Best First Person Shooter (FPS) Games of All Time


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The Top Ten

Half Life 2
No other FPS comes close to the originality and immersion that this title has to offer. Maybe people are forgetting how amazing this game is because it's been so long since the release of Episode 2. Play it again now, in the year 2011 and you'll see that legends never age.
Best Fps I've ever played. Nice effects, everyone should try it. I recommend it to everyone
Call of Duty FAILS miserably against Half Life 2. For those of you that don't agree, play both one after the other.
[Newest]And this proves Valve is the best.
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2Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
best PS3 game of the year 2007, best XBOX 360 game of the year 2007, best PC game of the year 2007 at gamespot and gamespy
It might not be the first FPS, nor it has the best graphics but it revolutionized FPS forever. After it's release, we look at FPS games differently. Somehow, this became a benchmark of what a good FPS game would be, both in Single Campaign and Multiplayer.
this game kicks ass its in the top 10 most sold games of all time and I think nothin can't beat this but why isn't mw2 here?


[Newest]Say this is generic all you want. Say that Call of Duty is overrated. But this is the best shooter I have played in the next few years after this has been out.

Halo: Combat Evolved
3Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo has one of the best stories in gaming history. Most shooters had just small stories to keep the person interested through the whole game. But halo had a rich story that didn't drop you at the begining of the whole covy-human war but after a massive assault of one of our colonies and you are the only survivor and must flee. That's what makes it a great game it has a deeper story than most other shooters and not saying that any of the others on this list are crap but this has a back story. Many fans had always wondered what happened in the story just hours before the opening cutscene. That's what makes not just a great shooter but a great game when they throw an already begun story and drop you right in the middle of one of the many high points of the story. I have played all of the shooters in this list and though they are all great in their own way this game has masterpiece spelled from corner to corner.
Honestly, this list is entirely hammered by fanboys. Call of Duty and Half Life are great games but they wouldn't be anywhere if Halo hadn't jumped the gun in 2001. I know Half Life and Call of Duty came first, but HL2 and COD4 took a lot of influence from Halo. Pretty much ever FPS since Halo has taken influence from it. It just doesn't get better than this. Hands down the great FPS experience ever to hit the consoles. The PC version is very good as well.
Its an awesome game. The graphics are were excellent for its time and it has an excellent story line. The character back stories are good as well. The multiplayer and the single player are balanced and amazing. It is the one of the best in the series. I think it is the best game to have ever been made.
[Newest]Halo for the win

Bioshock takes the cake. No other FPS has put as much thought into the mechanics, the story, or the atmosphere, as my dear friend Bioshock has. If I were to ever design a FPS game, my first thought would be, "How can we surpass Bioshock? "
Actually has a story and characters and setting that I actually get to care about. Call of Duty is an embarrassment to those that actually have taste in games.
NONE OTHER have created such a world, gameplay, characters... Best of FPS and RPG bunched in one AMAZING GAME.
[Newest]It's atmosphere and sense of dread continued throughout the game make for the single most memorable fps experience.

You people voting must be either too young or have been seduced by the Call of Duty type shooter games (which is actually propaganda designed as a video game, but never mind that). Doom, which was made by ID software, the developers responsible for the earliest true FPS Wolfenstein 3D, again revolutionized gaming. The revolution was the most baddass shooter ever where you go through hell blasting hordes of demons. You would be hard pressed to find a game with its perfect combination of challenge and difficulty, yet natural simplicity when playing. The game harkens back to a time when developers didn't try to add a bunch of unneeded features to increase the amount of money they could make off the game. Everything added in Doom has a direct purpose to the game itself which is to kill demons on Mars and later in Hell as a lone space marine. Even the guns are awesome in this game and beat every weapon in a standard military shooter like Call of Duty. Who would not honestly want to get their hands dirty with a Plasma Rifle or BFG9000(Big F****** Gun) and blast fools?


Best game I have ever played!
It's awesome, and it's 17 years old. It has best MIDI tracks. It has long and interesting levels. It's awesome. Doom is the best game of my childhood.
Doom is better cause facing hell a few times is way more impressive then saving the world from a ring or interstellar aliens. Oh wait doom had that too. Final doom the demons came from a flesh and bone spaceship.
[Newest]My first rated M game. This game holds a special place in my heart. Awesome level design, great music, and because it deserves mentioning. GREAT MUSIC!

6Goldeneye 007
Golden eye is the grand daddy of the fps genre. Though call of duty maintains it, halo revived it, and half life reinvented it, Goldeneye raised it. If golden eye was never made, none of the fps' we know and love would have ever existed. Don't believe me? Well the Game is on sale now @ for a whopping $145.95. And if you have the cahones to buy and get 4 controllers for you and your buddies it will still be fun today. Besides, how cool is it to kill somebody with a karate chop to the back of the neck?
Doom may have started the FPS genre, but Goldeneye 007 perfected it. There's not a better shooter in the world than GoldenEye, and it's one of the best games of all time.
If not for Goldeneye 007, Halo would not be what it is today.
[Newest]Still the best at what it does. It will always be Number 1 in my heart.

7Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
only reason this isn't on top is cause it just came out. Great story, great multiplayer (online and offline), great spec ops, great game.


absolutely the best! best graphic, best gameplay, best story, best spec ops, the best of all time =)
Best online play of any game. Graphics are good but what really makes this game cool is the detail.
[Newest]Wannabe Call of Duty 4. That's all I need to say.


8Counter Strike: Source
Counterstrike all the way. Why this isn't above Call of Duty I will never know. Counterstrike revolutionized the Lone Wolf, run and gun style gameplay that is so addicting. When it comes to run and gun lone wolf fast placed killing. CS has no competition.
Amazing graphics, and it's almost 6 years old


This should at least be in the top ten


[Newest]Valve's second good FPS game

9Duke Nukem 3D
Well-balanced and sophisticated levels, humour and one-of-a-kind style of action make this one's replayability the main reason to deem it a king of all FPS games ever.

Counter strike 1.6 is a legendary game.
It's been around for so long and people still don't get enough.


The best FPS game ever around 100% better then cs source even that is old don't have such a nice graphic its still the best FPS game.
Even it's old and has bad graphics it will always be a hit and will forever be played! Many mods, many challenges, good weapons and equipment..

By the way: SOURCE SUCKS!


[Newest]Counter Strike:Global Offensive is way better because of its graphics, frame rate and the skills that are needed.

The Contenders

Legendary FPS FOR ALL TIMES! Why? Everything starts with it...

1. First FPS with "real 3d engine"... Games like blake stone, wolfenstein 3d, doom 1+2, rott etc are the first 3d shooter, but with 2d sprites enemies, build engine games (duke 3d, sw, blood, rr) take this to a new level, but quake was the first with "real 3d" enemies & levels...

2. First game with epic controls (movement) & physics to do crazy stuff like rocket jumps, bunny hopping etc...

3. First game with "dedicated server" technology and online (internet) gaming... Again everything start with quake.

4. First game with "console" and own programming speech (quake c) to modified the game (yeah sure, also build engine have mods, but for example look for a "quake race game mod" and a "duke race game mod"... See the difference? )

5. EPIC game & level design (multi & single) that was "easy & simple" to learn (press the button? No shoot or run against the button... Crouch? Who need it, learn to run and circle strafe), but "hard to master". Also unscripted shock effects and more than "one way" to go through the levels... No "run from a to b and check out scripted stuff"... And we don't even talk about multiplayer...

6. In his "active" times, best hardcore gaming community ever ("i miss the gold old times") with tons of mods... Quake is dead? No its not. Check out for quake gl & quake hd (example darkplaces mod) stuff.. Latest builds from 2013... And it still goes on...

7. Last game with the complete "master of fps developer"... John Carmack (! ), Michael Abrash, John Cash, American McGee (! ), Sandy Petersen, John Romero (! ) and Tim Willits (! ). Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud...

8. Speed = action, its so fast gameplay (single and multi)... Only "warsow" is nearly that fast.

9. First game that really prints the definition of words like "tournament" and "e-sports"... Player like Tresh (won a ferrari @ id first tournament), Kane, Makaveli, Shurik... Clans like D-, SK, MTW... All grow up & start with quake... First game with own convention (quakecon)

10. There is so much more this game has changed but, counterstrike, halo, battlefield, Call of Duty & what else would not exist or "look like it looks today" without this game...

Quake forever
This Game needs to be in the top 5 asap. A ID Software Classic Masterpiece.


Quake is the Best FPS out there, far better than half life2. I did tried to play half life and made me puke because of the environment and the control is not that great.
[Newest]Quake is a '95 game. it can put head to head with the brand new games. It is simply the BEST FPS has ever made.

12Unreal Tournament 2004
good game are best man the game are amazing much good I really mabe the game are incredible but unreal tornament 2003 are best ui
One of the best FAST PACED FPS Games Ever, Has everything you could want..
Whether playing singleplayer or Multiplyer.. the experience is awesome, the graphics are pretty good ( though low system requirements are required ).

This is once such game that is not too complicated or not too simple and I assure you no matter how much you play whether different map or the same map over and over again, you'll never get bored.. Each time will be a new experience..
One Greatest Games Ever Made

On of the best all time games. The game has good a story, good weapon and its perfect for mods.
It broke the world in 1998. Its amazing world and a long story (Up to 40 game hours) are the best ever made. It's the game, which will always be, as Counter-Strike 1.6 made by Valve too.
One of the pioneer games of the FPS genre, Half-Life paved the way for many of the games people know and love today. Great storyline and design, it should never be forgotten.
[Newest]This game has aged very well, just as fun now as it was in the 90s.

14Metroid Prime
No other FPS besides Half Life and Bioshock are able to completely immerse the player in its world. Metroid Primes environments across all 3 games are absolutely stellar and the adventure like gameplay takes full use of these beautiful locales. The boss fights are also spot on.
Metroid prime definitely the best game ever and also this was a multiplayer FPS but I think metroid prime hunters could be here and higher since metroid prime hunters had awesome gameplay with the online FPS
Metroid Prime is not an FPS, but no matter what list it's on, It is the very best. This game virtually changed my life, and thus my opinion on games.

15Quake III: Arena
Clearly the best fps of all time.

No modern fps has the kind of skill cap Q3 had.

Easily the best dueling, though preferably some pro mode mod.

All modern fps games should take a leaf out of the Q3 book and incorporate physics that allow for vast skill in movement as well as strategy and aim... Then again that's a bit much to ask for when the market at the moment is "realistic" consoles shooters with input devices incapable of aiming well let alone anything else.
Quake 3 is the oldest game of all this list.
But when it was out, it was a revolution in FPS world, just like all other ID games.
Graphics and gameplay at a level never reached before.
A playability without limits : with this game, a new activity was born : cyber athlete.
Even today, it's still a reference.
What a shame, this is the last, this should be tbe first in this list, ridiculous.

Quake series is the best FPS game all time.
[Newest]This is definitely the best FPS games ever made. this is the first fps game I played and I learnt my fps skill playing this game. Now any fps game becomes a cake walk after playing this game.

16Far Cry 3
Sexy... just sexy... made me cry
No other game comes even close to this one, wow, masterpiece.
Awesome breathtaking jungle environment come to life

17Call Of Duty 2
Playing this game for 4 years, its my precious, i'll never leave my precious, forever and forever!
the last great call of duty.. modern warfare sucks...
this is the real online game nothing beats it!
All the other Call of Dutys are terrible. The first one is a classic, and the third is very similar! The newer Call of Dutys are just boring, small, and short games. The multiplayer is just running aroud and shooting. This game has an emotional, AWESOME, WWII campaign! The multiplayer even has TANKS! And the environments are WAY bigger than any other Call of Duty... EVER!

18Team Fortress 2
I have been playing for about half a year now and invest an hour at least each day. This is possibly the most addictive game I've ever played and one of the only fps games I can actually like. It's not like the others because it focuses on fun, team, it's out there, the load outs are great because the weapons are different not just "Oh it shoots faster... Oh it has a scope... Oh there is slightly more ammo." like in Call of Duty. In tf2 it's "Oh these do more critical hits in a certain scenario, looks completely different and can completely change this classes style of gameplay." It isn't just go here and shoot that and win. Instead it has fun objectives that you have to work with a team to achieve. It isn't bland and the art style is amazing with a 50's painting look that still holds up today even though it was made in 2008 or 2007. The game was in development for a long time and turned out to be amazing! It is also free to play now so there is no reason not to get it if you have a good pc. Also hats. 'Nough said.
THIS GAME. It is so fun. I don't even need an explanation because everybody knows it. This should be like number 1 or something! Not "Call of Duty".


So well balanced and fun, plus the community and trading is great. My favorite class is scout. BONK!

19Return To Castle Wolfenstein
Nazis, Zombies, mutants and robots in one game with great level design and environment. Fun gameplay and well designed guns. Best MP of all times with various objectives and classes, bad ass soundtrack and who cares about a story anyway?

20Halo 3
I am very surprised that this isn't the highest halo game on this list. It revolutionized halo and the first forge game to come out. It gave you the opportunity to make your own maps, your own gametypes, you made the game. It was the first, and in my heart, the best game with forge, let alone game in general. Ghostbusters and Cops n' Crooks leave memories of a great time in gaming. If you haven't played it, give it a try, you will not be disappointed.
It alarms me that people put Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 over this. As well as Call of Duty 2. Don't get me wrong, those are great games, but this is a true masterpiece. The best selling Xbox 360 game of all time, and #15? Well ahead of any Call of Duty game with the possible exception that it competes with Call of Duty 4.
Common for people to choose Call of Duty over the one game that put the Xbox where it is today, but truly without Halo the Xbox would not have been able to compete with the Playstation and cement in spot in the Platform competition today.
[Newest]Should be number 2

21Battlefield Bad Company 2
I just don't understand how this game is has such a low place! This is one of the best games in history, and definitely the best FPS ever. Characters are amusing and great, destructing houses and buildings is so awesome, you can drive many types of vehicles, moving is more realistic and killing also. Graphics is legendary.
Multiplayer - The best multiplayer experience in any FPS which is totally realistic and based on teamwork and you can't just run around and shoot like Rambo.

Better than Call of Duty, better than any game.
Simply awesome! No game will ever beat a multiplayer experience just like this one! The campaign could be better...
This should make it to the top 5

22Halo 2
The sequel to the most important game in console history and a truly great and entertaining and addictive multi-player
Revolutionized playing FPS games on a console and put Xbox on the Map! From the launch of Xbox Live on the original Xbox till the end, Halo 2 was always the most played game. For sure, my favorite game of all time (of any genre)!
Definitely the best of all time PERIOD
[Newest]My favorite Halo game ever

23BioShock Infinite
For me, its the best game ever made. I play various types of games (FIFA, NHL, Call of Duty, Battlefield, NFS, rFactor) but nothing beats Bioshock Infinite. Beatiful city with rotten people who just want to be brutally murdered by your Skyhook :) Story like nothing else in this genre. Makes you think about it for long time, after you finish it. PS. Sorry for my poor English
Columbia is so beautiful, it's a shame that around 70% of the population, possibly more, are xenophobic, male chauvinistic, racist slug- brains.
Bioshock Infinite Is The Best Fps Game Of All Time Period

24Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
If you play a lot Call of Duty, you should play this game because has great campaign, good spec ops missions, and its multiplayer is so intense.
A good game.
Mw3, the best game ever!
Best fps of all time.

25Call of Duty: Black Ops
Awesome game amazing story line awesome weapons awesome multiplayer you know everything amazing a must buy really I don't know what some guys want to mean whit poor campaign ending and weak storyline THIS GAME IS AWESOME
Call of duty 4 just makes you worse at the game. Black ops has zombies, An awesome multiplayer and campaign
My favorite game in the call of duty series. The single player storyline is a little weak but online multi-player and zombies is the best.


26Perfect Dark
While it was not the first FPS I played, It was the one that got me hooked. A sniper rifle that can see through walls, proximity mines and great knife fighting. I play COD MW2 now but will always remember my time with perfect dark.
Perfect Dark for me is the best Sci-Fi FPS. a great old school and graphics and story very creative, I think it was a great breakthrough for future Halo games, Crisis and etc ...
Better than Goldeneye but sadly not as many people play it or know if it today, highly recommend it to anyone and everyone

27Wolfenstein 3D
Wolfenstein 3D broke the entire ground that FPS stands on... And it wasn't just a ground-breaker in that mind-set. It featured bosses that were extremely evil and sadistic, from the maniacal and diabolical Doctor Schabbs, who experimented on humans and created deadly mutated fighting machines out of them... To the menacingly demonic Hitler, who wore a battle suit and fought with brutal precision with dual chainguns and rapid fire. The game was not just a breakthrough for FPS games, a definitive game for bosses, a controversial title for the Nazi enemies, and adding a tremendous amount of levels and secrets, it was also the most powerful title that fed into the mainstream for decades to follow. Wolfenstein 3D is the legend of all FPS games, hands down.
What A Great Game And It Was Made By The People That Did DOOM And Quake
Best bosses ever in a video game. Dr. Schabbs, Otto Giftmacher, Adolf Hitler, Hans Grosse, Gretel Grosse, and General Fettgesicht. All the most awesome level constructs and maps as well. This is my favorite FPS game to this day.

28Halo Reach
Its a superb game a person can play this whole day and still he will be willing to play more. When I started playing this whole day my home was filled with my friends and the most interesting thing is... His sword
Awesome enemies, addicting online multiplayer, great modes, interesting easter eggs, cool music, fun levels, brilliant characters and fantastic customizations.

29Serious Sam
Serious sam doesn't try to add irrelevant features to an fps game. It's a pure shooter, you and a gun, with half a million enemies running at you. Not to mention the legendary weapons such as the laser and the grenade launcher.
Expansive levels, hilarious enemies, brilliant weapon selection. This is the game that has an overpowered sniper rifle and an actual cannon as weapons. Fighting hordes of monsters as the one-man army known as Serious Sam cannot possibly be any better.


Combines the best elements of doom and duke nukem, with graphics that still hold up 12 years later.

30Doom 3

31Battlefield 1942
I can't believe this is so low on this list. The Battlefield series is the best thing out there. I could not believe when I had to scroll all the way down here to find this game. No doubt in my mind this is the Greatest FPS ever.
This can't be so low on the list, it's a very old game, but it was super fun. It also has an incredible element of strategy on it that modern fps lack off.
The first multiplayer war game that could use airplanes tanks turrets.

32Left 4 Dead 2
Best zombie game ever created, if you choose another zombie fps instead this one because of the graphics you are doing a tremendously bad choice. This game is the best coop game out there.
Awesome. Probably the best zombie fps
Haha yeah baby, L4D all the way

33Shadow Warrior

34Battlefield 3
Totally agree, this should be number one, let alone in the top ten. Can you fly jets and helicopters in Call of Duty? Can you drive buggys and tanks? NO. That alone makes BF3 better than any Call of Duty game in the past, present and future.
Why the hell is this so low?! Screw the Call of Duty players, Call of Duty is for little kids who don't know how to play a REAL first person shooter.
Eh, Lets Vote for this game, I've played it for a long time now and I've played these stupid Call of Duty games... But really Lets vote on Battlefield 3!

I'm also planning on to get Battlefield 4, I've tried the BETA and it's already great on BETA version, so BATTLEFIELD SHOULD BE THE WINNER!
[Newest]Battlefield will forever be better than Call of Duty. You wait and see. In ten years, Call of Duty will be off of the market due to this amazing series of games.

35Deus Ex
How can you people possibly leave the Greatest PC game of all time off this list? This game was not only a great FPS, but also had a great storyline that was immensely deep. That is hard for a FPS game to do. Please VOTE FOR THIS GAME!
Screw Call of Duty! This game is too awesome to be on this list, save Half-Life of course... This game has an amazing story, soundtrack, gameplay, and characters. Deserves to be at least in top 10.
If this were a console game it would be so much higher...

36Quake 2
Best game ever! Great level and enemy variety, great multiplayer and a nice, long single player campaign, which I've played through over 20 times. And weapons that feel and sound powerful.

This is a REAL FPS game, screw the Call of Duty kiddies.
Trying to explain all the reasons why Crysis should top this list would likely take far more then the lifetime of a normal human being.
Regardless, Crysis is a game about skill, tactics and stealth, not for the faint of heart.

Comes with graphics that blow 2012 games out of the water, realistic gameplay, intelligent AI, lots of controllable vehicles (land, sea and air) and an arsenal of fully customizable weapons.
Not to mention the map editor.
Play This Game!
Blends the futuristic halo with the realistic firefights of Call of Duty, with the location of far cry. Truly fantastic! AND it has the greatest map editor on the face of the planet! There's a reason you need a powerful computer to even run it!
Will always be better than Call of Duty black ops 2

38Call of Duty: Black Ops II

39Halo 4
Awesome graphics, the best playability in fps, great multiplayer, simple, fun, perfect
What this game is one of the best, why so low down?
Why is this epic game number 31?

40Unreal Tournament - Game Of The Year Edition
This game is WHY I got into first person shooters in the first place. It is by far the best FPS I have ever played. Just like Quake and CS 1.6 I believe it is also one of the most skill based FPS games you can play multiplayer.
More games should have assault. It is such a good game mode.


41The Orange Box
This is the best compilation box of FPS ever
Half life 2, TF2. What more could you ask for? Besides episode 3...
Half Life 2, TF2, and Portal all in one game... Too good to be true.


42S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
An amazing atmosphere and original theme. SoC has moments that feel like a strong fps (firefights), moments that scare the shit out of you and moments that make you feel like you are truly within the Zone.
Its one of the best games around I wish someone would seriously redo it getting rid of the bugs
Original, challenging, scary and addictive.
This excellent FPS is sadly neglected and deserves a much
Bigger fan base.

43Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Amazing graphics multiplayer campaign exo survival but story of campaign could have been better

44Metro 2033

45Fallout 3
I mean serious. This is the 2nd best game of all time after Skyrim. A lot of awesome weapons, and you could do anything you want. I mean for real this should be at least at the top ten.
This is truly a wonderful game. I got it the day it came out and I still love it. Fallout isn't a full on shooter, but it's easily one of the best damn games ever.

46Time Splitters: Future Perfect
What other game can let you play as a Robocop Monkey armed with a flamethrower and can set the Gingerbread man on fire while also being under attack from a Giant Sock Puppet?
Game is very unique, fun and entertaining in so many ways.

47Battlefield: Bad Company
Funny campaign, and stellar multiplayer

48The Darkness

49Oddworld: Stranger's Wraith

50Metro: Last Light

51Portal 2

52Left 4 Dead
Left 4 dead is the best zombie game ever made!


54Alien Trilogy

Syndicate is a first-person shooter video game developed by Starbreeze Studios, released on February 21, 2012 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. It is a reboot of the Syndicate series developed by Bullfrog Productions, changing the genre from a tactical shooter to a first-person shooter.

56Resistance: Fall of Man
The online was crap, the campaign says it all, actually very scary. I love this game, it was the first PS3 and first FPS game for the PS3, your looking at a living legend right here!


The online was decent, not to many overpowered people running around murdering everyone, but the campaign was easily the best damn part of the game

57S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

58Far Cry
This one should be at the top. True sandbox gaming and graphics that still look great. Total control on how you approach each enemy and great weapons. Some excellent multiplayer maps and easy map editor. Out of all of the FPS games I have played over the years this one is the only one that I go back to every couple of years to finish again.
This is THE best FPS I've ever played bar none. Just started it again now, I first played it in 2006! No feelings of being hemmed in in any of the environments, you feel so free. Brilliant storyline and a real adventure. This game came out in 2004 and is still utterly playable and simply brilliant! Far Cry 2 however was utter garbage, a real dissapointment, in fact the WORST fps I've ever played.
The best FPS game that I have ever played. Graphics are so good... amazing.. weather quality in game is unreachable till now...
[Newest]Better than medal of honor

Such a great FPS, with exciting scenes and scenarios, extreme difficulty and non-stop action. The first FPS I ever fought hard to complete, and was worth it.
Black is the best game ever. She have got explosions and blowing things up. You can shoot peoples in their heads and a lot of awesome guns like ak-47

60Star Wars Republic Commando
SW:RC is a tactical shooter, much like SWAT 4 and Tom Clancy's GHOST RECON and RAINBOW SIX series, in a Star Wars universe. Everything comes together well, making an instantly addictively fun game!
First of all! Republic commando is one of my favorite games of all time second of all! Its star wars we love it! Third of all if I made the second republic commando it would be a combanaion of halo left 4 dead and star wars and I also love the story line!

Why is this excellent game voted so low?
It has a marvellous storyline, graphics, music and
Extremely cute in-game ladies, it has everything you could ever want in a game and more.


63Robocop (2003)

64Timesplitters 2
Best game ever Call of Duty is boring and the same every year

65Fallout: New Vegas
Good apocalyptic game it has lots of secret weps and a lot of quests and side quests. Over all not a bad game.

66Zeno Clash
Very original, part 2 is better. Better graphics and combat system!

67Medal of Honor Warfighter
The best game.. I had ever played.

68Dead Island

69Call of Duty
This is where it all started for this productive series. Back in the days it was still good and fun to play.

This game definitely hits the top ten fps series of all time, and it definitely hits the top fps characters of all time.
Why wasnt this added up here it is mad game I hate halo I don't even know why it is good but Turok is mad!
Turok Evolution on Gamecube, was my first fps game :D

71Medal of Honor Frontline
55?! Tsk tsk tsk. Medal of Honor is the best. Call of Duty does not come close to being as good as MOH:F.

72Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Can't believe everyone forgot about this game. The only reason I play Call of Duty now is because they stopped making rainbow six. This game is definitely in the top 10
Best third person game I ever played! It is so much fun! COME ON IT IS BEST! PLAY IT!

73Alien: Resurrection

74Borderlands 2
Great game, the graphics may not be the best but it has many other amazing features

75Counter Strike Global Offensive
New Graphics and still uses the source engine!
and it is still under beta closed beta that's why you have to get a beta key
Brilliant graphics and brilliant game when I start this one I thinked css was really bad best online game I ever saw so good so brilliant and if you are a little good at thisgame you'll never stop playing
Not: I played 1.232 hours 32 minutes meanwhile I'm playing... !

76Battlefield 4
An awe inspiring game. From the personal and intense campaign to the stunning graphics and leveltion. In no other game can you fly a jet, then parachute out, counter a knife attack, get in a jeep, set C4, and sprint away from a 80 story skyscraper falling on top of you. Also, none of the guns are completely better than one another; they eAch have there own strengths. This game is a stepping stone to the next era of first person shooters.

Vietnam simulator... Not just a game.

78The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

79Far Cry 2
One of the best casual multiplayers.
Single player is crap, though.


81Fear 2: Project Origin

82Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
My top five tom clancy games,1. Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Conviction 3. Blacklist 4 chaos theory and 5. Double agent

83I.G.I. 2 Covert Strike
Play it if you have guts! Much harder and realistic than CODs and Battlefields.

84Battlefield 2

85Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
In my mind one of the more under rated FPS's. It has a decent amount of realism. I love this game to death. One of my more prominent experiences was during the Beta. I flanked around Russian forces firing out from the first floor of a building. I came through the back of the building and charged in, I slammed the but of my MP40 into one guys throat and then shot the other guy. I turned to leave to watch as the guy clutched at his throat unable to breath whereupon I smashed him again in the head killing him. I love this game so much, tripwire got it right with RO:HOS I love how they have fully modeled tank interiors, meaning you can actually look around the tank, and the crewmen can get killed. The experience of watching as your driver has his head taken off, meaning that you have to crawl through the interior and move aside his lifeless body to save the rest of the crew. Entering a room with your pistol drawn where you shoot a Russian in the throat and watch as he bleeds to death. Being a Russian Anti-tank soldier and blowing a man head off (literally) with your AT rifle is an amazing feeling. Not having an ammo counter telling you, you have twelve rounds left in your PPSH, instead taking off the clip and judging its around half full. Having your soldier go a bit mental after watching his friends legless body hurled through the air after getting hit by artillery.
This deserves a spot in the top ten.
One of the best fps out there, it is very underrated but it gets you really well inmersed in ww2 action.

86Sudden Attack
It has very good quality and has most of the features FPS games need

87PlanetSide 2
Best simulation of a futuristic war, at a massive scale.
Does what no other fps can- the scale and MMO aspect are truly integrated to make it, to me, the most ambitious game of all time.

88Crysis 3
What... Crysis should be in the top 3... no game could match its tactics weapons vehicles etc etc... N the nanosuit too... luving it...

89System Shock 2

90Battlefield 2142
This is the best battlefield game, and its extremely fun to play.

Is this game really great?

91Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex
Screw Black Ops This Game Rocks!

92Point Blank
Best free fps in world ho gives players good gameplay expirience and lot of good weapons to use. You can use good caracters items. Good real maps. And Best fun clans. Good events good prizes and much more

93Alliance of Valiant Arms
"Brassai Granato"

Love this game. Graphic is Great and Gameplay is Awesome. So Vote it up if you agree.

94Rise of the Triad: Dark War

Although Doom is better at the hellish invasion-type of FPS, I enjoyed playing this game a lot. Hordes of monsters but it never seems overwhelming unlike Serious Sam and others.


96SWAT 4 Gold
SWAT 4 has an amazingly well-developed tactical command system, as well as a good, solid selection of weapons and gadgets.

97Bioshock 2

98Condemned 2: Bloodshot

99Battlefield 2 Modern Combat

100No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.'s Way
Just a great fps. I can't believe it is not a contender.
1&2 games were great and fun to play

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