The Best Gangsta Rappers


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The Top Ten

Tupac is the G.O.A.T. even though he is not the best lyrically he's up there. He died at age 25 and made an incredible impact on African Americans in general. Not to mention he sold so many albums after his death and he is the definition of Rap music. R.I. P PAC
Tupac is the best gangster rapper, he was a real gangster, he is the worlds greatest gangster rapper and he will live on. If he was still alive lil wayne would be sweeping up the toilets in burger king. Tupac was shot dead in September the 13th 1996 at the age of 25. Tupac shakur lived by the gun and died by the gun. R.I. P = Rap Is Pac! R.I. P 2pac!
He was really good and will most definitely be missed but he was not a real gangster and if you don't agree tell me what gang he was in
Tupac is a real gangster rapper. What is Lil Wayne doing here in the Top Tens? Wayne's songs are whiney and tiresome. Tupac's CDs kept coming after death and his songs are still admired today.
[Newest]He is a real gangsta rapper and I confirmed it after his album "Live My Life"
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The Realest In The History Of Rap
The realest and you can ask many people... COMPTON 4LIFE
Since he is the only one on this list who may have been a gangster, he must be the greatest gangster rapper. Looking at some of the people in this list, they are confused between rapper and gangster rapper. Tell me one gangster song by Eminem, Gucci Mane or Kanye West.
When we talk about Gangsta Rap - We talk about Eazy-E.
No wonder people call him "The Father of Gangsta Rap".
[Newest]Easy E is the great gangstar rap of all time. He is the father of all gangstar rapper. Black killa
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3Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls and Tupac should be on the top of this list brooklyn to the fullest. Notorious B. I. G had a real rap sheet not like these industry made rap sheets like lil wayne and T. I
They don't call him the Notorious B.I. G for nothing. The most gangster rapper in the world. No doubt!
Why is eminem in the list he's one of the best rappers ever but he's not a gangster biggie is a gangster and should be number 1 no doubt then number 2 should be snoop then PAC, tupac wasn't the best rapper as everyone keeps saying he is he's the realist with his lyrics but his flow is nothing compared to biggie snoop and even big L
[Newest]Biggie is simply the best, his flow is out of this world. He should be #1 and Tupac, who's a great rapper too, in second place.

Eminem is no gangster never claimed to be a gangster never lived a life of a gangster ans never even lived on the streets to be a gangster. Suburbans don't know what a gangster is so they think eminem is. Eminem might try to act like he was a gangster but he's not. He doesn't even deserve to be on this list or any other list but best white rapper. Whites need to stop trying to pick the white rapper for every list especially one he doesn't belong on. HE IS NOT A GANGSTER. Never even experienced it.
Everything he says turns into a beast song... Every song he features in he surpasses the artist.. He came from a tough life... And he's songs are real and come from the heart especially when tragic events happen in his life he will use it to his advantage... Plus he can change styles easily he freestyles good but his 2010 stuff sucked but now that he's back with some of d12 his old self is coming out
Eminem owns. He's the best white rapper. All songs become awesome and emotional. Also he raps about his life. Nothing like the fake gangster lil wayne who wears skinny jeans. Em rules the gangster kingdom
[Newest]He's the best rapper, but he's not gangsta! Leave that to Ice Cube, Biggie, and Pac.
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5Ice Cube
What the f is this.. Everyone knows who owns gangster rap! Its not even a discussion... West coast king cube!
This dude is above easy e, HE WROTE EAZY E'S DAMN LYRICS! In terms of gangsta rapper I think he is above tupac, just the greatest gangsta rapper ever. Listen to death certificate and amerikas most wanted! You will understand. Shout out to scarface, he should be third. Then comes tupac and the rest of NWA.
No one got better gangster rap songs than ice cube!

Even though he isn't the best rapper he is by far the best gangsta rapper
[Newest]He is simply the best gangster rapper. His look says it all!

how do you get more gangster than 50 cent? he came from nothing to a near billionaire because his tough ass never gives up and does what needs to be done. he grew up with no mom or dad. his intelligence gave him the ability to run the crack business in the streets. he was hired by drug lords and pimps for protection because he "wasnt afraid to pull a pistol" he was shot 9 times and has been stabbed twice. he has been jumped countless times since his childhood. he came into the rap game challenging and speaking his mind about any rapper. and every rapper who has challenged him back has had their career ended. this man has been thru so much and still walks around with a smile on his face making hit records. he's a gangster
He is one of the top five gangster artists, Here's the real list for all you people who danoe : Tupac, Biggie, 50 Cent, The Game, Eminem - Top Five artists no real order but they are the five dons. Anyone else chatting about other gangster rap is chatting out they asscrack.
Real gangsta voice, gangsta tunes, gangsta lyrics... Total thug... Total gangsta... Fitty's the best gangstas out there.
[Newest]He's been through loads and is the best

7Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg is probably the most acclaimed rapper of today, he bases all of his songs on Gangster.

His entire style is based on Gangster. Thats just Snoop Dogg's style of rapping. and you gotta give it to him. He has really made a name for himself too.


SNOOP DOGG FOR LIFE HE ROCK I LOVE HIM. He is a slow rapper but his rhymes are 1000 percent free style not written freestyle all his songs. He should be number 3.
Snoops smoothness, funk and lyrics sum up to something better than the rest. "I promise I smoke chronic til the day that I die. " Doggystyle is hard to beat for a single CD.
[Newest]Snoop was a real gangster back then, and today we are not able to recognize him.

This guy continues gangsta rap into modern timess
Game goes HAM on every album. Always proving he is on top. Risked his career following what he believed in, going at 50 Cent. Stop Snitchin' Stop Lyin is the rawest mixtape of all time. And still made it without Dre. And lets not forget "Soldier" - "... I'm still breathin', I ain't dead, next time you try to kill me put one in my head! "
This dude is the face of modern west coast rap! Nobody knows hip hop better than him! he has studied rap as if it was a degree! He has improved tremendously since he first started. Hes got the perfect attitude and personality of a rapper: pure gangster! He is so versatile and I honestly think he is if not the best, at least one of the best rappers in the game atm (even though he is sorta under rated internationally)
[Newest]You want relativity and realisms listen to this man for real.

9Dr. Dre
Probably the most influential rap song writer and producer ever. The style created by the doctor was the touchstone of gangsta rap, setting the tone for generations to come. RESPECT TO DRE!
Dr. Dre is the best rap and hip hop producer ever!
Dre was making the good rap when rap was good, and he's still making good music. Plus, his beats are featured on raps by most the rappers above.
[Newest]Eminem isn't gangster so dre respect the Dr.

No one is better than NAS! No other rapper has a flow of his quality with any beat in any song he has! His lyrics are the best no doubt and if you have got doubt then you anit listening to his song! Nas is the sickest stillmatic Illmatic two of the best rap albums of all time!
He is lyrically talented he is the king of new york with out him the rap game. Wouldve not Been as good as it is today
One of the greatest rappers alive, let along gangsta rap. He definitely should be number one on the list.
[Newest]In my opinion nas is the best

The Contenders

He's the best hardcore rapper of all time and he's definitely in the top 5 best gangsta rappers. He should also be in the top 10 best rappers of all tim
For some that's been addicted to crack from his teens, I must admit his something special to keep his physical and mental appearance throughout the years although you can see the drugs evil doing on him now in 2014 as recent as July. Imagine how great he would of been if he wernt on class A drugs... People judge and quick to knock him and a lot of that has to do with the newer generations seeing him the way he is now and not back before in his prime. Easily without any doubt he could have been one of the most powerful/significant figures in hip hop and along with Tupac.
Dmx is the most hardcore rapper the world will ever see dah mun shell down many men already men even Eminem
[Newest]His delivery is the best of the best.

12Big L
Such a good voice, such good flow, and such good lyrics. His instrumentals are good and his lyrics are dope and smart. Notthin much can match the graveyard by Big L for me
One of the Best lyrical rappers of all time.R.I.P. big L
Had the best punchlines ever and still rapped about the hood. Best ever. Period.
[Newest]One of the best lyricists to walk on this earth and his punchlines were like no other. Insane flow and undoubtedly one of the freestyle kings. RIP Big L

This website doesn't know rap, Scarface should be on the top 3, instead you have Eminem on there, granted he is lyrical but he's not gangsta, he doesn't know anything about selling, the only thing close is that guy was a fiend because he was a pill popper, this website needs to learn what a gangsta rapper really is and not just put stuff up to gain traffic.
Great Gangsta Storyteller Great Lyrics Great Flow and Delivery


Many rappers talk about life on the corner. Few delve deeper than the pseudo-glam of pumpin a 9 into a jacker. Fewer still can convey the pain that that life leads to. Only one can do it so well you feel like its happening right in front of you... That you're the one doing it. Only one can do it so well you forget that it's a song because the images and feelings are so vivid that the lyrics suck you in... That man is Scarface. Sure, Rakim and Biggie had better flows, G Rap had more rhymes, KRS had more presence.. But as far as straight gangsterism, and everything that came wwith it--the gpaingood, the bad, and the downright tragic and heartwrenching--its Scarface. No contest.

Eminem is my number 1 lyricist of all time but I been listening to spm before em even had his first 1st album out. But spm is a awesome lyricist, he's not quite eminem but if eminem is a 10 then spm is about a 7.5-8 easy. He gets down... Ok, enough about comparing them. Spm is more gangster rap, some funny stuff when they free style when they're high. I think be would beat most main stream rappers in a real free style.
Realest Latino rapper, born a hustla, raised a G. The definition of a Street Poet. SPM was raised in South Park, SE Houston. Speaks of stories from being raised by mother who could barelly afford to buy herself clothes just so she could clothe and feed her children, to slanging Dope, gettin shot at, and working The Night shift. He is currently serving a 45year sentence after being convicted without evidence. Accused of touching a young girl, the daughter of a woman who blackmailed him asking for money, which is %100 unlikely since he could be bustin nuts w/ every ho in the club iif he wanted. SPM H-Town LEGEND, poet, Hillwood hustla, G and player
He's a good Rapper Has style and Lyrics are good one of my favorite rappers in the world

15Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Bone thugs at number 32? Is everyone idiots? Listen to the first to bone albums and tell me they ain't gangster as hell. I'm disappointed in everyone here. 5 words, CREEPIN ON AH COME UP
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has made multiple tracks that are inspirational and just good to listen too.
Very original for their time lyrical geniuses!
[Newest]Krayzie Bone is the Best Rapper for me

16Ice T
Ice T is the greatest gangsta rapper ever. People need to go back and listen to his old albums. He made at least five classic gangsta rap albums, with about 15 to 20 tracks on each album, with lyrics that expressed intelligent street knowledge as well as raw street gangster tales. AT LEAST FIVE CLASSIC ALBUMS, maybe more. Ice T is to the gangster rap genre what Clint Eastwood is to the western movie.
The only gangster rappers who even start to compare to Ice T are Ice Cube (who was more political/militant than gangster at his peak) and possibly Scarface.
How the Hell you┬'re can forget THe Greatest Gangsta Rapper ever, He made this genre he started gangsta rap. 1982 where the most from the list where little kids, c mon the O G is nr 2 at least, because pac is nr 1
Ice T is the original gangsta. He started it in the early 80's I think that puts him in the top 3. His lyrics are pure gangsta
[Newest]The Tower, loved it so much when I was a teen

17Spice 1
Spice-1 is the giggity giggity gangsta. He's been putting down since 91 reps gangsta rap to the fullest and in my opinion at least top five for sure he got more gangsta in his pinky than 90% of these other dudes. His lyrical flow is way out the box and in 91 he was so ahead of his time that he'd clown any current rapper nowadays
Spice is the most hardcore rapper ever, this website is wack, you guys don't know gangsta rap. Eminem is sold out, number 3? You guys need to get your ears checked.
Spice 1 needs to be up more on this list definitely
[Newest]When I heard "Born to Die" on tales from the hood I was blown away, and immediately learned how gangsta Spice 1 was.

18MC Ren
He should be in the top 5 because he never got the attention like the rest in N.W. A excluding yella people don't appreciate his music.
MC Ren is one of the greatest. He is still spitting gangsta rap to this day! Not like the other fakes on this list that found god and don't do that anymore. MC Ren is true to himself and the fans!
MC Ren should at least be top 5. Him and Ice Cube wrote all the NWA lyrics and when Cube left he was the only true rapper left in the group.

He is my friend from high school we are in the gang

20Method Man
Method man is underground and theey said no underground rapper wa sin a gang.

21Ja Rule
Should be in the top 10 because Ja is always keeping it real and he never changed over the years and most of his raps are about real life and street life, and he just doesn't spit random words like most modern day rappers, and his songs have meaning behind them, and he has his own label now even after the Inc. Broke up
He is nowhere near a gangster. And his music sucks.

22Tech N9ne
Realist rapper out there today I don't understand how 90% of the people above him are above him he kills every verse he has and doesn't mess around whether he's rapping about the streets, his life, or getting messed up. TECHNICIAN FOR LIFE!
Tech is the best rapper you can actually think of really
One of the best & one of the best record label everybody signed to Strange Music is hard as hell he should b way up there

23MC Eiht
All you guys must be high! You put Mc Eiht below Kanye, Game, Eminem, jay-z, nas, dr dre?! Yo, we are talking about gangsta rappers (rappers who are gangsters), and MC Eiht is one of the realest MC's ever, not the best Mc ever... But he spits pure gangster though. Eazy-E, Ice Cube and Pac (and Jay-Z-although he is a white man style of gangster) are the only ones who have legitimacy to be above Eiht... Dre is no gangsta, everybody knows that.
Really? Kayne West in front of Eiht? Damm, if you believe that MC Eiht is less gangsta than Kayne West, then listen to Comptons Most Wanted's songs.
? Kanye admitted he wasn"t a real gangsta og belong at the top not below these punk idiots who think there gods really there's not enough Room for that many gods get outta here menace two society belongs somewhere at the top why do you think they put him in the movie cause he belonged in it the only real gangsta rappers today are old and tired or young and really dumb

24Vinnie Paz
Amazing artist
Amazing lyrics
Deep sound and meaning
Vinnie Paz is your favorite gangster rapper's favorite gangster rapper!
Vinnie Pas is REAL.. One of the best ever! Him immortal technique are lyrically Untouchable... GANGSTA Rap? NWA OR BIGGIE!

25B.G. Knocc Out
Just as gangster as Eazy-E
BG. Knocc Out, just listen to the album real brothers and you will understand
B. G and gangsta dresta was awesome. Wish I could find that albulm. It was a great one.

26Kool G Rap
That fake blood lil wayne is about as gangsta as my 91 year old grandmother. Kool G Rap is the founder of gangster rap before the west coast did it. Kool G Rap should be 1 for that and he is better than anyone on this list as far as I can tell.
It know a little about Rap then you would know that this dude is the truth when it comes to gangsta Hip Hop...
Four words... "Live and Let Die". That whole album was a crime film put to wax.

27Kevin Gates
He is the the truth

28Young Jeezy
Jeezy is copied by all of these rappers from 2006-present day

29Sagopa Kajmer

Another West Coast rapper. Alot of Raps have Gangster meanings in it for Eg LAX by Xzibit is a gangster song and very good as well. Dresses like a gangster and represents the GOLDEN STATE. One of the biggest figures in the industry right now


not only he looks good he raps good too


Inventor of rap slang words. Bay area legend. He is still hungry and humble
I think e-40 should be the first I grew up on him and he can rap all of them out building

32Immortal Technique
This guy spits the realist ever. If you haven't heard him listen to him now. Most of his music is about the government
With the top lyricists, keeps it real

33August Alsina

34Young Dro

35Wiz Khalifa
Idol! Can you make me a nickname for a gangster?

Man this guy is untouchable seriously who could take on kurupt young gotti from the dpg

37Mack 10
Seriously? ? One of the best Gangsta rappers out there! MACK has always kept it real no bull
Rolled with gangsters is a gangster why he not woth ice cube what?

38Royce da 5'9"
He dope. Got great flow n lyrics n neva disapoints, he kip it rill
One of the realest

39Danny Brown
Danny is the greatest rapper ever known to man. He's underground though you wouldn't know unless you gave him a try. Unlike ASAP and Lil Wayne or any of them fake rappers that rave about mashed potatoes and Versace pillow cases. Danny knows what the streets are like he used to sell Crack. This guy deserves some street creds cause his name rings bells in ery hood you go! You should listen to his song torture or Wonderbread anything on his album old is either about selling rocks or life on the street and the second half is about him drowning himself in pills and booze. He Is a true artist


41Pimp C
Have you guys forgot about the pimp himself? True Trilla
Hip hop legend... helo... ya already forgot the pimp... ugk 4 life

42Lil Flip


44Young Money (Weezy)
Weezy is such a good rapper! His songs are great and he has a lot of power. He's a gangster rapper.
Wether this heavyweight rapper deny but Weezy We is the new Tupac

He's a lyrical genius

Got Eminem into rapping as a youngster.
D12 for life!
Searching For Jerry Garcia, is a dope album.

47Machine Gun Kelly
I say he tops Lil Wayne and Ice Cube, Tupac? Hell nah but he deserves to be higher up
He's the best rapper alive and double tops lil Wayne ice cube 2 pac and the game he deserves to be crowned king

48Norm Ender

T.I. is the greatest gangsta rapper ever! He spits sick lyrics, has lots of street credit and can murder anyone in a rap battle. King of the South!
TIP raps about life! Anyone can relate and understand his flow. White collar, blue collar, illiterate and educated, old/young, male/female!
This dude is awesome listen to his songs
[Newest]T.I. is the best ever he is a bad ass

Realest rapper in the whole state of texas

5140 Glocc

52Ol Dirty Bastard
He isn't the best rapper from the wu-tang clan but he is way to good for a fake blood like lil Wayne to be ahead of him


the hardest one from Wu-Tang
Total bad ass method should be like 3rd then odb 4th

53Chief Keef
Chief keef should be #1 what he will shoot up everyone
Hands down Sosa should be at top alone with boosie
Although He Young You can't Deny He's making Money and making Songs To Build his Legacy

54Bun B
Bun B spits some of the sickest rhymes ever. Listen to Bun B and Pimp C on their track Murder. Sicccckk
One of the best in the industry!

C murder should be in the top 5. People that don't like his music can't relate to what he's says all these new raps care more about the money not the street. Most of these new rappers came from the streets as they say in their songs but you see them in hollywood eating on fine china. I hate these new rappers all they wanna rap about is how much money they got and what they drive they talk in their rap about they will shoot a person and rob and steal but you don't hear about there doing it the real gangster rappers are either dead or locked up or in jail for rapping about shooting somebody and did it and now serving life. In other words be about it don't rap about it and don't do it or rap about something you ain't done. But I'm a ride or die kind of person
He's been in and out of prison and the streets he knows the meaning of being a Gangsta, he lived the life of one growing up from a B.G. to an O.G... Mad respect to Cory Miller...
C-Murder is great! Miss his music! TRU for life!

Best Chicano Rapper Out There!
Straight Out The City of Angels.
Wanted For "Murder", been on the run for 7 years!
Dead End Harppys 13..
Conejo doesn't just speak it. He lives that too..
Best rapper out there
[Newest]His better than 50 cent his Mexican pac Just listen

57Brotha Lynch Hung
Brotha Lynch at 35?! What he should be at least top ten! Best underground rapper next to Wu-Tang
Long time rapper made old school classics
Sacramento rapper, some of the best gangsta rap ever heard.

Living legend this guy will go down in history...
Chicago's west side legend!

59Soulja Slim
The realest you've probably never heard. He is one of the worlds few gangsta rappers who actually speaks truth on how he does it. Not like some fake ass who talks brags about violence and stuff but has never/rarely actually been locked up. R.I.P. and may god rest his soul.

Easily one of the most underrated west coast gangsta rappers of all time. His voice is unique and his style is different, overall deserves at least a spot in the top 20.
Straight g from the westcoast; wc, ice cube and mack 10 together are with no doubt the best rap crew of all time

61Trae Tha Truth
Idk how lil wayne got there or eminem... Trae songs go harder than any of anyones songs up there... Look him up, look up REAL TALK by trae

62Freddie Gibbs
One of the realest out of Indiana. Truly one of the few real rappers to do it today
Still livin is his best
Thuggin is that new age gangster rap its where its at just on that tip, gangta gibbs is bring back that gangster rap that real rap

Should be higher real gangsta. lived in cali unlike half the fegs up mentioned in this list.

64Big Pun
Why is he so low down!? I'll admit he is not as well rounded as biggie, lyrical as big l or as thought provoking as the don tupac, but his flow is amazing and can make almost any two words rhyme! Should definitely be top ten, possibly top five.
Really 51 r you serious 3 2Pac d m x then pun

65Kendrick Lamar
He grew up in one of the worst cities and the world and was part of the bloods
He should be top 20 if anything

66Lloyd Banks
Lloys Banks is one of G - Unit staff members, We can say he is a gangster, He is the second man after 50 cent, But he didn't make the chance to give a fuch rap ever by solo songs... But he still in my heart in songs with 50 cent... Cannot forget him as gangster rapper.
Number 1: 50 Cent
Number 2: Lloyd Banks


68Lil Durk

69Nate Dogg
Rest in peace
Nate-"Smoke weed everyday! "
How long will they mourn my brother?

70Saman Wilson
He is the father of persian gangsta
Wilson is the best rapper in the world after eminem
Wilson = gang god

71Nipsey Hussle
Nipsey needs to be in top 20 at least we str8 crippin

72Andre Nickatina

One of gangsta rappers... I don't know why is not in list of rappers... One of strongest gangsta... I put him in categories of gangsta team not as them but least of tupac, biggie, big l

74Trick Daddy

75Soulja Boy
You gotta b kidding me he shouldn't even b anywhere near this list or any other list for that matter he's the definition of a wanna be gangsta rapper/hard rapper just because you have your body covered in tattoos doesn't make you hard he's like the Justin Bieber of rap laugh out loud & he's not even the real soulja boy that name & title belongs to Souljah boy from Mo Thugs now he deserves to b on this list he'll straight up demolish the fake souljah boy physically, mentally & lyricly

76Joey Badass
Very good for a young rapper, not the best but he deserves respect, if you have time look up "unorthodox" its a pretty lyrical song



79Styles P

80Schoolboy Q
A damn hype beast throw his ass off the list
Q raps about growing up in the hood he used to deal oxy, he's a Hoover crip, he did time in prison and he has the best flow of any new gangster rapper...

Most passionate, authentic & transparent lyrics I've ever encountered. Was an Oak Park Blood from Sactown back in the day.

Hog Mob!

Gangsta dresta with the louiville slugga

83Krayzie Bone
How is he beneath soulja boy and lil Wayne? ?
You should learn more about Bone Thugs N Harmony they should be on top 5

84Rated R


86Kia Shine

87Mr. Criminal
One of the best chicano gang related rapper coming out of Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA. Raps mainly on gang life and how it is growing up in the hood but over the years has done a few club bangers, love jams for the ladies and songs that just get to the heart
Mr. Criminal aka the lyrical assassin will beat all the mainstream rappers like Lil Wayne and Eminem and the rest of the rappers and he is underground and thinks the rest of those mainstream rappers are flops in mainstream rap hi power ent all day haters!
Best Chicano Rapper out there

88J. Cole

89King Lil G
Best Mexican rapper out there. :
Reps the Blue I like that!

90Mr. Shadow
Check out his album all about me
Gangster rapper from San Diego

91Reza Pishro

92Big Syke
if you love tupac then you have 2 like Big Syke cause he was pacs hommie!


93Lil Phat

94Hell Rell

95Young Scooter

96Kingpin Skinny Pimp


98Mr. Capone-E

99Rage Loc


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