Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

This is comparing, full suspension modern Mountain Bikes, on the grounds of function, versatility, and efficiency.

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1Trance - Giant

It does everything. Great value. Not one for the bike snobs and posers but will keep up with all of them.

Maestro Suspension is patented that everybody wants to copy it.. Awesome bike for Giant!

Great all around bike!

Trance Advanced, the best Full Suspension bike ever!

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2Stumpjumper - Specialized

I love the feel of the suspension of this bike so much

I have the frame from a while back and it climbs mint and still looks pretty sick

Yeah... Specialized stumpjumper is the best

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3Fuel - Trek

2012 Fuel EX8... Like riding on a couch.

Full floater new system is the best. With ABP SYSTEM.

Its like riding through heaven when you are on this bike

The best bike I have ever owned!

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4Anthem - Giant

Anthem is a nice bike good for trails and climbing hills..

Cross country trail and down hill no problem at all...

Giant anthem is a full suspension bike that it can pleased you in all way. if you are a professional bike rider, you don't need anything other than GIANT ANTHEM x4 2012. trust me.

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5Tallboy - Santa Cruz

I have tallboy carbon and is light and very responsive on climbing and downhill. Santa cruz is the best bike ever..

Carbon frame with no weight limits.

Real good climber. Light, as good as my my light Mamasita but with comfort of full suspension.

6Camber 29 - Specialized

I rode an Camber 2015 S-Works at a demo day and it was the best ride of my life.

7Operator - Kona

Kona operator love it

8Demo - Specialized
9DH300 - KHS
10Hei Hei 29 - Kona

Best bike I've owned

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?YT Industries - Capra CF Comp 1

Pedal up so you can bomb the downs! can any other brand offer a better ride for the same price?

Best looking bike ever and best value I love the green version it is my favorite bike. Stick some Brendog vault pedals and a maxxis minion dhf on the bike and it would be even better

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The Contenders

11Spearfish - Salsa
12Elite - SGM

This bike is affordable compare to well known brand but quality wise this bike will level up with the best out there.

Durable, great design and affordable, more power sgm

Wise buy. durable, great design and two thumbs up

SGM elite World class Bike

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13Dakar Bam 1 - Jamis

Jamis Dakar Bam is the best downhill bike ever... Sturdy and beefy frame.. This bike I give 5 stars!

This bike is very strong and sturdy for downhill category... Amazing downhill bike forever!

Solid and stiffness... This bike is really good!

Powerful downhill bike... Awesome.

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14Arrow - SGM

I share my experience about my sgm arrow very affordable and friendly to use..

Durable, great design and affordable

15Cherry Bomb - Da Bomb

This Cherry Bomb bike is tasty and sweet, it is design to go up over the happiest of moments.

I like my super Cherry Bomb

16Parker - Jamis

This is very strong and aggressive bike to me.. love it!

Like this Parker... Strong and stiff... Good bike!

Jamis Parker is very aggressive and flickability... Best bike to me.

Vote to Parker... Awesome bike!

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17Dakar AMT - Jamis

I unrepentant buy this bicycle... It superb and very impressive. this bicycle is very strong and very solid in the frame. Jamis Dakar AMT 2014 is amazing for me! Thanks Jamis.

Yea... I'm agree... Dakar AMT is the best full suspension mountain bikes of 2014!

This bike is very fast and aggressive... Good bike from Jamis.. Like it!

Good full suspension bike for 2014... Worth it!

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18Pulse - Nukeproof

A class downhill Race Bike, amazing feeling.
Sam Hill's race bike!

19Hurricane - SGM

This is one of the best bike I use

This bike is one of the best

20Jekyll Carbon Black Inc - Cannondale

Expensive as parts are scarce. Overall best bike hands down. Climbs and turns like popeye on roids.

Best bike, light, lefty fork and ballistec carbon

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2. Tallboy - Santa Cruz
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