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The Top Ten

Edward Elric
Edward is so high on this list because his personality is so complex. He can be emotional and heartbreaking, then downright hilarious. Others might have depth, but Edward has the most out of every character in this series. Of course, excluding Mustang, whose depth isn't seen as early as Ed's is. Edward deserves the popularity he has. All this from a tomboy who hasn't even touched Brotherhood yet!
Edward's personality is what makes him such a great character. Emotional and hilarious, he goes through such a depressing life, yet can still get back on his feet and fight back. He has major flaws, but that just makes him more realistic. That is my idea of a perfect character.


Ed is always the best! Roy, dude- ya can't beat a long-haired blonde shrimp. Just- nothing else to say. LONG LIVE KING (or not king) ED!

2Roy Mustang
Well I LOVE ROY MUSTSNG because he's so HOTT and really awesome he's the best character ever and I love it when he says I love dogs and also the mini skirt thing to so thats y I LOVE ROY MUSTANG SO MUCH
Who else can kill you by snapping
His passion for wanting to lead this country is great. His strategic skills are phenomenal. Don't forget his battle with envy was so cool. It really showed how powerful he really is.
[Newest]That English dub voice though

3Alphonse Elric
An incredibly strong character, to remain so kind and calm even after all he has gone through. A true prince. And he can also be pretty badass when he needs to.
A really sweet guy with a big heart reserved for his brother. He's had it hardest but always seems to be able to keep pushing though it. He is Ed's balance and if Ed didn't have Al by his side, then Ed would be well and truly dead by now and we wouldn't have this awesome series!
Sorry but got some negatives: I was shocked to find that in the 2003 version (pretty sure it's 2003, and maybe brotherhood as well), in Japenese, Al is voiced by a girl!?
Negatives aside, Al is the crazy cat guy that may only be in this world as a soul, but his armour is strong and his calm and collected manner is what makes him loved by so many. A tribute to Alphonse Elric!
Not my favourite, that place goes to Ed. But, seriously, this kid deserves top place on this list.
[Newest]He's just so cute...

Dude, who can go wrong with Greed? I mean, he's AWESOME and COOL and so BADASS! I love everything about him! Especially his arrogant attitude and his GRIN! Oh, his grin! He can make you feel unsettled and in love just by smirking at you! And the fact that he joined bodies with Ling (who ties with Greed as my most favorite character) just made this duo the best there is! I thought for sure Greed would've at least ended up in the top 3 or 4 or something... And where's LING?!?! Why isn't he in this list? Guys, he deserves it!
Greed is an AWESOME character, especially in brotherhood. He deserves more than 2 percent of the votes! Out of all the characters, I felt that he was the best and the one who changed the most.
Greed is an entertaining antihero, and he is twice the awesome when he shares bodies with ling for a fun ying-yang dynamic.
[Newest]He is just awesome. End of story.

5Riza Hawkeye
Riza is an amazing, strong woman! She has a talent with guns: she keeps them on her all the time and never misses her target, which makes her quite a feared person in her universe haha. She is loyal, admirable, and beautiful!
Best female anime character ever. Enough said.
Extremely hot, but also respectable, kind, and badass to boot.

He's just so hot! I love his voice in English, Japanese, French, and German! (The German voice fits him so well! But the Spanish one is such a disappointment. No offense. ) His violet snake-like eyes are so entrancing. I totally fell in love with his androgynous style and personality. I also just have to admit that he's so darn adorable in his mini form!
Envy is a likeable character in both the anime and the manga, despite not really having any positive traits. It's easy to sympathize with what he/it has been through, and it's easy to relate to how Envy went completely nuts. I also like how manga Envy looks more like a guy but is actually genderless, and how anime Envy looks more like a woman but is actually a guy. Plus, he/it is funny.
Envy is easily the best of the Homunculi (in the 2003 show, at least) as he manages to be more than just a stereotype. His character actually has degrees of subtlety. While Lust had to have an excessively dragged out backstory, Envy's entire character arc is summed up masterfully in four lines. He's the ultimate incarnation of his sin, and the sheer lengths he is willing to go to kill the Elric brothers makes him the most compelling antagonist in the show.
[Newest]I love Envy! His death made me cry... He's so cool!

7Maes Hughes
Even though his character was short-lived, he was one of the best established character in the series.
I was pretty sad when he died, he's an amazing character with limitless potential
Not my BEST character, but he's also one of my favorites :3

8Pride/Wrath (Brotherhood)
He can control living razor sharp shadows that can tear through just about anything except the ultimate shield. That is cool! He ATE gluttony. Nobody wants to fight pride because he is so powerful. Who else can make the darkness seem so safe?

At first glance, Fuhrer King Bradley seems like a kind and trusting leader. But in reality, he's just as sadistic and psychotic as the rest of the homunculi.

9Van Hohenmeim
Giving up immortality to be with the ones he loves, but not before saving the world, then offering his soul for his sons? Hohenheim should be given more credit.

10Winry Rockbell
She's a cool shonen heroine. I mean, she doesn't fight, but she doesn't come out as useless and weak.
She's the most important character to the show she's always there to provide moral support or to fix Ed's Auto-mail deep down she really loves him.


The Contenders

11Ling Yao
Dudes, Ling Yao is the funniest and most badass guy on the planet (tying with Greed for me). And he can certainly rival Gluttony if Gluttony sticks to food alone. (that means no bark from trees, or whole houses and cars) He is so hilarious to watch and I'm hungry when he's hungry (don't worry Ling, I also eat everything off the room service menu) But when he's serious, he totally changes into a badass, don't--mess-with-me-or-I'll-kick-your-ass-all-the-way-across-Amestris kind of guy. He's also the best in sword dueling and is actually very smart but likes to hide it in his goofy and idiot facade. In other words, PERFECT. I'm so sad when he didn't make it to the top ten. I mean, come on people!
Why is he below Father... This doesn't make any sense, Ling is so funny
Shouldn't ling yao be in one of top tens.. ? I mean he's so funny like me and also badass! And he looks cool


12Izumi Curtis
She's incredibly funny and scary. Best character because she's powerful but does have a clear weakness. She's a tough but very loving and protective teacher who sees the elric brothers more as her sons then just students. Plus she throw sloth like he was a paper ball which neither of the armstrongs could do and 8 soilder tried to hold him back a they all failed. Plus she took on fort briggs soilders and won. The look on the armstrongs face when izumi tossed sloth was priceless
Izumi is a well thought out character. She acts tough and scary, but she is actually super loving. She also committed the same taboo the Elrics did (human transmutation), creating Wrath. Not the best character, but pretty damn awesome!


... Why isn't this number 1? He practically squashed everyone combined...

14Alex Louis Armstrong
Let me show you the popularity that has been passed down the Armstrong line for generations.
Is he the only guy in anime with a middle name?
Badass, but still poetic at the same time! Such a great character!

15Solf J. Kimblee
Sociopaths are way cool, bro. At least, if all sociopaths are like Kimblee. Which they totally should be. Stole the show every time he showed up.
Awesome as hell, his last action in the fight against pride was just pure awesomeness!

16Olivier Mira Armstrong
Such a badass character. Love her

17Greed/Ling (Brotherhood)
This duo is the best of all partners in the anime world. I love how they couldn't get along, but they secretly cared for one another. Especially when it came to THAT superbly awesome scene in the last episode, (not gonna spoil it for you people). They are AMAZING!
Very interesting combination.
They kick ass and I love how Greed becomes good and how Ling starts to care about Greed.
These 2 combined made an epic amazing team!

He is solely the character that has grown the most in the anime. Started as serial killer with solely hatred in his mind, and ended helping to save the people around him and change the country he initially hated. He had his reasons (very consistent to say) to seek revenge, but ended up understanding the others around him, to listen to them, to change his mind and to selflessy fighting to bring down the common foe. He is the kind of tough, strongminded and true guy this world misses much. I'd say he had had a fullmetal heart since the very beginning.
All of the other characters have overpowered alchemy (Not that it's a bad thing). He relied solely on skill and manuverability to defeat defeat his enemies. + he has good motivation fight against his oponents

19Jean Havoc
The 2nd Lieutenant should be up this list! He is the big breasts loving and always heart broken person. Don't you agree, Jacqueline?

Both beautiful and deadly she definitely deserves to be higher
Lust should be WAY higher! She was so awesome!


Miss Wolverine with an attitude!

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