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81Atari Flashback
83Game Boy Mini
84Nintendo NX

This thing isn't out yet dumbass!

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86New Nintendo 3DS

It's the same as ds but 3d to be honest only the new XL is worth it -tcplay

Here are the differences;
You can now view 3D content from every side! The new buttons are the C-Stick, and the ZL and ZR buttons! It's still backwards compatible with the aging 12 year old DS hardware! The CPU is stronger, and the battery life is better! The game slot has been relocated to the base. The camera has even better 1080p quality! It even now has built-in Amiibo and NFC support! Nintendo is the best!

87Lexibook Cyber Console Center

I think this is the best because it use to cost 39.23 dollars but I got it for 2.00 dollars.

88Wii Mini
90Galaxy Invader 1000
91Neo Geo CD

Very underrated not perfect but worth a try

93Atari Home Pong

Even though it's just 2 lines and a ball. - noo7na7

94Nintendo 2DS

2ds is awesome I don't no why its number 91

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95Commodore 64

Games came first and homework second. Lords of midnight best game ever

I loved there games when I was a kid, and you know what? I still play with it. I know how people always say old classics suck, but this one is a totally differnet story

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96Sega CD

Not a game console. The Sega CD is actually a CD add-on to the Sega Genesis with full-motion video, higher-quality sound, and sharper sprites.

I own a sega cd and to be honest most of you people only have it on the lists because of avgn and some of you haven't even played the games sure the fmv ones are cheesy and boring this add on doesn't really show off anything new except video and better sound but some games are actually good like silpheed robo aleste snatcher sonic cd earthworm jim the best port of final fight terminator


A blurry, nauseating monochrome display that you have to shut one eye to see, plus a terrible library of games, a lackluster controller, awful sound capabilities, and no ability to save game progress? Wow! Sounds like an awesome system, all right!

Worse than the Virtual Boy. 'enough said.

I don't think it's the worst because AVGN said so. It's truly THAT BAD.

Worst console ever - jwaughtal

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99Steam Box
100Nokia N-Gage

Meant to be a phone and a game console it did both HORRIBLE at least ther is sidetalkin'

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Xbox 360 is good, but is pretty bad compared to PS3
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