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22Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

I was thinking this would be first - Aleksei

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23Dust 514

This is by far the best. People voted call of duty as the type game?...

This games is awesome why are they shutting it down

25Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
26Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Battlefield's first foray onto consoles. Huge maps. Endless fun.

27Red Faction

Multiplayer is specially good.

28Unreal Tournament 2004

These were the times... Movement, weapons, maps. You can't go any better.

29Halo 3V1 Comment
30Counter Strike 1.6

Cs 1.6 should be in top 3, I see only kids and console players are voting here.
This game is a true legend, the uncut cocaine of shooters (Smosh reference).
I used to play this 10-11 hours a day, I still play it whenever I'm invited to tournaments. Best fps ever.

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31Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
32Star Wars: Battlefront
34Rush Team

It is the best multiplayer FPS available online... We have great maps, weapons, characters, and efficient clan system... Awesome graphics, easy gameplay, co-operative Gamemasters, and addictive environment adds to it being the best... And the surprising thing is that it is made by a single person - Roka...

35Doom 3
36Soldier of Fortune II Double Helix

One of the best classic FPS ever made, 12 years on and still has an active multiplayer online community.


This is an awesome FPS for Nintendo ds. It has excellent shooter mechanics and controls are easy! Fun to play! This a fun shooter game for on the go and when you don't have acsess to ps3, pc, Xbox 360 etc. this is a great choice it has the feel of old school shooter games you saw at the arcade during the 1990's and 80's and super fun.

38PlanetSide 2

This game is awesome, enjoying it immensely!

This game is awesome! I totally like it!

39Tribes: Ascend
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