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Wii? Ps3? Xbox 360? Maybe the N64? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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PlayStation 3
The best ever. The Internet is free. It has Blue-Ray. Better games. Has not a tray. Looks cooler. Made by Sony. It is the best ever. I can't wait till PS4. Go PS3!
This has to be the first and 'ill tell you why:
1. It has bluray player.
2. CD's are much stronger.
3. It doesn't heat up like the xbox.
4. It doesn't scratch the discs.
5. Better graphics, by a lot.
7. It has all built in when the x box you havge to buy the stuff. For example: PS3=$300 HDMI(if you want it)=$40 That's it $340 but the xbox... Console=$300 Internet Router=$100 Xbox Live= $80 Charge and Play kit= $80( and if not buy batteries for the rest of your life) Anyway its $660 tax =$712 And again the pS3 its just $340 and it has bluray, built in wifi, free PSN and any usb it charges the controller. Its just perfect.
8. Faster procesor, and disc reader is faster.
Yeah go ps3 Uncharted, inFamous, God of war, Resistance, Killzone, etc... Way better then Xbox 360!
[Newest]I like chicken nuggets
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2Xbox 360
I own both but I prefer my xbox... Hey! Love your console and don't diss the other
The only downfall of the xbox 360 is you have to buy your membership and ps3 doesn't call for that.
This console owns by far. You don't understand how good it is until you get it. Everybody I've asked who has a wii but not an xbox 360 but has played it says wiis better. But wii is boring, its aimed at little kids rather than teens who like to shoot stuff. I have a playstation 3 too. I prefer the xbox pads to the ps3 pads simply because, the triggers are better for shooters.

Overall, wii good for kids, xbox good for teens in need of a great shooter, ps3 average on both... Xbox 360 wins!


[Newest]I have a Xbox 360 and it has a good button layout and the case that covers the tray that comes out got ripped off but my Xbox 360 is still alive and the tray still works.

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3Nintendo 64
And thus commences the ultimate fanboy war.

I have owned a N64, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, Xbox360 and have frequently played on the other two leading consoles at friends houses.

The Xbox360 has a special place in my heart, same with the PS2. Both in my opinion, those companies finest hours. I have put hundreds of hours into both and adored both of them. Yes I prefer the 360 over the PS3, and only ever found Wii fun drunk with friends but they are still all great consoles, so before I talk about the N64 know that I hold no affiliation.

I got a N64 right after it was decomissioned by Nintendo and new games stopped being made. And whilst it still used defunct old cartrige systems (and battery saves... ew) along with a controller that at first just seemed plain silly it is almost impossable for anyone, paticularly someone of that generation or earlier to not fall in love with the console.

The libary of games was amazing. I haven't played all of the classics but my paticular favourites were:

> Zelda Majora's Mask (I liked it more than OOT, bite me)
> Super Mario 64 (The game blew me, along with everyone else away)
> Zelda Ocarina of Time (A truly great adventure game)
> Conkers Bad Fur Day (A little gem)
> Banjo Kazooie (Didn't like it as much as Mario 64, still great)
> Goldeneye (4 controllers, one sofa)

I think most of those games are completely unparalleled today not only in terms of raw play time and creativity, but raw fun. It seemed Nintendo and its partners hit that nail on the head.

I hold no biass, the N64 was great.
Brings back memories as a kid when I play a N64. So much fun the games are. And all I look for in a game is how fun it is to play not the graphics. So I would have a N64 over a PS3 Xbox 360 and Wii.

I am also so glad I grew up with the N64 because it was the best time for video games.

And some of the best times as a kid happen to me playing a N64.

I could go on all day about how awesome a N64 is but then I will probably be spamming.

007 Goldeneye I would play over Call of Duty anyday. Mario Kart 64 over Gran Turismo 5. Banjo-Kazooie over Halo.

I am going to end there but all the people who like Xbox 360/PS3 better are just kids who don't know what a true video game is.
Even with its small library of game N64 is the best console of all time. It was powerful, innovative, and boasts a very high quality to quantity ratio. Some of the best games of all time are on N64 such as both Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Star Fox 64, and Conker's Bad Fur Day. I could list a good 100 games that I consider to be amazing. And considering there were only 296 USA-released N64 games, that's over a third of the entire library. The controller was also very unique although the control stick broke quite easily. Overall it was quality over quantity when it came to this masterpiece of a system, and because of high production costs this system never achieved the acclaim it deserved, but it still has a huge cult following for its amazing games you couldn't find anywhere else.


[Newest]This is a legendary console!
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4PlayStation 2
Its not the oldest and certainly not the rarest, it is however the longest living console of all, even after the release of the PS3. It has enough games to keep you accupied for years (hell even average games are fun! ) and is litered with hidden gems to find own and play. Another stong point of this console is it simplicity. There is a moto that says that technology makes life easier, however as time goes by newer consoles seem to be implementing technologies that utilitise the internet which some times for the shake of preventing loss of profit make things incredibly complex. PS2 is the epitome of simplicity. Proper size and ease of use without online mumbo jumbo is the conslose strongpoint contrary to the belief that online conectivity and social features are best.

The only reson I chose PS2 over PC is because I do not think that PC belongs here in this voting. My vote was for a gaming console and not a PC. PC is still my primary gaming platform

Close behind PS2 comes PS1 for being my first ever console with many nostalgic moments and all gameboys though I never owned one until recently (with an advanced and advanced SP). You can't go wrong with a bazilion number of great games.
The best and most games! This is just a great console, that lasts a loong time!


It has so many GREAT games for it! Especially when playing football games. The gameplay is great and honestly the 360 and ps3's graphics can sometimes get too detailed in my opinion. Like when you look around and everything in the room in the game has all kinds of shadows on it, scratches, ETC. It's not necessary and it shouldn't decide which console is better. Especially when another console has better gameplay like the PS2.
[Newest]My dad has one


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5Nintendo Wii
This Consoles has a ton of classics you can find nowhere else, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Super Smash bros. Brawl, Mario Kart wii, donkey kong country returns, New super Mario bros wii, No More Heroes 1 and 2, and 2 of the greatest games of all time, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and The Legend of Zelda Skyward sword. It Popularized the motion controls while delivering Classic titles. It may not have the online or graphics of the PS3 or 360, but this Console Provides some of the best games you will ever play and provides ours of fun for both hardcore and casual gamers
Nintendo DS too! Hey, I don't want to sit on my arse all day shooting people's guts out! Nintendo's pretty much non-violent with the best games out there! GET ACTIVE! GET WII!
Quality of games over quantity of blood/gore.


OH MY GOSH I'm SICK OF PEOPLE SAYING Nintendo WENT DOWNHILL WITH THE 64! Sure, third party support started favoring the more powerful PlayStation, but first party, aka games that are actually Nintendo, never wavered. Ocarina of time is currently the second most critically acclaimed game of all time, only narrowly beaten out by super Mario galaxy. Look it up on gamerankings if you don't believe me. The Wii is the best because 1: The name is not stupid, although Revolution would have been a better name, and 2: it had such awesome games. Super Smash bros Brawl, the best Zelda game, Twilight Princess, and my favorite games, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Nintendo is declining in popularity for no reason but you no what the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (not put together) only sold 80 percent as well as the Wii! So yeah SUCK IT Nintendo HATERS!


[Newest]I Love this console! But whenever I try to find one to buy on a website it says the Wii u! I don't want the Wii u!

6Super Nintendo
Easily the best. Link to the past, mario world, super metroid, mario all stars, super castlevania IV, Donkey Kong Country and the dozens of th greatest RPGs ever. Man this console is legendary.

P. S: How much ignorance is there to have the ps3 and xbox 360 first? I mean they're great but not the best ever. And the PSP at number 9?! The psp is AWFUL. It has no games, sure it's well built but the games is where it matters. And why isn't the NES at least in the top 10. I mean come on. Y you SO IGNORANT INTERNET! Sorry, just needed that to subside...


The NES should be number one considering the impact it had on video games, but I would have to go with the SNES on this one because of the awesome games. I usually judge consoles by the quality of their games. No decent games=no decent console. The games for the SNES where the pinnacles of their franchise when they came out. Zelda, metroid, Castlevania, Megaman, Mario, and many other franchises saved some of their finest games for this console.
The best RPG's ever were released on the SNES. Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, A link to the Past, Earthbound and Super Metroid. Consoles are not about their hardware or their capabilities. What makes a console great is the games. What makes a game great is not the graphics... It's the submersion. The music, the stories, the characters... No console has ever engaged me like the SNES.
[Newest]One of the best game libraries of all time!

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7Nintendo Entertainment System
Sony consoles only make sports games,
Xboxs are ok, but kinda the same as sony,
And almost all new games suck!

But the amazing nes kicked every consoles ass back then, and it still kicks ass today.
Nintendo could have kept this console going and these 8 bit graphics would beat the heck out of the stupid shooters, repetitive zombies, and EXTRA repetitive sports.

This console revitalized the video game industry, introduced some classic game franchises (Super Mario Bros. , The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, exc. ), made a controller that would be the basic design of each controller since and had a strict licensing policy with third-party developers
Damn dude, I thought that this would be number one and its not even in the top Ten. This was the console that saved video games people... Though I do have to say that the NES has the most frustrating and difficult games that I have ever played, and I've played a lot of them. So far I have beaten Contra with the 30 lives cheat and that's it.
[Newest]One of THE best gaming consoles of all time.

Plus, it saved the video game industry.
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8PlayStation 1
Digimon world three an amazing game buy it and love it.


First of all, I like the N64 more than the PSone. But this isn't a list about favorite consoles, its about the best and most important consoles. The PS1 was singlehandedly responsible for the switch from cartridge-based to disc-based gaming. The Playstation also created, revolutionized, and reimagined many genres and franchises, such as Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Spyro, and Final Fantasy. Most important though, is that the PSone changed the culture of video games. Previously, video games had been a small niche market, where the average customers were kids and a few adolescents in America, Europe, and Japan. The Playstation was sucessful enough and had enough high-quality mature titles that it made videogaming a hobby to people of all ages, nation, and backgrounds.


The best game console ever. Oh yeah it's true because of ps1 the generation of games have been discovered. I still remember when I was small I use to play ps1 everyday 5 hours. Although I own a ps2 and psp but I still miss my those days when I was crazy for my ps1.
[Newest]This was EPIC in it's time

Certainly the greatest console, withTHE BEST controller. It features many great games: Super Mario Sunshine (Not as bad as everyone says) Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (My favorite RPG EVER better than Symphonia, Pokemon, and even Skyrim) Super Smash Bros. Melee (Best fighting game, makes Mortal Kombat look like a joke) Wind Waker and Twilight Princess (Two of the best adventure games) and Metroid Prime (Its amazing control scheme makes it, please don't kill me, better than call of duty. ) I also have a Wii, (It's not as bad as you think, you just need some good games) and a PS3. Most of my friends have an X-box 360, which I absolutely hats.
Definitely the best controller, great button layout and triggers, the second control stick isn't the typical "exact same as the other one" type, but it was also used differently for most games. In terms of games, they took many of the greats from the early 3D era, polished them so perfectly, and improved on the gameplay to the point that they are my favourite games. When I think of my favourite game from most Nintendo series, I look to the Gamecube releases. Nothing shows this better than the obsessive detailing that went into Melee. Yes Star Fox diminished, but I believe no other Zelda game fully grasps the sense of adventure on an epic scale than Wind Waker, with a much more compelling, personal storyline. Metroid was revived in spectacular fashion, Double Dash brought simple stats and differences to make the most in-depth character choices in Mario Kart (along with fantastic gameplay). F-Zero GX was more than solid, Sunshine was just joyous and fun, still felt like tight platforming. And one of my favourites, Donkey Kong Junglebeat, insanely simplistic yet rivetingly exciting and fun. There are more, but I will leave it there. Congrats, Nintendo.
Best console no argument
Had best games to go with it including Luigi mansion, super Mario bros melee, Mario party 4, 5, paper Mario 2, Mario cart double dash, super Mario sunshine, Kirby air ride, super monkey ball, sonic games, and you could keep on going
[Newest]Wasn't the best. But the Controller is the Best.
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10PlayStation 4
Its games has the best graphics than any other games
I like how people are already voting for this thing. Not to say that it's bad, just, why so soon? I'm sorry, but a good controller, impressive specs, and, like, two exclusives worth playing does not put this thing above, say, the DS or Dreamcast.
PlayStation is the best and the best design thank you Sony
[Newest]PlayStation 4 is the

The Contenders

11Sega Dreamcast
no other console was as innovative and fun as the dreamcast.
nothing new has happened in the gaming world since the dreamcast, only ideas being copied of of it.
Ahead of its time, it was the first console to have full internet access, online play and the first and only home console to have a screen in the memeory stick which is also in the controller, truly the masterpiece of videogame home consoles
Tied with the GameCube for being the two most underappreciated and overlooked consoles of all time.
[Newest]Great, fun little console. Second best in my opinion.

12Nintendo DS
The DS could play some of our fave pokemon games! So who wouldn't like it right? And it's portable it has really good graphics and yeah ;) but I still think it doesn't match up with all the other consoles that aren't portable like the PS3, Nintendo 64 or even the XBOX 360 -. - who would think a portable game console would match up with something like that?

This goes first for the clash of the portable game consoles for me ;) :D
Worth mentioning, A handheld console, it has fun games (the brain games series where and are still unique, creative, and fun learning).
It also had some of the best Castlevania titles out there, a true masterpiece free of "gimmicks" such as the 3DS, in a era where it was more important to make the games good, than making them graphically superior or give in to said gimmicks. Contra 4 was fantastic and that is only the tip of the iceberg, this console is not the best, but certainly one of the very best ones.
It was a toss up between SNES and DS but DS won for its portability. Really solid game library. Not a lot of remakes (too many was GBA's downfall I think) and just an overall spectacular gaming system!
[Newest]Loved the console, made number six on my list. The best handheld console definitely, narrowly beating out the GBA.

13Nintendo 3DS
I have one and its the best thing in the world it should be the the best portable game system in the world but I also think it should be number 1 in the list if you vote you will be a lucky lucky person.
3DS is very cool, to be honest. I have one myself, and I love the great features it has. Like, the being able to surf the internet. Or download like, Netflix for free, and other awesome stuff
Of nintendo handhelds this is the best, nes classics, ds because 3ds games whats not to like why does anybody like the vita which has no games the vita is good... But is horrible in comparison too this
[Newest]Awesome because of Pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire

14Sega Genesis
Simply the best gaming console ever. Simplicity is the key! Simple controls but great gameplay on lots of games.

I'll never forget (and still play) classics like the Sonic series, Streets of Rage 2 3, Story of Thor, Wonderboy in Monsterworld, Soleil, Landstalker, Comix Zone... And the list goes on and on. Number 1 for sure!
A Sega masterpiece, great library of games like Mortal Kombat or Golden Axe and has a charm that will never be forgotten
greatest console ever. Introduced Sonic.
[Newest]Don't know if it's better than the SNES, but it's great!

it's PORTABLE, it has better graphic then anyother portable devices, it has a wide bigger screen, and of course it has UMD, on a ps3 you can put music videos, games, and music on the ps3, you can prlly pull it out, during class time or in detention, or even at grannys house when there's nothing to do LOL!, the device has also sold over 68 million units as of January 2011, the screen is NOT small like the nintendo ds... it DOESN'T need a touch screen... the graphic looks MORE REAListic (however you spell it), you can play LOTS of the Playstion 2/3 games on this LITTLE device... you can go ANYWHERE with this, it's like an mp3 player a playstation 2, and a picture veiwer all in ONE, ALSO the internet on here is GREAT, sometimes this year, you can WATCH youtube on here, it's prlly going to happen at the end of the year, I personaly think this is better than ANY OTHER DEVICE, juss keep buying ALOT of games, buy a REALLY good memory card, those PSP go's are POINTLESS, they KINDA suck.. there good.. but not better than this Game device ;), TRY to think of a device that has a BIGGER screen than this... yeah NOTHING... PLAYSTATION PORTABLE - 3000, YOU ROCK!


This is totally is probably the 3rd best or even second best AT LEAST because guys come on the wii is horrible! And the nintendo 64 for is so OLD and boring. Which no one has. Plus, the Psp is a great handheld with very inexpensive games in Eb games. Which are still REALLY good. Like Rachet and clank : size matters. Also, PSP includes violent and Non violent gamings. So almost any age can play it. And lets face it, I bought a PSP for only $160, which included a memory stick for 8gb and 2 games!

My bro wanted a wii so bad and when he got it, he hated it for all the glitches and bad quality. SO great job SONY on this console, I truly support your work on this one! Also Sony has great graphics also well maintained on the PSP!
psp is just awesome and is the best gadget I ever had. its portable with cool graphics and games like god of war ghost of sparta.
[Newest]It's the best gaming console in the world

16Nintendo Wii U
It's should be number 3
I don't know why people hate this system so much. It a great system.
I am not a Fanboy of nintendo, but it should be it the top ten of the list.
[Newest]This is should at least be behind the 360.
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What why is this so low the xbox is like the most badass game console in the 6th generation I mean xbox live the best online to date but way better than xbo60 not only that but they had halo 1 and 2, a game that every sony or nintendo fanboy that really wanted to see or play this game
Really fun and original remember getting it when I was younger at christmas and screamed
Best console of all time by a mile. Would rather play Halo 2 and even 1 instead of any game since then.

[Newest]This console is UGLY

18GameBoy Advance
My fondest memories are of the game boy advance and I spent hours playing this and couldn't put it down when I first got it such a brilliant console.
Vast Catalog spanning all eras & genres - robust & portable - this is my No1! Beauty!
I personally get more enjoyment out of playing this incredible portable console than most home consoles it is simply awesome.
[Newest]My first game console

19PlayStation Vita
No other console is better than this. Its the best. Its so awesome to use it. Whenever any person starts using it he'll get addicted to it. The games are much awesome than any other gaming console. With the help of this thing people can meet new friends.
Vita is amazing! I got one december 2012 and I have been playing it constantly ever since (thanks to fifa aha) it has mad graphics and even though only having like 10 games most are amazing I've got fifa 13 most wanted uncharted and call of duty 3 which I hardly play because I got it bought by someone who thought I liked action uncharteds grphics are so good I would spend about 10 whole monutes staring at them. It also has internet, music, pictures, video and lots more. Vote for vita (y):D
I got my vita, April, 30, 2014. And I been playing it ever since. I like Call of Duty Declassified and FIFA 14 the best. Please be sure to get the PlayStation Vita it's a awesome gaming system. Heres some suggestions for games. Modnation, Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified, Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, Batam Arkham Origins Blackgate, Lego Marvel, Lego Chima, Lego Movie, Rayman Legends and Origins, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time and Collection, FIFA 11 and 12 and 13 and 14, MLB 11 and 12 and 13 and 14 The Show, Angry Birds, Smart As... , Little Deviants, God of War, Assasins Creed 1 and 2 and 3 Liberation, Resistence Burning Skies. Please tell me if I mist any games, hope this list of games help.
[Newest]Only a big fat loser would have this crap

20Game Boy
I like this game very much especially punch king

21Atari 2600
I still play my Atari 2600 now and I've had it since 1982 I think it was. Maybe slightly later by a year :D

Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Commodore C64 are also 2 I still have and they both work. Atari's are the best by far in my honest opinion
If it wasn't for Atari we wouldn't be where we are today
Atari the loved name of the 80s the era where there is no internet and it has a good library of games and charm that will never be compared with
[Newest]I have this and it is super fun

22Nintendo DSi XL
How come this is at no.19. This should at least be in the top ten.
You can see all your favorite games on a bigger and better screen!
Uh what is a Nintendo dsi xl?

23Gameboy SP
My very first console. It was the smallest and lightest one I ever had.
With Pokemon Sapphire and a bunch of other games, it was epic!
My first console so many fond memories playing gems like Donkey Kong Country and Mario Kart: Super Circuit. Holds a special place in my heart.
It was my first console I still have and second overall. My original was a gba but I gave it to my cousins. I love how you can play original gameboy games on it. Pokemon red!
[Newest]Did you mean... Game Boy Advance SP?

24Nintendo DSi
I know its a from of ds but I just felt it should have its own category


a very fun hand held system!
Why is this here? Dsi sucks and dumb console from Nintendo and people should hate it. NO GBA what!? Please take this out of the list

25Xbox One
Brilliant console. Everything about this console is brilliant, particularly the new controller which is literally perfect for a controller and sits perfectly in the hands. From its very first year, the Xbox One has had fantastic games, and it has a lot of potential to grow like the 360 did. The console's power is shown when making downloads, which it does literally over 10x faster than the 360 does. And those graphics are sublime, truly beautiful, so much so that I'll stop playing from time to time just to observe the graphics of the environments, which often gets you killed on the multiplayer of Call of Duty:Ghosts, which DOES have brilliant graphics on the Xbox One, despite that whole 720p fiasco.

People keep saying the Xbox One is "rubbish" and that the "PS4 is better", but to those people I say "get a life". Because if all you do with your life is talk bad about the opposition because you're a Sony fanboy/fangirl, then I have no time for you. Lets face it, both the PS4 and Xbox One are brilliant consoles, and the Xbox One would likely be as popular as the PS4 if it weren't for two things: the Xbox Ones price, and how Microsoft pitched the console badly when it was revealed (BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THE CONSOLE IS BAD, IT JUST MEANS THE PITCH IS BAD). Seriously, I have friends at sixth form who keep making jokes about the Xbox One being "sh**", but it is brilliant, and they don't even have the PS4 anyway, they have PS3s which are like 6x or 7x less powerful than my Xbox One, so please... All of you just grow up. If you don't have anything positive to say about these consoles, then don't say anything at all. At the end of the day, opposition makes both Microsoft and Sony better, and there are also different factors that make the Xbox One and PS4 better than each other.


Xbox One's creators actually put their mines together and created some goddess console, unlike ps4's they just through ideas at each other. Xbox 360's controllers fit into your hands perfectly, and now Xbox One's controllers are more improved, dual shock in the triggers etc. Ps3's controllers are too small and stuff out much more easily (that line PS gamers have even got to agree with me). PS has a lot more hackers. The whole lay-up on the ps3 was complete s***, and then there was the whole corrupt situation of restoring all game data (don't happen with Xbox)(One of the top commenters on the ps3) Better graphics by far? Bull the main menu on the Xbox 360 has nice clean crisp images, bright and clear, Ps3's has no life to it! Leaves questions what's the ps4 to be like? The best things about ps3 was that it was free for online usage and that it had blue ray.

Xbox One was built by gamers, for gamers. The perfect balance of power and performance, Xbox One takes gaming to a whole new level. Stunning realism. Advanced AI that adapts to the way you play. And a new generation of multiplayer that is both smarter and faster. Xbox One is simply the best gaming console we’ve ever made.

Does not deserve as much hate as it is getting. Definitely a great system, none the less brilliant than it's predecessor, the Xbox 360. The graphics on this system are simply beautiful. It's not a system where you buy ten games in one day. You want to take your time to thoroughly enjoy one game on it, before buying or playing the next. Titanfall was brilliant. Although it lacked a story and extra game modes (such as Call of Duty's zombies and special ops) the graphics were amazing, and the game itself was fun. A good way to kill time. My personal favorite on the console was Dead Rising 3 (an exclusive to the system until the steam release was announced much after the Xbox One release). This game was just brilliant. I could play it for hours just slaying the undead. I loved it, and cannot wait for the Grand Theft Auto V Xbox One edition and am also very excited about Battlefront, and I hope to own Thief one of these days as well.
[Newest]Best console in the universe!

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26Neo Geo
A classic masterpiece of SNK and of course the 90s style games that are for the Neo Geo


27Magnavox Odyssey
Not terribly fun, but it should at least be recognized for what it is: the speak that started the fire we now know as home video games.
It actually isn't really that good anymore and it only has about 12 games, but it was the first home console, so it deserves a spot on this list!
Come on it's the original
[Newest]Brown box was the first, idiots.

28Wii U
The wii you is hands down the worst console I have ever owned. No games, graphics that were 8 years behind, GODAWFUL controller (the battery charge is like, ten minutes). I got so tired of it after six months of ownership, I switched back to good and faithful PlayStation and got a ps4 which is FANTASTIC. Its not the worst thing to come out of Nintendon't's nose, but it is headed down the Virtual boy's path.

29Sega Saturn
Like the Sega Genesis it has good library of games and a good controller
Love it because of games like sega rally or tomb raider
It had some good games, but it sucked...

30PSP go
Best console, is more expensive than ps3, you can buy some av cable and you have ps3

Gross it a wii

32GameBoy Color
Home to the Pokemon series. Pokemon Gold/Crystal... Need I say more?
Pokemon for the win!
Great games like Pokemon

33Mattel Intellivision
Not as good as the 2600, but it did have better graphics and better sports games!

It's the next big thing, its a console the size of a rubix cube and has good performance for its size, the ouya is going to be a console ran by android and is the perfect tool for those who just want to mess around with the tech inside, for its made to be opened and modified

35Sega Master System
Loved Alex the kid built in game and of course sonic, got this after my spectrum so this console seemed amazing at the time, loved it.
My first console which will always have a special place in my heart. Many hours of fun playing built-in Alex the Kidd.

36Kindle Fire HD

37Amiga CD32
Amiga CD32 was the best and forever the greatest Commodore Amiga family consoles


Good console, bad games.

38TurboGrafx 16
This thing truly held it's own against the Mega Drive, but Sega won for me in the end. Still a cool little beast is the TurboGrafx 16.

39Game Boy Micro
The micro is a work of genius. Bright, clear screen that's far better than the previous models despite being smaller, elegant design, 8 hour battery life, detachable face plate, and some of the best games on any handheld: Fire Emblem 1&2, Advance Wars 1&2, FFVI, Zelda Minish Cap ( my fave Zelda game), Sword of Mana. This console does everything right and doesn't promise anything it can't deliver. I have 3 of them but don't tell my wife!

40Home Pong

41Turbo Duo


43Galaxy Invader 1000

44Bally Astrocade

45Atari XEGS

46Sinclair Spectrum

47Neo Geo Pocket
It doesn't have to follow you, you'll take it yourself


Certainly an awesome collector's item.

50Sega Game Gear


Dude are you serious dis is like

It was a space taco. Seriously, why is it on here?

54Master System
The master of all things!

55Pop Station/PCP Station
This is probably the best console there ever is, it has amazing games such as "Super Maria" "Flight master" "plane flyer" "Captain Jet" "Street Fighter" "Street King" "Master Fighter of Street" "King of Street Fighters", and other incredible games that are essentially the same, except better because... BECAUSEEE!



58Nintendo DS Lite
I have one. I don't like it. I don't love it. It's more than that.

59Apple Bandai Pippin
I always wondered why people hated it so much.

60RCA Studio 2
The reason it's 2 is because the prototype was the studio 1 crappy controls what are you thinking people a number pad!? At least it was the second console to use interchangeable consoles it blocky black+white graphics to small game library led to quick failure

61Atari 2600 JR
Sometimes you gotta get to the roots
I herd this console really sucks

62Fairchild Channel F
The first console to use rom cartridges like atari 2600
Don't know why but I like it!



65Neo Geo CD


67Nintendo 2DS

68Sega 32X
I love this console this console is extremely underrated the only thing I hate is it has its own power supply love you forever sega 32x!

69Kindle Fire
It was a ok system. Nothing a amazing.

70Commodore 64
I loved there games when I was a kid, and you know what? I still play with it. I know how people always say old classics suck, but this one is a totally differnet story
Games came first and homework second. Lords of midnight best game ever
This console is so bad

71Sega CD


73Steam Box

74Nokia N-Gage
Meant to be a phone and a game console it did both HORRIBLE at least ther is sidetalkin'

Great system. Better graphics than 2600 and inellivision.


The early age of 3D gaming where imagination still ruled game design (Killing Time anyone? ) and anything was possible. Modern games can be so boring...
Even though it's a commercial failure but the 3DO manage to be on the list for the result of 3d games, good library of games and great controller but it has some flaws like its expensive price and its hard to find a working 3DO but it has an charm that you need to know
If you look past its millions of failures, this thing might become your PS2.

I don't think it's the worst because AVGN said so. It's truly THAT BAD.
More bad than the VB


This is the Worst Game Console Ever!
Not Kidding, AVGN Reviewed it and he said it's the worst.

79Atari Lynx
One that has been forgotten. Still go back to play sometimes. First true color backlit handheld.

80Atari Jaguar
Actually, no. The Atari Jaguar is one of the worst consoles EVER. The controller looked like a piece of controls from an airplane. Second, the graphics sucked. And so did the game. Why is this piece of crap on here?


This is the first 64 bit system and was great and deserves to be high in this list!

81Virtual Boy
Laugh out loud, at the bottom of the list. I hate the VB, more then Justin Bieber. This must have more hate then him!
Warning: it may cause headache after 5 minutes of play.
I'm going backwards on the list now!
[Newest]I will shun whoever votes for this

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