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Cristiano Ronaldo


Of course CR7 is number one just look at the goals he has kicked from free kicks against arsenal, velencia, zarazagoza, porto and of course this year in 2011/2012 vs apoel fc and athelitico HALA MADRIDD VIVA RONALDOO in ronaldos free kick it is just phenomenal he normally dips it but with power, cruel and skill he can also kick with power, cruel NUMBER ONE ALL THE WAY
If I'm not mistaking, no player has scored more mind blowing freekick's than the extra-ordinary Cr7... His freekicks make you to rise to your feet. Watch his top twenty freekick and you'll agree with every bit of what I said... Or you can even watch all. With one free kick, He ignites the fans and motivates his team mates and instantly changes the spirit of the game. "The best ever. "
Cristiano ronaldo is he best free kick taker in the world because he curls in most of his free kicks he has had some bad game but he has scored some cracking free kicks he might even of scored most of his goals by free kicks so he should be at the top cheek some off his free kicks out if you don't bleave me
RONALDO IS THE MAN! He is so amazing and deserves to be number 1. All those beautiful free kicks and yet his hair is still so beautiful? Impressive. He even runs the way he does so his hair doesn't get messed up. If he ran like a normal person, he would be faster than a professional sprinter!
I Love his Free kicks. He is one of the best free kick tacker in the history of football. His action of taking freekick is one of the best in the football in the history. His action will be the best in the history of football not in the present but in the future. He will be star in the world.
I believe that Cristiano has the greatest most accurate and powerful free kick in the world right now and the best free kick technique ever. His knuckleballs are unstoppable, his curve shots are perfect, and his over-under dipping balls are as perfect as can be.
Amazing his still in hi career but his not yet finished! Beckham and juninho have never shot a free kick from more than 45 yards. But ronaldo has.. Against arsenal
The best kick taker is ronaldo
The best footballer is ronaldo
The best striker is ronaldo
Ronaldo does not even miss a kick he always be good not he is the best
Whatever say about ronaldo is less
He is born only for being the best
cristiano ronaldo is a great player and scorer
but, he haven't won a single world cup title. ,. , come on cristiano
hoping for more great tricks and skills. ,. , good luck!
god bless you and your team. ,. , =)
Who else can make the ball swerve and dip at the same time? Also, the ball changes direction several times mid-air; its a goalkeeper's nightmare. The long range free kicks he took against Portsmouth, Arsenal, Porto, Villareal : ULTIMATE
CVOOME on number one by a mile, he showed why his free kick againist denmark, villareal, zaragozza, portsmouth and arsenal so sexy and his curving is 3 metres of the straight kicks and can shoot with power using his knukle ball.
Cristiano takes great free kicks he should be the best he has lots of power and accuracy in his free kick shots and 85% of them are on target I believe he has the ability to the best not just in free kicks but in the world good luck CR7
Even though I am a Messi and Zidane fan, I can't deny that right now Cristiano Ronaldo is the most well-rounded skill ever and by far the greatest free kick taker ever. Then it's Beckham.
He is an awesome guy. He is a full package of foot ball. He heads well, he shoots well, he takes the free kicks well, he runs well. And also he plays well. Where as his opponent messi don't have all these qualities

Cristiano Ronaldo is better than all that's for sure! He is some thing different, his skills art and technique is a joy to watch, totaly different and all his own, moreover his power is something above normal
Ronaldo has great power he can make a ball curve in a second, that is what ronaldo's free kick dangerous to most goalkeepers. His explosive speed also makes the ball hard to catch
Some critics said in 2009, if Ronaldo keeps his free kick form for couple more years, he could be recognized as world's best free kick masters... Umm.. This is 2013... I don't think I can say anymore..
He has got everything under his belt.. His free kick has power, speed, precision.. A nightmare for any goalkeeper.
He had to be number 1 because he is only the guy who can shoot impossible freekicks. I love his freekicks and iam proud of his freekicks. He is only the best and best freekick master!
Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.. He has amazing curling shot ever from free kick! Remember when Manchester United vs FC Porto in Champions League, and Cristiano was HERO!
Its amazing how he takes his freekicks. If you look at him standing there with the ball and afterwards him kicking the ball, you know there is a very big chance that he will score the goal. In my opinion him and Beckham have the best free kicks ever!
He can launch out a football like a jet... He got tremendous skill and could break out through any defense... One finds the football inside the net once he gets it...
Dudes this guy can score from anywhere are you kidding me whoever that Juninho Pernambucano guy is I've never heard of him anyone could replace that guy
He should be Number 1. His free kicks are awesome. The one against portsmouth few years back and one against Granda were the best I have seen.
Knowone was better than you, is better and wont be too! Your just a legend!
you can get better and better, others can't even reach near you
The god od free kick oh my god his ability of free kick can inspire bekham and juninho they can't campare him self with Cristiano Ronaldo

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