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The Pretender
Everything about this song just screams perfection! This song just proves that the Foo Fighters refuse to be like everyone else. My favorite song by them and possibly my favorite song of all time. I love it and I love the Foo Fighters. Rock just don't get better than this song. It's absolute genius!
Best Foo Fighters song I've ever heard. I listened to this song once and I've been humming it ever since. Listen to this before voting for any other song on this list!
I don't know why is it a question? It has the best lyrics, guitar, and singing of their songs
[Newest]The Pretender is my very favourite song.
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I cannot explain in words why, just listen to the guitars, drums and lyrics and you know why. It's all just perfect
Everlong is amazing, its just so catchy. I just friggin' love it! Dave Grohl is just amazing.
This is the greatest hit from one of the greatest rock bands of the late 20th century. The Foo did a great job on this song and Dave Grohl is amazing in this song
[Newest]It is the best song ever. It should be number 1. Out of my head she sang
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3Best of You
Can everyone stop voting for only Everlong and The Pretender!? Look how many votes those 2 have compared to the rest of the songs! It's not fair and it's not right, yes they are excellent songs but the Foo Fighters have worked really hard on making all their songs special so give some other songs some love. For example "Aurora" which happens to be Dave Grohl's favourite song is sitting at number 26... "New Way Home" at 31... Also Monkey Wrench is being underrated on here too, it's one of their most well known songs and it's at number 8...
The buildup in between the chorus is what gets me every time. The lyrics ring so true with me as well.
Really powerful, great lyrics, great video and it was also a huge success chart wise. Hit number 4 in the UK, and is certified Platinum in the US. Awesome.
[Newest]It's my very very favourite song.

perfect guitars perfect drums perfect vocals perfect everything!
Great melody, great lyrics... my fave off the new album.
Best song off the new album, and it is one of their best songs period. It should be somewhere in the top ten.
[Newest]It starts off sad and a little bit melancholic and ends incredibly powerful. It takes you on an emotional journey and that's what I love about it.

5My Hero
This song makes the hairs on my arms stand up!
Try playing it before your next footy game:)

This song is the best it should be number one listen to it a couple of times and you'll see what a great song it is
[Newest]This song make my so happy.

6Learn to Fly
Excellent guitar riffs, excellent vocals and an all round excellent song.
Best song ever made by Foo Fighters in my opinion!
It's a a shame that it is only ranked #4 here.

The song is really catchy and it stuck in my head!

So vote for this song so people get it!
This is a classic rock and hard rock mixture of pure awesomeness. An incredible song with a more meaningful and melodic feel to it. The simple solos put an emphasis on the simple but amazing sound of this beautiful song. My personal favorite song of all time and of the Foo Fighters. I believe that this song is about the overdose and near death of the bands' drummer, Taylor Hawkins, which only adds more meaning to the song. Also a song in the game "Rock Band"


[Newest]This song deserve the number 2 position

7All My Life
Incredible song! So catchy and I love the vocal range. Always gives me the chills when Dave takes his voice way down low, then starts screaming. The guitar that kicks in at one point is amazing. LISTEN TO IT!
Amazing song by an unique Band!
Awesome to play on guitar.
All my Life

The Preserve is probably the best part.
First song I had heard by the Foo Fighter's, so catch and loud, I love the Bass played and also I love the drums fast pace within this brilliant song, Thank you Foo fighter's
[Newest]Seriously. It's the number 1 a true Foo fan wouldn't even doubt that.

8Monkey Wrench
WHAT THE HECK!? THIS SHOULD BE TOP OF THE LIST! IT'S FOO FIGHTERS BEST SONG BY FAR. The top 5 should include this, The Pretender, Everlong, Wheels and Learn To Fly.
Their new songs are good all right but monkey wrench is definitely their best
How is this not top of the list? This is definitely the best Foo Fighters song, when everyone thinks Foo Fighters, Monkey Wrench always comes to mind first. VOTE!
[Newest]This song is definitely the best! Everything about it is top-notch!

9Times Like These
Nice, soft song from the Foo's, easily to remember because of the great lyrics. Aurora deserves a lot more recognition though, it's as good as this if not better.
acoustic please! its the best :$$
i hear it every day and I wanna say I think
its the best song ever!
just listen what the song says
and you will notice the magic and beauty of music
you should listen music before voting! :$$
I love this song it always brings a smile to my face when am sad or when am happy.
The foo fighters have a great collection of songs they are probably the best band live right now love them.
[Newest]Should be in top spot. Best of the Foo Fighters

For me, this is the song that screams FOO FIGHTERS! Great melody that makes you want to pick up a guitar and join in...
The delay at the beginning is awesome! The combined vocals between the Taylor and Dave makes this song number 1 for sure. The solo is awesome too! New Single and the best song of the band rate this please.
This song is absolutely mental! Its multidimensionally good. Kickass Riff, Kickass vocals and kickass solo! Without a doubt my favorite Foo song. This deserves to on top seriously!
[Newest]Rope is the best rock song in the past 10 years. I am concerned that a lot of recent Foo music has Grohl snarling and yelling. Would prefer a bit more melody and less Metallica.

The Contenders

Dave grohl and the foo really outdid themselves on this song. The guitar riffs, the chorus, everything is amazing. My favorite quote from the song, "and everyone I'd loved before, flashed before my eyes. And nothing mattered anymore, I looked into the sky. "
This Song is a Masterpiece, I have to say that David Grohl's songwriting has had a an all time high, demonstrated by this song. I LOVE IT! ITS THE BEST! NONE OF HIS OTHER SONGS QUITE COMPARE! PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOR AND VOTE FOR GOODNESS SAKE! ITS SO GOOD! 1
Most melodious song of the foos... Great guitar riff and beautiful solo.. And elegant bass... No wonder the best drums and vocals
[Newest]The best Foo Fighters song in my opinion. This is one of the few new songs on a Greatest Hits album that is actually good.

12These Days
Amazed... Starting to end full joyful. One of these days your heart will stop ^^ take there final beat
This song deserves to be in the top 10! The interpretation of it can be whatever you want it to be! Heart-warming, electrifying song. You actually feel this song! I love it! Go listen to it... Now!
Agreed with the others. This song is so electrifying and moving. I got here from searching "foo fighters these days best song". I love all of these other Foo Fighters songs but this song accomplishes few songs ever do... simplicity, emotion, strength, and vulnerability all in one song. Super simple, yet complex. I can't stop listening to this song.

13Let It Die
So good. It does not deserve 22nd place this is ridiculous listen to this song before you vote for any others
My favourite song by foo fighters it is slow until... BAM a beautiful well rocked ending vote for this as it does not deserve 14th place
This is my favorite Foo Fighters songs, hands down. It takes the breath away and leaves you flying on wings. It is underrated very much.


[Newest]One of the best song from Foo Fighters

amazing song. I love it. It has a catchy tune and it has a sweet drum solo. LOVE THE FOO FIGHTERS SO MUCH
Great music with a very simple rhythm section (yet effective. )Probably doesn't receive enough credit for a really good song!
Why isn't this song higher on the list!? I'm a long time foo fighters fan and this tops almost every song in the top ten list! Dave's vocals along with his amazing song writing skills are complimented greatly with beautiful music in his should-be hit.
[Newest]Most beautiful song I've heard!

15Long Road to Ruin
This should be in the top ten at least. One of their best songs, in my opinion. "Running through hell, heaven can wait"
This is my favorite Foo Fighters song. Listening to it makes me feel like being someplace else, someplace magical. I always picture a beautiful scenery: an actual paved road, old and dusty, above it the night sky. There is no civilisation around so the only light comes from millions of sparkling stars and a couple of old-fashioned street lights lining the road. Wide and endless fields strech for miles on it's right and left-hand side. A single giant willow tree growing in one of the fields breaks the uniformity of the land. Underneath this tree I imagine me and my sweetheart parking our car and making love between the wheat ears with the stars looking down on us.
The reason why I'm sharing this probably pretty boring 'fantasy' is that I think every great song should have the ability to project wonderful images and/or ideas into your head which inspire you and make you realize once again what an amazing thing life is.
I wish all you Foo Fighters fans a nice day
Very deep lyrics, an actual song that has meaning and sounds amazing. Definitely one of their better songs!
[Newest]Amazing vocals.. How is this not in the top ten...

16Hey, Johnny Park!
This is my all time favorite Foo Fighters song. The intro, the vocals, everything just fits perfectly. I'm not gonna argue that it should be in the top ten because it is my opinion, not yours. My opinion is that this song kicks nearly every song's ass on this list. It is called "Hey Johnny Park! " because Dave's best friend as a kid was a kid named Johnny Park, and he thought that if he named a song after him, that he would call.
Taylor Hawkins' first live song with the band - still as good as it always has been! The drums at the beginning are incredible and with the riffs it just works!
The riff is incredible and the change from the riff to his screaming bridge is just bouncing me away

17Bridge Burning
This song deserves to be in the top 10 at least! Personally my favorite on their wasting light album
There is not one song that isn't amazing on the new album
Blew my mind when they opened their show with it. Gets the blood pumping every time.
[Newest]You know you've got Foo Fighters when this kicks in! ' awesome!

18Dear Rosemary
I love this song and its one of the best foo songs in my opinion :) It has a good chorus and great guitars specially on the verses. I allso like how the guitar goes along the melody.
Oh com' on, shouldn't this song be in the top ten, at least. This song is great man please listen to it if you haven't. This song is one of my favourite Foo songs, "Truth ain't gonna change the way you lie, Youth ain't gonna change the way die".
one of the best of the foos I think that the new album is a little underrated but for me is better than all the other albums because all the songs rock!

My ringtone for 1 year and still love it, should be in the top 10s, AWESOME foo's song
Can't believe this isn't in the top 10, it somehow always seems to get overlooked for some reason. Probably the best riff of any foo's track
My favourite foo fighters song, underrated and brilliant rock song from a great album. Excellent vocals, guitar, everything

20White Limo
Kick ass bass, awesome vocals and a catchy chorus (most of which I can't hear the words of xD). Vote!
This song is awesome. It is very catchy and impossible to get out of your head. The video is awesome and it is just a freaking awesome song all around. They have so many great songs but I voted for this because it should be in the top 10 without a doubt.
[Newest]Come on! This is art! Their most badass song... And Lemmy appears in the video, anything else needs to be said?

21Stacked Actors
I think this is a really good song. It's so much different from any other song that the foo fighters have released. It has metal roots in it, and really hard rock riffs. Just a really good song.
One of my favorites by the foo fighters! kinda different than the others
This song should easily be in the top 20 at least, it's one of their best songs live, always boasting a minimum of a seven minute time slot combined with drum and guitar jams during the bridge. Plus that bass line is so catchy how can this possibly be so low?
[Newest]This song is so good. PLEASE VOTE IT UP.

Known to be Dave Grohl's favourite song and Is one of my favourite but foo fighters are my favourite band so it was hard to pick. Its a good unpopular song and maybe that's why he likes it?
This song is just perfect, it has a very powerful meaning, "i just kinda died for you, you just kinda stared at me, we will always have the chance,
We can do this one more time" it is so perfect... The guitar is so calm and relaxing and in the chorus is full of power but is still calm... By far my favourite song, and I have heard all of their albums including Wasting Light... This song is epic
This is one song I can listen to again and again!
Even dave grohl said it is one of his favorite song because it was the first song that he felt all the pieces fit perfectly together.
[Newest]Hell yeah, I remember this song.

23I Should Have Known
No votes? Really? I wouldn't call this the best Foo Fighters song, but it doesn't deserve to be 42nd. It has a great meaning and was referred to as the core piece of the Wasting Light album, as said by Dave, Taylor and their producer Butch Vig.

'One thing is for certain, I'm still standing here, I should have known. '
This song is pure genius. The lyrics, the guitar riff at the beginning, the bass in the mid-section, the amazing drum fills you gotta appreciate. I don't understand why this is so underrated. It's kinds sad.
Feel the emotion in every time I heard this song.. one of my favourite song
[Newest]By far the best song you'll never hear on the radio. It's a shame

24This Is a Call
I concur. This song is ridiculously low on this list! Rocking song! One of my favourites from that era and easily in my top 10 Foo's songs.
This is like the best song and its not even on the top100! It's their first single! Come on!
Absolute joke that this isn't higher. The Original foo song! Great to mosh to!
The first single! Should be at least top 15. Come on guys

25Big Me
Big me was the very first song I heard from Foo Fighters. Loved it from day 1 and the video is super funny... Foo Fighters style.
Originally recorded entirely by dave growl! He played every damn instrument on it! How is it not higher! Also big shout out to the foo fighters videos, which are hilarious
Top 10 Material Right here, folks


Awesome song should be much higher. Ace music video and great part of the after dave screams breakout
This was my first Foo Fighters song, this is what pulled me into loving them so much. This song deserves to be much higher.
I can't believe that this song is so low. I never realized how good the Foo Fighters were until I heared this song. I sung this song in front of my friends and them they got into the Foo Fighters. I like it when they scream out breakout. another thing I can't beileve is This Is A Call is so low to. It is a very great song to, but Breakout is barely better
[Newest]Really? 24th Place!?!? This should've been at least in the top 15

27No Way Back
This has got to be one of the greatest songs, it just gets people so fired up! It has to be at least higher up on this list.
I first discovered this song on the game "Madden 06" where is turned of all the songs but "No Way Back" because no other song was worthy of being played in the same game as it. To me it should be one of the classic Foo Fighters.


Why does nobody like this song? It was a single, had a music video, was in 2 big video games, and still? Those don't necesarily make a good song, plenty crap ones can fit that category, but still... Ridiculous
[Newest]One of the best songs... This song must be in the top

28Word Forward
This is just a truly beautiful song


Top 5 at least! Class song

29I'll Stick Around
Great song... this was when Foo Fighters still had some Nirvana in them (Dave wrote this song while drumming for the grunge band) and when their music was a lot louder and rockier. I love wheels, this is a call, Monkey wrench and the pretender as well
Epic guitar riff is epic.
I love this song and you hardly ever hear it. Love the lyrics and energy.
[Newest]Like Nirvana, which is a good thing

30Enough Space
Awesome song, might be the best opening song they ever wrote. The way it builds up and grows bigger and bigger really makes it hard not to headbang every time I hear it!

Everything about this song works well together. The drums, the guitar and the vocals are all given the chance to build up the pace. The talk box makes the track unique.
How on Earth does Generator get this low on the list. Its by far better than any of the Wasting Light songs and the only songs that should be in front of it are The Pretender, Everlong, Monkey Wrench, My Hero, and Learn To Fly.
This is everything you are looking for in a song.
Great Drumming, Great voice Great guitar solos I LOVE IT!
[Newest]Deserves to be top 10

32Next Year
One of the most beautiful songs I've heard in my life. Foo fighters have LOADS of amazing songs but this one is just extra special.


33Alone + Easy Target
This is their most commercial sounding song from the first record in my opinion. I love this song so much! And Dave playing everything makes it sound different too.
I love the distortion of the guitars in this song.

34Stranger Things Have Happened
This is one of the best songs I've ever listened to. Its melodies are powerful and the guitar chords make it a very catchy tune. Definitely a masterpiece!
Its a song that gives me the goosebumps! Absolutely different from the rest of the Foo songs, damn good acoustics and very deep lyrics.
This song is amazing. It isn't as adrenaline pumping as most Foo Fighters songs, but it is just perfect.

35Come Alive
Soft but powerful, it was the first song I heard from their album echo silence patience AND GRACE, in my opinion it is their best soft song in history and in the world
THE Best Song. It starts off soft and beautiful, and then slowly gets harder and more powerful. The ending is definitely one of the best outros for a song ever. This should be on the top ten not ' 48.
Come On man 47! This song deserves to be in Top Ten. It is beautiful tries to show pain in a peaceful manner. This is one of the few songs of the band that I am addicted!
(And I don't get addicted easily! )
[Newest]Deserves to be in the top 10 nothing less than that!

36Erase / Replace
"Who made these promises? Who made these promisees?! ERASE! REPLACE! ERASE! REPLACE! Freaking awesome lyrics in this song I love it. Awesome guitar and screaming the chorus is just great!
Probally The Foo Fighters Most Underatted song, has great guitar playing Though

37But, Honestly
40 come on guys seriously this this song has beautiful acoustic this is to under rated
When that riff hits... Wow
Great build up. Just awesome. Should be higher. Was disappointed when they didn't play it live
My favorite of all time.

38Skin and Bones

39New Way Home
Best outro, faster faster faster
The ending alone is as good as any good song recorded, definitely deserves too twenty if not higher.

Great song, very few people seem to value it as much as it deserves, to be between the 10 best Foo Fighters songs ever for sure.

41Disenchanted Lullaby
#74? You must be kidding. Everlong, My Hero, Times Like These and other songs that top this list are good songs, no doubt about it, but they are really overrated. There are many other Foo tunes much better than those, such as Disenchanted Lullaby, Free Me, For All The Cows, Tired of You, and many others. (Sorry for my poor English)

42Back & Forth

43In Your Honor
Make me scream and yell so bad I like hard rock songs


That song make you wanna scream so badlly until I love hard rock so badly


Very underrated. Awesome beat, no incredible beat. Oh, and the music video is hilarious! Top 20 at least!
How can anyone NOT like this!? This should be in the top 10! VOTE!
Wow... Just wow... How is this not in the top 20? This deserves at least 15. This is one of their greatest songs from one of their greatest albums. This amazing song is way too low in the list... So punny.

As if the words came right of my mouth!
I need a little resolve!
A ballad a thing the foo fighters do best
Are you kidding me? 47? This song deserved to be higher.
[Newest]One of my favorite songs of the foo's

46Wind Up
This is the perfect Foo Fighters song. A great, hard riff, good singing, great bass, awesome drums, and there always has to be a little screaming in a good Foo Fighters song.

47For All the Cows

All to epic! From Five Songs and a Cover EP.


49Walking After You
I think that this song is wonderful. I wish that other people vote it. It's slow but hard! Amazing
Definitely their most romantic piece. You can hear the longing and adoration in Dave's voice. One of my favorite songs to play for a woman.
Well I love this song. I think foo fighters has made a very nice song and a great music. Even it's sounds a little different with another songs, but this song is really reaally good. I hope some people would love to vote too
[Newest]Great simple ad geezer

50The One
I know its not better than the pretender but it deserves to be in the top ten it really dos

51Up In Arms
I really love how it changes from a soft, poppy sound to a hard rocking punk-ish sound!

52The Deepest Blues Are Black
The best song by foo fighters and the another one is razor, in your honour 2nd cd is awesome only a real music lover and somebody who understands the technical aspect of music will know
Who ever made the above list has never listened to foo fighters in his entire life
Come on! 58th! This is absolute favorite song, second being Everlong. The only reason why this song is so low is becasue not many have heard it and if you are a FF fan you have to hear it



For those who really know what good music is about - listen to this song. Many times the best songs are ranked low because what is easy to like is always ranked up high.
Easily the best Foo Fighters song. Catchy and has a distorted feel. One of my favourite songs of all time.
One of the best songs ever. dark, honest... and I heard it live...

55Tired of You
Why wasn't this masterpiece in the list?

Such a great song that showcases the softer side of the foo fighters and david grohl's voice. It is the only song that I know of that is only accompanied by a piano for most of the song. Much less post grunge and more of a blues ballad. Definitely one of my favorites.
This is the only manly reason to cry. I don't know how this is 51. It doesn't deserve it.

57Have It All
Great song, could quite easily be in the top ten, can't believe how underrated it is. Deserves a higher place
Each album has a few standouts. I think One by One has one too many. That's not a bad thing. Have It All is one of their most underrated songs. Definitely in my top 10.
Awesome song! Definitely in my top ten. One of the first songs I heard by them and easily one of my favorites. Recommend it to anyone trying to get into them.

58Gimme Stitches
"Take another stab at me
I promise in time I'll heal"

Wonderful underrated song - one of my favourites.

59Come Back
I feel like this song just embodies the Foo Fighters, their perseverance, their struggles, their strength. Look at the title, and just think about that phrase when you listen to the song. The Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl especially have truly "come back" from some crazy stuff, and they get my respect and love for that. This song is so endearing, it's so Foo Fighters. I love it for that.
Best Foo song ever. It's the perfect introduction to new fans. The perfect go to song for the hardcore fans. It has all the best elements of every Foo song with an
Epic feel. Every show I go to I'm hoping that they perform this song. Not yet but I'm keeping the faith! This IS Foo Fighters.
Amazing track off their One by One album. From the riff to the lyrics to the acoustic guitar break this song is absolutely amazing.

60A Matter of Time
What this songs us one of the reason the new album was a success it's lyrics and the way the guitars match up wit the drums it's magic it should be in the top 10 who am I kidding it should be in the top 5 SEARIOUSLY I'm NOT KIDDING -. - I'm still surprise this song is way back here at #64 it's so sad that a beautiful and well made song it's here :, (
Underestimated, should go up! Very good melody and rhythm, one of the best of wasting light
What this song is way to cool to be I like hear it on the radio every godamn day!

61Darling Nikki

62Another Round
This song is underrated I can't believe it is this low on the list. The way the foo fighters used the easy chords to accomplish such a great and beautifully song song.
Come on people help this song out!


The acoustic version is fantastic. Grohl with harmonica and accordion? But of course!

63Cold Day In the Sun

64Miss the Misery
Very underrated, like Matter of Time, great album

65Ain't It the Life
The most underrated song by the band. It has such distinct ring to it with lyrics that slowly weave itself into the rythym of the song.

66Summer's End
Why is this only number 61? It is such a feel good summer song and I love it,

67Over and Out

68Kung Fu Fighting
This is not a Foo Fighters song.


69I Am a River
This song is like a cross between "In your Honor" and "Everlong." Lots of emotion here.
The first 30 seconds of this song you could be mistaken for thinking this was Pink Floyd

70Have a Cigar

Great song! One of their best, don't understand why it's so low down here.

72Good Grief
You guys are clearly out of touch with what made the foos amazing in the first place - the song kicks - vocals and very avant gard lyrics with drums that are beyond the realm

amazing - wake up people!
This is a really underrated song. Give it a listen.

Very good song. Should be in at least top 30.

74February Stars
This is honestly my favourite song by Foo Fighters. THIS IS WAY TOO UNDERRATED. This song just has a comfortable vibe to it.
88? It's not the best but this is seriously the wrong position for it.
The vibe is just heavenly

75Something from Nothing
The only reason this song is not in the top ten is because it is just over a month old
Interesting lyrics. The best song since "The Pretender"
One of the greatest too fighters songs ever! This song should be in top 5 at least! How is it in 107
[Newest]Can't believe it on 82. Great guitar and absolutely great scream by dave

76Live-In Skin
My personal favourite from arguably their best album (Colour Shape may be)


77End Over End
Good list but it needs EoE lyrics and Guitar riff are awesome really under rated song
Are you kidding me?
Why is this song here?

78My Poor Brain
Dreamy vocal verses to a rock-out screaming chorus. Whats not to like? Its an underrated song. Dave said he liked it, but he hasn't played much lately. The best off The Color and the Shape


79Once and for All

80Cheer Up, Boys
This is the 2nd best song after The Pretender from Echoes, Silence, Grace. Should at least be in the top 10! Listen to that riff! Awesome song.
This is their most underrated song. Not many people have heard it because all they care about from that album is the pretender. I know some people where the pretender was the only song that they have heard from the foo fighters (it is a good song). However, if more people knew about this song then it would be higher on the list
Grossly underrated song.
One of my all time favorite Foo songs, no, all time favorite songs.
Echos is my favorite across the board album, with Wasting light missing out only because it is composed solidly of rock masterpieces, which is not a bad thing at all.

I'm learning to play the drums for this at the moment. It made me type 'best foo fighters song' into Google and I ended up here. Quite disappointed none from their first album made the top ten. First two albums were great. I have to say that in my opinion. The later stuff is drivel (by comparison).


83The Feast and the Famine
Love this song. Just came out yesterday and it already is among my top 20. The Foo's are definitely still alive.


85Lonely As You

86How I Miss You
Do you miss me like I miss you? If you miss me, never go away! Hopefully, you'll come stay someday...
One of the best love songs!

Really good song, shows that Dave thinks he has a guardian angel. Very underrated

88On the Mend
I can't believe this wasn't even added on the list. I spent three minutes trying to find this beauty only to be disappointed. This song is a masterpiece!

How can this song possibly be at the bottom of this list?!
It's one of my favorites! Especially the guitar solo is AWESOME. In my opinion it's the best tune on their new album Sonic Highways. If you're a real Foo Fighters fan, LISTEN TO CONGREGATION You'll love it.
Love this song and the meaning behind it, the guitar riffs are very good too.

90In the Clear


92Weenie Beenie

Even if this song was written during the "Nirvana" period of Dave Grohl, I think that it's one of the most representative of the Foo Fighters' and Dave Grohl's universe. Definitely my favorite


95Virginia Moon

96See You

97What If I Do?

Awesome song deserves to be higher on the list. Good effect on the voice.

99Burn Away
This song; along with Overdrive and Tired of You; are the most underrated of all songs from the album "One By One"



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