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Liverpool (England)


Liverpool F.C. Is a team with an illustrious history, an institution built upon moments of both triumph and tragedy, rising above their trials and tribulations to become giants. Anfield is home to some of the best supporters in the world, while further afield, the spirit of Anfield lives on in millions of others who hear the call of the liverbird, as it sings across the mersey.

You'll never walk alone!
liverpool is a club that when even you lead them by a number of goals, it is untill the whistle is blown, you can't say you are through. they simply tear teams apart. LIVERPOOL YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE.
LFC is the big team in europe..
maybe this season is so bad for that..
but we can look next season I hope can be a winner premiership tittle..
and buy some star player
I believe liverpool is the best team in the world let's just count how many times they won the uefa champions league (5 times) man you has not evn reached that!
Man people I love this team! My dad worked there for a few years and he loved it me and him are HUGE Beatles fans and you can tell where they are from. (ill give you a hint... Its one of the reason I voted.) Like said, lots of cups one and they may not be as powerful now, but I will always walk with them so I will not walk alone! What team is in first anyways I never heard of them lets let Liverpool switch places with them ay! I guess they are quite important to be on the top though but still YOULL NEVER WALK ALONE WHEN YOU SUPPORT THIS TEAM!
This list is obviously messed up as no one has heard of the team at the top. Anyway Liverpool are the mst successful club in Britain and are the 3rd most successful club in the Champions League. They have the best fans who are so passionate.
Own anthem, fans are brilliant, fantastic history, bloody great spirit in and around the entire club. Honestly THE greatest club in world football
Great names coming from Liverpool to grace this world, Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush, Steve McManaman, STEVEN GERRARD.
Why football still exist today? It's just because Liverpool survive to all the bling-bling insane club, just like ManU or Real Madrid. The best players in the history, the best stadium in England, the best spirit in the world and the best fans ever. You'll Never Walk Alone.
The club with the most loving and caring fans in the world. Man city 6 - man united 1: united fans leave the stadium with 10 minutes left. Liverpool 3 - arsenal 6 : LFC fans singing you'll never walk alone. And all I can say is YNWA.
This is Anfield! Not more and not less. Simply unique, and simply the best song in the world. Awesome club, awesome fans, awesome tradition. If there's a best klub in the world, it's the FC Liverpool. Visit Anfield and feel the spirit of never walking alone!
Liverpool is not just a football club. It's much more than that. There is no club in the world that generates as much spirit. The atmosphere around Anfield is quite simply unique. Liverpool flows through my blood. Liverpool is the BEST. A RED FOREVER.
Man Liverpool are legend! I love the way they play and their unshakable passion for winning. has been proved with numerous titles won...
No doubt about it
Aresenal hardly ever win any cups, man you haven't won as much as us, neither have Chelsea. Outside England there is only 2 teams I can think of worthy of the top 10, bayern munich and barca.
Liverpool is just AWESOME the best football club in the world :D I don't need to say anything else :), It is just AWESOME, and I will always support Liverpool, always. No other football club is better.
Go Liverpool! We rule the world! What we can do now is just win the competition. Gerrard is the best captain in the world and suarez is a world class striker. King Kenny would restore glory now.
Go Liverpool! You'll never walk alone!
Liverpool is the best club in the universe
Its spirit and fan craze is awesome...
Love the legends of lfc...
Though its time is going bad we will surely come back...
You'll never walk alone
Cause there class and I love them to bits and I support them even though their not doing well at the moment I still have very strong hopes in them and some day they will come back to what they were back in the late eighties and the early and late nineties come on the pool.
I love suarez. they are thenever walk alone team because they always walk together. I have went to anfield and I saw Kenny Dalglish the legend.
Liverpool is the best football club ever. It is just as simple as that. Liverpool shouldn't be 7th here. It should be way higher. Liverpool has the beat spirit and Liverpool is simply just amazing.
When people think of Liverpool, they only think history, which is simply idiotic, 2005 wasnt back in stone age,. One of the clubs with utmost history, emotions and fan following, despite not being the best out there amongst cash rich clubs.
Only ever one Liverpool, they have the best fans, tradiotion, even if you don't support them, you always get a buzz in Anfield. By the way, they are the most succesful team in England as of Summer 2012, 41 cups, more than Manchester United, who have 40
It feels an honour to be a fan of this club... YNWA... the club has the right mentality of playing football n its just superb... my dream is to one day watch a match at Anfield...
Liverpool for life, I love them, they dominated english football in the 80s ad 90s, and now too, the time has come, with young guns in our team and undoubtly the greatest manager, the time HAS COME
Seriously I really support Liverpool, not just because Their Achievements but also because They Really Prove their Motto "You Never Walk Alone" the Team Always walk together and They Will Always do their motto with their hearts
They are simply the best...
They ruled the world for 100 tears or so tell me even 1 club which has matched LFC...? They're simply the best...!

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