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61WWE 2K14

It gonna be awesome

30 years of wrestlemania is gonna be awesome

Wwe is cooler than everything

Its awesome but I am waiting for 2k16

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62The Sims 3

Yay but why is sims so far back? And where is uncharted?!

One of the best games. Helps you prepare for real life.

63Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity is a amazing super cool game

64MLB 2K14
65Need for Speed: Rivals

This is the only Need for Speed title that is coming out in 2013. Whoever put Need for Speed: Shift 3 on this list must be a troll, since there is no such thing as Shift 3. There is only Shift and Shift 2: Unleashed. Most Wanted came out in 2012, so that is not a 2013 game. Please vote for this, as this will be a great game. No one will vote for this though, since people just play horrible games like Minecraft and FPS's.

I'm so excited for NFS: Rivals! I can't wait for the movie to come out either! March 2014, HURRY THE HECK UP!

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66Lego Star Wars 3
67Five Nights at Freddy's

It Did Not Come Out In 2013, It Came Out In 2014 - masoncarr2244

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68Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel
69The Cave

So far, 2013 has been a disappointing year filled with sequels and reboots that seem to be the same games in different settings. Bioshock Infinite's incredibly imaginative setting and addition of a sidekick/cutie was innovative, but contrastingly, it represented the year of replayed ideas. Luckily, the year is far from over and we should expect the new systems to bring new innovations. Dishonored probably wasn't the best game of the year, but the gameplay was incredible and accompanied by (not led with) an interesting Phillip K Dick dystopian story.

The story of Dishonored is just mindblowing, it is one of the few games who actually are able to touch the feelings of the player, and how your actions affects the world around you. A beautiful game.

The theme of this game is cool, and the gameplay is responsive and stealthy. Wonderful game.


SimCity is the best pc video game ever... It's very good... I waiting the sims 4...!

Awesome :D I really love it, there0s just something about it love it...

Yeah, SimCity 2013 may be a bad game, but is still pretty nice. Should be switched from 98 to somewhere in the top 30 or 40.

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72NBA Live 14
73MLB 14 The Show
74Killzone: Shadow Fall

43... R you kidding?... This is one of the games which has the best graphics in the world and a great story line... Should have been in the top 15

Easily should have been top 20s it had great graphics and seems to have a very interesting storyline

Best graphics I've seen on PS4! All you Battlefield 4 fans can go die because Killzone mauls Battlefield 4 when it comes to Graphics.

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Amazing, absolutely mind-bending game... Like nothing I've ever played before!

Also, this list begs the question: why are there so many games in the top ten that haven't even been released yet?


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76Game & WarioV1 Comment
77Disney's Planes

Best game ever I am 14 and still play it =)

Best Disney Channel movie of all time! 1

78Dragon's Crown

This is probably the best 2D arcade modern game until today, great combination between RPG and arcade games, settings in the middle age and fantasy kingdom...

79Dynasty Warriors 8

Dynasty Warriors 8 is a vastly under-appreciated game! It has gotten good reviews and brings some much needed change and spice to the series.


An amazing horror game with a great plot. Some may dislike the amount of jump scares but I think that it may need more. My favourite thing is it is the most realistic game with the fact that you can finally see you'r arms, body and feet. All together a stunning and beautiful game with an amazing storyline.

One of the most scariest game I have ever played

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