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1CharizardCharizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Charizard is really cool and when I was first introduced to pokemon he was the one I loved the most

Mega Charizard is cool, but charizard is just a flying orange lizard with anger issues.

If you think Charizard sucks, WOW you do know that his MEGA EVOLUTION DEAFETED MEWTWO, His Pokemon Ex card is not making this up the best dealing 300 damage and had defeated water Pokemon starters countless times, with charizard type advantage doesn't matter.

Stealth rock

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Swampert should be best overall starter. Water/ground is unbelievable typing. Only one weakness and it is 4x to grass. Teach him roar and scare away any grass enemies or defeat them with ice beam. Great physical attacker, plus STAB for earthquake is unbelievable. He also evolves from a mudkip which is a really cool starter. This dude NEEDS to be number 1!

He has one weakness. ONE. And he can learn Ice Beam to counter it, so you have that. On top of that, it has immunity to one type and is resistant to four. Plus, he's just gotten better now that he has a mega evolution. Oh yeah, and don't forget that he looks awesome and evolves from one of the cutest starter pokemon ever.

Okay Swampert is 1 adorable 2 Only one weakness? 3 Can defeat weakness easily with ice beam. 4 oops I mean 1 oops I meant NUMBER 1 POKEMON IN THE WHOLE GOD DAM WORLD

I love Swampert I have a level 100 mega swampert

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Come on! He's the world champion for 2011!

Cyndaquil is adorable, quilava looks boss and typhlosion is preety much the end of the world

My level 100 typhlosion KILLED all the johto gym leaders.he's the best

My favorite starter by far

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Emboar sucks SO BAD! Plus, another fire/fighting Pokemon. Not in my house! At least the other fire/fighting Pokemon are good and can kick ass. I mean, emboar lost to his pre evolution. He should definitely be lower!

Emboar is slow and ugly. He is pretty easy to kill as well. He should be last. Honestly I just want to cast emboar out of my mind

Are you serious, in just gen 5 starters in general, the other two are better in battle then this and the only thing I like about it is that I can have loads of bacon

Assault Vest or Choice Scarf. 'enough said.

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Oshawott was my starter and first Pokemon and was always reliable. After becoming a Samurott it never fails to impress me with it's strength and endurance. It is the formidable Pokemon after all

Can someone tell me how is bacon pig is at four?

After all the hate Oshawott got, it's nice he finally gets some respect as a Samurott. Plus, Oshawott is adorable.

It's a cute otter that turned into a ugly horse. How?

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My little bro has a level 80 Feraligatr and its so powerful! Man, vote Feraligatr up people, that water jet is crazy powerful and those strong legs... Feraligatr is boss man

Feraligatr is one of my favourite Pokemon and my favourite starter. Should be number 1

Sheer power and dragon dance are so broken

He's cute...enough said

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Tor terra is definitely one of the most powerful Pokemon in diamond. I beat all of my opponents until I reached the ice gym with just my tor terra!

Although the typing grass ground does make water ripe mover more effective it also makes fire weaker

It is a island it is ground type that can hit flying types and it looks beast

Really 7 you are all haters

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8BlazikenBlaziken, known in Japan as Bashāmo, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Mega Blaziken is one of the toughest fully evolved starters in the game. The original Fire/Fighting and the toughest one. Should easily be a top 5 with Greninja, they are the only two starters in the Uber tier for competitive battling.

I got a torchic and while it was level 3 it could take out level 9 pokemon in a few hits. I was not disappointed with any of torchic's evolutions. Blaziken should be higher up than 9.

I am a Blaziken fan. But I had originally picked Sceptile for my team. I got a third of the way through the game and was so dissapointed, I reset the game and picked Blaziken. Never let me down since. I love Blaziken and he is really powerful.

Why is Blaziken eighth? It is so good with speed boost and it is in uber format

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Fighting Fire, even though it's a recycled idea it's good typing


Badass Pokemon,he can beat any other pokemon the same level as him.Like really.Have an Infernape.Even in the anime he's badass as fk

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Blastoise should be higher up the list as it can learn amazing attacks

This guy's awesome. Too bad he lives in a region with such good Water-types. - KinglerMaster

Three words

My Favorite Pokemon

Blastoise should number 2

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?Mega Blaziken
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A level 100 Delphox is practically unstoppable. I have one. - RiverClanRocks

And again... not number one?! Seriously mine is 92 and I have never lost since.

I like the way she looks and is very strong

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His hold back move is GREAT at catching wild Pokemon. Should be at least in top ten.

Contrary to popular beLeaf. Haha contrary and leaf storm + high base speed. Pretty cute! It's on par with Sceptile in regards to coolness. Wait for the mega evolution, possibly Grass/Dark?

I don't know why serperior is this low. It should be at least 3rd place. Contrary + Leaf Storm + Other moves (Dragon Pulse/Hidden Power Fire/Giga Drain) is honestly overpowered as hell and is only countered by like...heatran. It sweeps pretty much everything else. I've 1HKOd a Charizard with this thing. - KinglerMaster

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Protein Greninja is unreal. Confuse your enemies by changing type and always hitting with STAB attacks. He is the fastest fully evolved starter so he will always attack first. He is also pretty badass looking... Should easily be top 5 in my opinion!

What! I'm the same person that complained about Emboar being in the top five. I love Greninja! Screw Emboar, Greninja should be in the top ten AT LEAST!

It is in uber with blaziken, it's hidden ability protein is kind of badass

Greninja should be the best pokemon!

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How is Chesnaught here? He's a beast! How is Typhlosion in no. 3? He sucks!

Chesnaught is easily the most powerful. He's really loyal and will use his own body to protect those that he loves. ❤ Chesnaught

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What the heck, Sceptile should be much higher. Grass as a whole is definitely weaker than Fire and Water, but Sceptile learns awesome moves and is one of the fastest grass types

It is the fastest grass type and the fastest dragon type ever. Also, high special attack.

Sceptile was too good for your votes.

Kidding or what, he defeated Darkrai!

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My Empoleon beats up my rival's Torterra every time! I just taught it drill peck and adios Torterra! My Empoleon beat the Electric gym by itself just using Surf. Water is definitely the best starter choice and Empoleon gets steel which gives it so much more resistance than the other starters. Empoleon is the best!

How the hell is empoleon here he should be in top I mean come on it's brave a good leader strong come on hydro cannon he's powerful charizard sucks

Get him at the top. My Empoleon is level 100 and he has never lost a battle with ever.

How on Earth is Empoleon this low on the list?! He is awesome! - Kevie16

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Defeated charizard and venusaur and the last

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Venusaur is very strong and should be ranked much higher than this

My first pokemon I ever had and my most beloved

Razor Leaf, Toxic, Leech Seed, and Earthquake. Solid movepool for venusaur

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Raichu is underrated, it can use hyper beam. If it learn quick attacks before evolving in Raichu, it can wreck PIkachu once got hyper beamed to the face by a Raichu. The only reason Pikachu has beaten Raichu is becuase it was slow. Raichu also has many advantages from evolving, like advanced hearing (which I just found out) and a longer tail.

Raichu deserves more recognition. Pikachu can die - KinglerMaster

Raichu isn't even a starter evolution!

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