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21 Heavy Metal Universe Heavy Metal Universe

Not only one of the best metal lyrics, but also one of the greatest metal songs!

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22 Lake of Tears Lake of Tears
23 Empress Empress
24 Insurrection Insurrection V 2 Comments
25 Gods of Deliverance Gods of Deliverance
26 Farewell Farewell
27 Heaven Can Wait Heaven Can Wait

I see this song as a Gamma Ray classic. Awesome song from their very first album, 4th best after Rebellion, Tyranny and Revelation in my opinion - BeeBlue

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28 Avalon Avalon
29 To the Metal To the Metal
30 Damn the Machine Damn the Machine
31 Rich & Famous Rich & Famous
32 The Silence The Silence

One of the best slow songs of all time.
Amzing song from heading from tomorrow
(Also singed by brad cheapers)
Even if you don't like slow songs you will like
This one.

33 Leaving Hell Leaving Hell

Underrated song from underrated album - Maclammy

34 Hold Your Ground Hold Your Ground V 1 Comment
35 Fairytale Fairytale

One of the purest songs! This is Gamma Ray!

36 Induction Induction
37 Strangers In the Night

I don't believe it was not in the list. This song is just the most perfect song of Gamma Ray and one of the very best in power metal. Hail from France to the true best! Metal will never die!

38 Eagle Eagle
39 A While in Dreamland A While in Dreamland

A beautiful ballad. It really will make you travel...

40 Afterlife Afterlife
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1. Rebellion in Dreamland
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