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21 Moshi Monsters

I love this game but you have to log in you need to have an email by the way hope you love it I am just about to try it out loving it all ready! yeah amazing

The one who says this is not good is a bum

Really fun doing those missions and all
should be in the top 10 at least
i like this game

This a weird web

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22 Not Doppler

I'm surprised this game wasn't in the top 5, its far superior in entertainment then any other website I've visited.

This should be number one. It has maybe not every game you could think of, but every TYPE of game you could think of, I have NEVER EVER gotten bored on that website whatsoever. I still play all my computer games there.

This should be way higher. At LEAST in the top 10. There are loads of games to play from pretty much every genre. I've used the site for years and I'm still finding new games to play!

This website should be up higher cause they update weekly and there's a bunch of awesome games.

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23 Hacked Arcade Games

This website puts in quite good hacks, so games you can't get past shouldn't be a probably

All of the games here have cheats so I like it like. Like the epic battle fantasy 1,2,3,4 or the gladiator 1,2,3,4 have cheats so I never lose mwah hahaaha!

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Build Your Own Dreams - A large, free create-and-play gaming community. Popular games includes Omega Mall, Icon Chatters, Jaydia's Realm, and more!


Quality flash game site. All the best games. - PeterJay

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26 My Happy

Best game in whole world all types of games available there girls, kids etc., full family can play all types of games. They keep everyday new types of game

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Good website to play car racing games. Like it.

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28 Kizi

This site is NOT for kids. It has violent games like kingdom rush that have blood, keep kids far away from this site!

Great games better than it seams

I've grown up with this website and its changed lots and now its quite good

This is a really fun game

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29 Animal Jam

Best game ever you need to play it now!

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30 iSketch Visit Website
31 Ninja Kiwi


Reasons: Created btd series, in my opinion, the reason it should be in #1, Created sas zombie assault series, etc, and other top quality games. truly a classic site!

Its nice and I love it if you want to check how is this go and see

Ninja kiwi is best! They made Bloons series!

Nice I play a lot in this site

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Play games, design your own avatar and virtual space, make friends, explore, chat, shop and create all in your own Whirled.


Lots of boring games must be only 8 games and then ask y8 games?

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34 One More Level

Never heard of it in my life please tell me if you know it

Me too I've never hear of it either

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Crazymonkeygames is so awesome. It has so much games and you just fell nostalgic.

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Awesome website! Really fun games and you just have to try this website out because when you do you wont want to stop playing glow monkey games.

Worst website ever, I clicked on all games and it only has like 20 games and I tried like about 7 games every single one was horrible

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37 Arcade Bomb Visit Website
38 Primary Games Visit Website
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40 AQWorlds Visit Website
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