Arsenal (England)


An incredible history with a massive fan base despite not winning trophies in a long time (how many clubs would maintain that eh? ). Most innovative manager in Chapman in the 1920s/30s through to endless trophies and Wenger's beautiful style of football (many English teams do not play golf! ). Very English / traditional and locally yet very international. Encompassed in over a hundred years' worth of fascinating history and unique tradition which we continue to celebrate and maintain yet consistently modern with a beautiful stadium and innovation.

Lolz Arsenal is the best team right now and will be the best team cuz of the fact they are very very young team and if they can beat any team right now why not if they stay together upcoming years i'm sure they will be the best team........ i'm sorry that i'm not a fun of Arsenal but they are the BEST TEAM IN THIS WHOLE WORLD..........ARSEANL

Alright, do what you want punks, Neither Man you, nor (sheesh) Galatsaray nor Barca (up yours! ) nor Liverpool nor Real Madrid (OK, I like them too) can beat Arsenal when they're in riot mode. Bah! Arsenal's the BEST CLUB ON EARTH EVER! Tell me, did anyone else get an unbeaten season in the Premier League era? Nah... Go Gunners! Arsenal is THE best. Period

Remember 2004-2005? Arsenal went on to win the English Premier League unbeaten and also went 49 games unbeaten in the league during 2004-2005. Also, the third most successful English team ever, you can't honestly say that the third most successful team in England are down in 10th and have produced some of the best footballers in the world including Thierry Henry arguably the best Premier league striker ever and Dennis Bergkamp a wizard, a magician. Arsenal are worthy of top 5. Period.

Good Ol Arsenal, The King of Football. Once called the 'Boring Boring Arsenal' just because they used to score 1 goal in the first 10 minutes and defend it till 93 minutes. The only team in Europe playing total football with Arsene Wenger the frenchman on the coach's bench. A team which created World class players. Gunners.. You get it!

ARSENAL Quiet clearly the best and the most attractive footballing team the world has ever seen... Their passing ability causes a lot of trouble for the opposition and also the other teams wish that they don't play against arsenal... Arsenal play even better football than la liga giants BARCELONA...

in arsenal we trust those are words from us arsenal fans, there is no any club compared to arsenal the gunners from hushbotom GROOVESSS, see by yourself you will notes who is adebayour and csech with combination of hleb and rosicky

OK, so we aren't the best in terms of actually winning things, but it's how we operate that make us stand out. We are self sufficient, we technically have no requirement for an owner (despite having one) because we are a fully functioning PLC, and we make massive profits each year. Maybe when we sack Wenger, we'll win stuff again, but for now, we'll always keep doing things "the arsenal way".

I have supported Arsenal for as long as I can remember, I have been loyal to them, I have got annoyed at them, but throughout the ups and downs Arsenal have always been that one club I can't let go of, I will always be attached to this club, and hopefully we shall start to get trophies galore... In Arsene we trust, In Arsenal we flurish, Once a Gunner always a Gunner...

Arsenal are by far the best football club today! With a style of football played by unbelievably talented youngsters which has captured not only Europe but the world, they are gunning for glory!

Arsenal have a wonderful combination of experienced and young talents. Their club also includes one of the best managers of all time. Also on arsenals records in an amazing total of 12 fa cup titles. They have also places in the top 4 for many consecutive years. I believe arsenal is one of the best teams of the past, present and future.

Arsenal are the not a club with stupid amounts of money, like Chelsea and man city, who just buy overrated players for millions. Instead we buy younger players with more potential, the Christiano Ronaldo's of tomorrow. Effectively, we make the world class players of the future. - t-man

ARSENAL is the best football club of all time, WE HAVE THE BEST DUTCH PLAYER IN ROBIN VANPERSIE! So why isn't arsenal higher? This is ridiculous, I mean who the hell is persib bandung, and man utd think their so good but they're not! This is my top 5 1. Arsenal 2. Barcelona 3. Bayern munich 4. Real madrid and 5. Liverpool so tomorrow I expect arsenal to be on top otherwise there will be war!

Below Liverpool and some other teams that nobody has really heard of?! Arsenal are the best team in my eyes and always will be! We deserve to be much higher than this. - skyvonsunshine

I believe that arsenal are the best because they don't purchase big players but still are among top teams in Europe. They make players.
On the other hand all these other clubs spend huge amount of money on purchasing world class players.

Never been relegated from the top division, and are the only team in modern English football history to go the season unbeaten. Invincible.

They are also well respected, as a classic british club, with a modern professional approach...

We have lots of Indonesians and Turkish folks here..! everyone voting for their favorite club and not what the world sees as the best.. GUNNERS ARE the all time greats of this game and will always be...!

Gunners for life, never out gun. yeah, as a matter of fact, Arsenal is the best football club in the world that played round leather game when to talk of game of football...

A club for the future... The potentials of Arsenal, will come to bear when, the new UEFA rule comes to bear... In I believe in the potentials of Arsenal... In ARSEN WENGER... WE TRUST

ARSENAL with always be a big part of football history forever. THE BEST TEAM IS ARSENAL FOREVER! Arsenal should be higher up than this. - marlonacott

Simply beautiful to watch them play, they don't invest money, they raised young players, abd they star in the top of the elite in soccer, arsenal is the best team ever and we don't need a batman we got a robin

arsenal all the way the best in the worl even without henry and thet thought that they would strugle, im a die hard arsenal fan victoria concordia cresit ist our time

This should be by far the best football team in the world due to its ongoing support of the youth and giving youngsters a chance to prove themselves as assets and make a name for themselves in the world of football.

Arsenal simply should not and can not be lower on the list then Chelsea. Arsenal how won more trophies, been one of the top teams in England and Europe for every year. Plus there is the fact that Chelsea only exist and win titles due to Money.

If you know the meaning of "class" then only you can understand arsenal and their game. yes they hit a bum in the road but its over now and after 2-3 years arsenal will be among best of the world. WE MAKE LEGENDS NOT BUY THEM