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81PSS Sleman (Indonesia)

PSS Sleman not just a club, but also its people, culture, natural resources, and much more.
Playing with unyielding spirit, the strength that comes from the soul, mind and soul, the love of football, and playing with heart.
We all love PSS Sleman, ranging from our father, mother, brother, sister, cousin, mailman, security, businessmen, local governments, and even shoe cobbler and parking attendants.

This team is not as rich as other teams in Indonesia.
But it has big resources called supporters and local talents (Brigata Curva Sud 1976 and Slemania are two biggest PSS fan community).
Located in Special District of Yogyakarta, the heart of Java island, PSS Sleman has so many fan base outside its own region.
One thing that Sleman pride is its local talents. For your information, PSS Sleman has its own internal league with more than 50 amateur clubs. So, those amateur clubs become the supplier for PSS Sleman to produce our future "local hero" in football.
PSS Sleman doesn't have many commercial sponsorship and this team isn't funded by using government money but believe it or not, PSS Sleman is still survive till today. Even, PSS Sleman is growing bigger and bigger every single day. Why? Because it has true loyal supporters.

In Sleman, supporters is the true owner, sponsor, and THE ETERNAL HEIR of the team..

So, trust me, GOD SAVE PSS SLEMAN!


Our blood out family

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82Olimpia (Paraguay)
83Olympic Lion (France)
84Fulham FC (England)

Because fulham plays horrible

How are they lower than Blackpool!

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85Exeter City (England)

They are terrible why is this team on this list?

86Bohemian FC (Republic of Ireland)V1 Comment
87S.L. Benfica (Portugal)
88Chicago Fire (USA)V1 Comment
89River Plate (Argentina)

Best team ever!
They are the best team in the Argentina's football soccer history, although they are passing by a bad time right now I am sure they will pass over it.

The team with more leagues of Argentina, one of the most important countries for football

This top ten hasn't logic. CARP forever BEST ARGENTINE TEAM!

River Plate 83? Must be changed...

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90Shahrdari Tabriz (Iran)


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91Persisam Putra Samarinda (Indonesia)

Football club in Indonesia which is has biggest supporter at Borneo island. Many star players here. Will become as champion of Indonesia Super league 2011/2012

Go Persisam
I come from Borneo
So I support for Persisam

Billions of people in Indonesia want to see Indonesia to host world cup 2022 - dhika

Persisam is the best...

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92Al-Ahly FC (Egypt)

Al-Ahly needs to be at least one of the top five teams. They won the Egyptian cup 36 times!

The best team in Africa, Egypt^^ the world they have won more championships than any team they have won Egyptian primer league more than any team in Egypt and they have won Egyptian cup more than any team too they have won African championships more than any team they won more than 120 championships in total they can beat any team in the world like:Real Madrid for the the club of the century world title so in my opinion Al-Ahly should be the best club in the world not only now but in history

Simply, the greATest in Africa and Middle East. And great history 1907 - asho707

Best In The World

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93McDowell Mohun Bagan (India)

Mohunbagan forever... They won against British team in 1911 with naked foots against spikes...

They are the best. As they play with blood. They should be in top ten - Raj2rock

Undoubtedly the best club in Asia both in terms of history & performance... The only club in Asia to have played against the greatest footballer Pele, also played against stalwarts like Giorgio Chinaglia, Roger Milla, Oliver Kahn (Farewell match). The club to have defeated Franza, Oman ranked among the top five Asian Clubs then, held Ararat, USSR 2-2 in the 1978 IFA Shield final, Ararat was among the top 10 European Clubs then... Not to mention the club's glorious performances against the European teams before India's independence and that too bare-footed! All the Padmashree winners in soccer have played for this club, Sailen Manna crowned the Indian footballer of the century have played all his life for Mohun Bagan. India's best performance in Olympic soccer (ranked 4th in 1956) came under the leadership of Samar (Badru) Banerjee who throughout his career donned Mohun Bagan colors, India's both Asian Games golds came under the leadership of Mohun Bagan players (who spent their entire ...more

I respect this team

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94Bandung FC (Indonesia)

Lee Hendrie is here, he is the best player when he was at aston vila. Now he play for Indonesian club which Bandun FC. - ajifaruanyamaguchi

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95Wellington Phoenix (New Zealand)

Wellington phoenix rule and basically the NZ football team line-out

I love you perspolise
I love you Ali Karimi.
I love you IRAN.

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96Anderlecht (Belgium)

Anderlecht should be in the first 20!

97Middlesbrough (England)

Best in the world

98FC Basel (Switzerland)

Really? Clubs from Indonesia India or Estonia are better than FC BASEL? This must be a bad joke. They defeated Fc Bayern M√ľnchen and Manu last year and Chelsea this year in the champions league and they reached the half finals of the europa league last year... Come on guys, they need to be on the TOP 30! GO Switzerland GO FC BASEL!

Basel is surprisingly low on this list... They're pretty darn good.

99Villarreal CF (Spain)

The fans, loyalty, atmosphere, club philosophy, attractive football. This club has it all.

This club should be higher up... Way higher

100Dortmund (Germany)

How in the world is bvb ranked 100? They should be in at least top twenty! This is nuts

Are you nuts!
Borussia Dortmund should be only a few steps behind Bayern Munich!

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