now one of the best for me

This Tyr it's my favorite folk metal band of all time I love everything

My first folk/metal band ever. I love the songs they sing. I just can imagine that I am on a viking ship/boat in the way of a great journey. that's it
I love them

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How I got into Folk metal in the first place

This band have song that one of the best music ever created, and that is "MANA".

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This band got me into folk metal. However I am not surprised that they are so far down on the list as they are highly underrated

I like them. They have sense of humor. Great Band.

They just sound better than the rest.

Listen Alestorm. Drink beer. Become a pirate

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Turisas number 1. Ensiferum is also really great, but Turisas wins! (but I'm not sure if Turisas is actually folk metal... )

Listen to the Battle Metal and Varangian Way albums and tell me Turisas is not number 1. The orchestration in songs like Rex Regi Rebellis, As Torhches Rise, To Holmgard and Beyond, and Miklagard Overture is just breathtaking, and Nygard's voice is surely one of the best in metal today

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It may not be the most technical of the bands out there, but it is certainly top-of-the-class folk metal! Catchy, folky melodies mixed with black metal and everything else possible.

They should be in the top 5 I think. they rock, I can make Party when they are playing, I almost lose my mind!

This is the best folk metal band

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Magnificent, big, deep, heroic, beautiful

That band is really awesome! It caught my attention from only 1 song for them, my 2nd favourite folk metal band after Eluveite - nooreldeen

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Hungarian kickass-metalheads with a blond broad who is able to lure you into sweet slumber just to scream off your face afterwards. Epic, folk, speed, Hungarian poetry!

Their songs don't disappoint you! It's a shame that I never knew of them before 2016! - velitelcabal

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Cruachan is awesome. They're Irish, and their style is called Celtic Metal - ryanrimmel


I always though to me that Ensiferum and Týr were the best Folk Metal Bands ever but when I first heard SKYCLAD I feel inlove with the band and changed my oppinion leaving the other two behind, they are definitely the best Folk Metal Band Ever m/

14Mago de Oz

Please, the guys are as old as Skyclad and they made Folk Metal popular in America (continent). They deserve a higher place because of the topics and musical composition they introduce in each album though...

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This band really moves me, with its deep love of the viking culture, told over the top of some truly masterful music


Best balcanic metal ever. :) Check out their new album. Vocals, instruments and power of their songs are killing from the first seconds! Damn good piece of music!

At least not the 'typical' folk tunes from the icy North, but from the Balcan!
Nice guitar riffs (a bit similar to Eluveitie or somethin'), catchy tunes sung in so many languages: worths listening anyway.

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Recently discovered The Pagan Manifesto, and it's pretty much my favorite thing. It's just an hour of pure happiness.

Smashing riffs, riding a horse to battle feeling
Solos that rock your soul OUT! Every element you look for in a band my first and only recomandation!

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