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1 Turn On the Lights Turn On the Lights V 1 Comment
2 Permanant Scar Permanant Scar
3 Truth Gonna Hurt You Truth Gonna Hurt You
4 Tony Montana Tony Montana
5 Same Damn Time Same Damn Time
6 Neva End Neva End
7 You Deserve It You Deserve It
8 Low Life Low Life

Low Life was released out of nowhere and I will say this was a nice surprise from Future. The Weeknd slayed the hook and first verse, while Future killed the rest of the song. It's a great, entertaining, trap song with an eerie production from Metro Boomin. This shows what kind of brilliance Future can put out. - yaygiants16

V 1 Comment
9 Long Live the Pimp Long Live the Pimp
10 Magic Remix Magic Remix

The Newcomers

? Honest Honest V 1 Comment
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The Contenders

11 Where Ya At Where Ya At
12 Astronaut Chick Astronaut Chick
13 March Madness March Madness V 1 Comment
14 Digital Dash Digital Dash V 1 Comment
15 Jumpman Jumpman
16 Big Rings Big Rings
17 I Won I Won

This song has the best beat and is truly amazing.

18 S*** S***
19 How It Was How It Was
20 Rotation Rotation
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