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Galatasaray (Turkey)


As an ultra fan of GALATASARAY, I could say that TT Arena (formerly Ali Sami Yen) is always a hell if the fans (ULTRASLAN) take the match seriously.

Of course Galatasaray is not the best club in the world (It always changes, for instance in 2000-2001, Galatasaray was the #1 in UEFA official football clubs rankings, ahead of Real Madrid!

However, as I said Ali Sami Yen (currently TT Arena) is the last place to play for those who have a serious match with Galatasaray. Galatasaray has the best fans and football atmosphere in the world.
Some facts about Galatasaray:

- UEFA Cup holder
- UEFA Super Cup holder
- "Best Football Club in the World" in January 2001 according to 'International Federation of Football History & Statistics
- Most Turkish League wins (19)
- Most Turkish Cup wins (14, Beşiktaş follows with only 8)
- UEFA Champions League quarter finalist (3 times)
- European Cup semi finalist and quarter finalist (2 times)
- UEFA Cup Winner's, Cup quarter finalist
Galatasaray is the first and ever team who won a European Cup in history (2000). Galatasaray represents all muslims and arab world at the same time. Sons of the bosphorus. Unfortunately Fenerbahce team believes that they are bigger but it is just a bull. Number of cups, I mean mathematics never lies.. Forza Galatasaray..
Galatasaray are no PSG nor Manchester City. They can sign high profile players using club's natural resources. They club have more than 25.000.000 fans in Turkey alone and more than 32.000.000 world-wide. A total European footballing club of 108 years, with French-Turkish roots, being a home to many talented world class players and having huge fan base and countless trophies, Galatasaray are surely a legendary establishment.
Galatasaray has a different spirit than other clubs, with the help of that spirit they won uefa cup in 2000 with a squad that everyone said it's average, and now with the return of the manager Fatih Terim (who has won 6 league titles and uefa cup with the team) and new transfers such as Didier Drogba, Wesley Sneijder and Fernando Muslera the club is getting ready for the new achievements.
Galatasaray is the best team because it has the most fanatic supporters in the world. UltrAslan is its Holigan (Very Very Fanatic) supporter of Galatasary. In 2000-2001 That Galatasaray won UEFA and Super cup its supporter had supported the team that much that the rivals were scared of them they had no chance.
Galatasaray is the best team in turkey gs have the uef cup so that's mean Galatasaray is the only team that owns uef cup in turkey Galatasaray is famous team in turkey even in all countries well I'm fan of gs galatasaray is my team so gs is the best team ever in this world Galatasaray been vs Barcelona & arsenal & real madrid & Manchester united & even more teams
Galatasaray is the only team which have the UEFA Cup in Turkey. Also the history of Galatasaray is full of various accomplishments in European soccer tournaments. Galatasaray is by far the best soccer club in Turkey.
Galatasaray is the best team in Turkey. They won the 2000 uefa cup. Galatasaray can do it again. Galatasaray will win the league. The Turk Telekom Arena is the biggest stadium in Turkey. Plus, they have the most fanatical fans in the world.
GALATASARAY is not just a football team which has too many highlights in sport history. It is the only club which shares same spirit with its fans. That makes GALATASARAY unique.
Galatasaray is very good team with players, coach, and of course
Supporter.. Galatasaray is the best in turkey and a good team on the world. And last say : We don't support GALATASARAY, we live with GALATASARAY...
People always remember its first love, first prize, first kiss, first car, first cell phone, first computer. People love the first thing makem them special or proud. Galatasaray gave a whole nation, moreover a large geographical region a victory, a proud and a heartbeat will be always remembered.


We are the best because we have a perfect team, perfect fans. We have the HELL. If you watched our last Champions League match with Real Madrid, you will understand. GALATASARAY IS THE BEST.
Galatasaray is amazing they won UEFA cup without Any defeat in 2000. If any team comes to Turkey we want to say them "WELCOME TO HELL! " ♡
Considering this club is coming from a dirty bottleneck Football Association, Galatasaray accomplished the unimaginable things for its fans and for European football.
UltrAslan is the greatest, the same thing for hole GALATASARAY! We have the best support in the whole world! We can beat Barcelona and real madrid
Can beat anybody. Ask all the other major soccer clubs. If it is about Galatasaray, there is always hope.
Galatasaray is really fascinating and much struggling team for hundred years. Galatasaray is the team like real team...
Galatasaray is one of the best teams I know. They have great players and improving ones. They play great football and are a star. They will win any game in their road to the chapionship. They will never let you down.
The team is amazing. They transfer to Wesley Sneijder and Didier Drogba very important.
With its fantastic location and 50 million fans around the world, GALA is the best team.
There is no opinion. There is just one truth. Galatasaray is the lord of the football.
Best team ever in the world, drogba and sneijder is also players of galatasaray.
Galatasaray is the best team of the world! You will see this season in the UEFA Champions League. Wait for us Europe, your nightmare is coming again! FORZA GALATASARAY ulan!
Galatasaray is the only team makes every single Turkish person in Turkey and Europe proud with their achivement and collections of cups. Well done boys and well done Fatih Terim.

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