SL Benfica (Portugal)


Best football club in the world! Considered by FIFA one of the seven legendary teams in the world! Ranked in the top 10 teams of the 20th century by IFFHS. BENFICA has played 7 Champions League finals, one Uefa Cup Final. BENFICA is one of the teams in the world to have more than 10 millions supporters worldwide, currently we have 14 millions. We're the peoples club, that was created by orphans that had no money for equipments or balls. And thanks to the people we've become one of the best, if not best football club in the world.

Benfica is just the best! Benfica have an history, a present and future! The players, the coach, and the more important the fans! We don't have a lot of money and big stars but we can beat any team! And to see the dimension of the club just see the portugal title celebrations, its unique!

Benfica is a top club with a huge glorious history, it as the most associate fan base of the world. Have 2 Champions League (Have been 7 times on the finals) and 32 National Titles. Benfica is a Giant and a Dominant Club.

I'm from Sporting Club Portugal but I'll have to say that SLBenfica is, for now, the best football club in the world, as others said it has a lot of fans around the world, it is now a club, it's a country!

Are you kidding me? The best club in the world is from Indonesia, the best club in the world is from Europe and benfica is one of the best an it has the most fans in the world, for the love of god we are at the Guinness book of world records.

yes they are the best team in the world, maybe not player wise, but, they acheived alot of trophies and medals! theyre certanly the best

Benfica currently remains the leader of international football clubs with the largest number of paying club members worldwide - we are in the Guiness Book

EUSEBIO the best player all time! now AIMAR and WITSEL and also CAPDEVILLA, world champion...

Benfica is the Biggest club in the world, no doubt about that. - Considdering the number of associates (guiness record) and supporters. And what's more important?

Benfica is by far the club with more Championships and FA Cups Win, and is the world number one soccer club with more people associate.

It's the best portuguese clubs with the more portuguese League Titles, it's a top Club, and has the biggest fan base in the world with 60 millions fans All over The Globe ( 7 million from Portugal) you should one of benfica's games

Yes definitely one the best clubs ever in football... And they are doing quite well recently... Very big history this club

They had Luis figo and Eusebio one of the best players in history. They have good players in the past and they are going to have good players in the future. You should be a benfica player to when you grow up like me Freitas. Benfica is awesome!

Benfica the best Portuguese soccer club in the world with out a doubt

The Biggest Club in the world (check Guinness Book of Records).

Benfica have history and present! 2 Champions League, many European finals and 2 in row championships (2013-14 and 2014-15).

Benfica is the world's biggest club. It is a top world club and has fantastic fans throughout the world.

A team with 7 european many more teams in europe with that record

not 1 other club has won more leauge titles then benfica(31)

Now, we are not the best club of all time but are there in the top 5...
(The criteria: Well just compare your trophy cabinet to Benficas and you will see the proof. )

Did I mention the greatest fans in the world!
(The criteria: Greatest = Biggest. So Benfica have the biggest number of registered supporters / associates of any club in the world.

Welcome to the family :-)

Benfica is the best. Plain and simple.

Come on benfica simply the best
And we will become the best in Europe again just wait another 2 or 3 years and you will see.
Slb forever