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July 28, 2015 - Songs Of the Great alternative Hip-hop & Rap Singer Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park). Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Remember the Name
Awesome song... No doubt...! Love this song... This is 10% flour 20% egg 15% contrated power of milk 5% water 50% coco and 100% reason to make chocolate cake
The beat is awesome
Pumps me up every time I hear it!
Come on. This song kicks butt all day long.
[Newest]BEST Of THe Best it is... A 100 % reason to remember the name... MIKE

2Believe Me
The Chorus is amazing!
This song re invented the band and other than remember the name it s the best ever!
If you want to hear a good alternative song this is the one
Awesome chorus... The synchronization between the words and music is incredible... Like the background music
This one is the best undoubtedly! The beat is awesome! The lyrics will give you badass feeling! This is hip-hop at its best!
[Newest]This is one of the best hip hop songs of all time!


3Where 'd You Go
I like this song so much. This song has already touch my inner core of my heart. With skylar grey's sweet voice and mike shinoda sing his great rap. I love this song very very very much.
Helly brook aka Skylar Grey's chorus is simply amazing, not to forget mike who is great too!
I love the piano, and I love the lyrics, so is perfect, I don't know why it isn't in 1rst place. So i'm just saying. HEAR THIS SONG PLEASE AND YOU WILL LOVE IT
[Newest]This song deserves to be at number one because of the pain it holds within.

4High Road
1. Remember The Name
2. Where'd You Go
3. Believe Me
4. High Road
5. Petrified
I voted for this because it deserves to be at number 4 but this list is almost perfect already, just move this up one and Petrified up to 5th.
Some lines by mike are really nice and its true because these are so meaning full
Should be number 2 or one for guys, number 3 for girls. I get whered you go being so high, but not believe me or petrified. Petrified shouldn't be on the list
[Newest]1. high road
2. remember the name
3. kenji
4. get me gone
5. right now

Mike dedicated this to his grandfather. A song like this deserves to be much higher up on the list.
This song should be heard at least once by every individual. Meaningful lyrics. Should be higher on the list.
Best Song In the WORLD! Vote For this, please. Do it for Kenji himself.
[Newest]This one speak his words

Must must be on the top... Love this song. Lyrically brilliant. Overall the song is empowering. Best for sure.. Love this song. Lyrically brilliant. Overall the song is empowering. Best for sure
It's a good song with some awesome words in between deserves 5th spot definitely,
I got a friction addiction I wish you would
Machine Shop rocking when we step inside


Includes one of the best lyrics in the history of rap!

7Red to Black
Fantastic song. Real meaning and emotion. Top 10? Definitely! Brilliant lyrics. Awesome music. Probably my favourite Fort Minor song, with the exception of Remember The Name.
Why is this not atleased in the top 10? It may be simply cause I can relate to this song but this is my favorite from them. The beat is so catchy and the smoothness of the lyrics is awesome!
This song is so underrated. It isn't the best, but it should be at least number 6
[Newest]Awesome song might seem a little Normal but...

8Get Me Gone
Great beat, allows you to see the band from behind the scenes and how people saw them from the start. Also Mike includes about Linkin Park

9Slip Out The Back
It's the best song of fort minor... grt meaning n rythem... it must be 2nd on this list...
Its the best "growing" track indeed. It starts smooth takes you to a certain plain
Great song shinoda good one keep going. AWESOME lyrics
[Newest]Should be top 3 at least!

its just like a cigarette is sth dat I do once in a while but between me and you - awesome lyrics, beat n yes the flow the voice of the best rapper ever mike shinoda)
woah! dis is what you call a cool song, just here it once n vote ()(){}{}
I am impressed, he really rocks in the song :0)

The Contenders

The new Fort Minor Single! Amazing


12In Stereo

13Right Now
This song is so dope! Makes you think, with great lyrics and a bumpin' beat. I'd even put this above "Remember the Name". And it's cool how he can be inspired by just looking out of a window at what the city does.
The lyrics, simply awesome, the music is also very very good. My favorite song off the album. This should be the 2nd best, right after "Remember the name".
How isn't this the best song? Dang it's THE BEST and it's also has the most meaning and stuff! The lyrics are dope too along with the beat! It drives me crazy that this isn't #1 on the list!
[Newest]This deserves 2nd spot..

14Get It

15The Hard Way
Amazing song! Should be in the top ten

16Feel Like Home

17100 Degrees
Best song
I love the start where the guys sining lowly until at the end he singing high.
And its not even in the main album so not a lot of people have heard it but its awesome
Although not as mainstream as other songs like Remember the Name of Where'd you go... This is definitely one of their best songs... The best in my opinion.

18Be Somebody
Must be in top 5. Beat music and lyrics

19Tools of the Trade

20There They Go
The lyrics is copy of Burning in the skies!

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