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Season 8
Best season, the show matured that season, joey and rachael's relationship added new depth to the show. Every single episode was funny and full of magic, also was the season that wan best comedy at the Emmys. Friends is and always be the best sitcom of all time, it is more original and relevant then Seinfeld, and the way it transcended T.V. Into popular culture and defined America in the mid 90's - 2000, broke the mold in what sitcoms were.
TOW Monica's Boots
TOT The Rumor
TOW The Red Sweater
TOW The Videotape
TOW Joey Dates Rachel
TOW Rachel Has A Baby

Plus, it was the season that won the Emmy for Best Comedy.


Loved this season! Especially TOW Monica's Boots and TOW The Red Sweater! Both are classics!


[Newest]Definitely the best season as it helped us find solace from seeing the 9/11 attacks over and over helped us move on...

2Season 5
Best season hands down. I'm sorry but how is season 8 number one? There is one great episode in that season: TOW The Videotape. Other than that it's a pretty mediocre season. Season 5 on the other hand was just one amazing episode after another. With this season they were able to make Monica and Chandler hiding their relationship for 14 episodes and not only managed to keep it funny for half a season, but they were able to make the second half just as funny by ending it with Vegas
This season boasted some of the best episodes of any sitcom ever- The One Where Everybody Finds Out, The One With All The Kissing and The One In Vegas especially!
This is my favorite season of Friends. I love most of the episodes in seasons 3 to 6 episodes, but season 5 has so many great episodes in it. I like The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS, The One Where Ross Moves In, The One With Chandler's Work Laugh, The One Where Everybody Finds Out, The One With All The Resolutions, The One With The Cop, and the Vegas two parter


[Newest]Season 5 was by far the best! Chandler and Monica hiding their relationship for the first few episodes was hilarious! And the thanksgiving episode for this season was obviously my favourite!

3Season 2
I actually watched Season 2 even before Season 1 or any other season, and hands down, it's the funniest. The One with the Two Parties and The One with the Bullies - funniest episodes ever!
Friends when it was still young and beginning to hit it's stride. The cold opening to the season without a continuation from Season 2 also gave it a uniqueness the others never had.
Ross and Rachel's first Kiss and the Prom Video are two of the three best moments of the series.

4Season 7
I like all the friends series (except for series 6) but series 7 is definitely my favourite! when phoebe starts going 'hee' when ross plays bagpipes, that cracks me up everytime and monica and chandler get married! this has to be the best season ever!
Totally agree TheSudhanva : all seasons have to be seen and are fabulous. You cannot see one of them without seing the all package. But actualy I got that little crush on the 7th because each minute of each episode is just great.
The Ending Was So Shocking! Loved every episode and definitely the right amount of comedy
[Newest]This season is the best.

5Season 4
The one with the Embryos alone makes this the best season ever. Great plot, great fun, great character developing. Only Emily sucked, but that's probably cause they wanted her to.
This is by far my favorite! All the characters are developed and we see them grow and not just one is focused on. The London episodes are great and no one can deny the OMG moment when Ross says Rachel!

Hands down, best season
Awesome season! All the episodes are excellent, and as we look back at this great series this is probably the season when all the character have matured but at the same time young enough. Things like Joey - Chandler roommate awesomeness, development of Mondler when Chandler flirts with Monica and Ross Rachel development. To me season 4 slightly edges out the rest as the best F.R.I.E.N.D. S season of all time!

6Season 3
This is the best season ever! There are so many classic episodes, I think overall seasons 2,3 and 4 are the best, but season 3 takes the cake as the best, all the characters are at their best here!
Ross and Rachel together and when they are broken up you gotta love it. Don't forget the poking device
Hands down the greatest season there was.


7Season 10
The end of a great season. By far, the greatest of the FRIENDS sitcom. It leaves the viewer with a grin yet a smile on their face. And even though the viewer knows the show is over, they are left with a feeling that it will never, really end
It was so funny, witty and sarcastic, but it was also heartwarming and awesome. I cry every time I watch the finale.
A heap of good episodes, TOW ross' tan is so funny, and the finale is pretty sad, to see your favourite TV finish.


8Season 9
I ship Gavin with Rachel so much! And I haven't laughed at any other season this hard!

9Season 6
The best season in my opinion! It was a season with no major plot points until the proposal at the end. You have the 6 friends just being friends. Ross and Rachel's drunken marriage, Joey's hernia, Phoebe's running (my favorite), Thanksgiving with Ross high and the trifle, Monica and Ross doing the routine, Ross doing Unagi, Joey's fridge breaking, Chandler cleaning the apartment, Ross's British accent at NYU... And finishing with the proposal! Easily the best season from start to finish.
Season Six has the funniest episodes. The episode where Chandler cleans the apartment after moving in and tells Monica she can't come in because "Ross is naked" is hilarious. Then there's the episode where Ross puts on a fake British accent when he teaches at NYU. That episode ends with Rachel discovering the two of them are still married which is one of the funniest moments of the show.
This season is so amazing from beginning to end. Ross and Rachel's drunken marriage, Joey's hernia, Phoebe's running, Thanksgiving with Ross high and the trifle, Reese Witherspoon, Ross doing Unagi, Joey's fridge breaking, Ross dating a student, Bruce Willis guest starring, and finally the proposal (one of the best season finale's ever) - it was a fantastic season.
[Newest]I personally love 5 the most with 4 and 6 being the close second and third. I'm voting this because it doesn't deserve to be in the last place.

10Season 1
The first season was the best one because the characters were in the beggining and you had the opportunity to know them all for the first time. They seemed to be much more carefree and young back then.
I remember the first episode. That episode really cracked me up. The first ones are usually the better ones.
This was the best season ever...
There were no relationships among the... No ross and rachel or mondler (i loved those both I admit but still)
This is the only season where the six friends are struggling friends who find comfort from one and another and nothing more... Hence the first season will always be unique..

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