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Robert William Gary Moore (4 April 1952 6 February 2011) was one of Europe's biggest blues rock guitarist and singer.

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1 Parisienne Walkways Parisienne Walkways V 3 Comments
2 Still Got the Blues Still Got the Blues

This song has rendered me helpless for years. As others have said previously this is a true masterpiece and will never date. Just love it.

Still trying to understand how you create a solo like that. Amazing. Every single note at the right place at the right time. A real piece of art.

This song is a genuine masterpiece, & deserves to be a trademark of his image, period.

Amazing guitar work, Gary Moore at his best. An absolute timeless classic - Grundapants

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3 Over the Hills and Far Away Over the Hills and Far Away

Come on! Is this a nightmare!? This is the coolest gary moore song ever! The keyboard is also very great with the nice riff!

Whatever the list says.. , for me its the best

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4 Out In the Fields Out In the Fields

This needs to be number one, I've seen it played live (not by Thin Lizzy, I'm only 16) by Limehouse Lizzy, so loud and powerful. Amazing song, one of my all time favorite by a top guitarist who was part of a top band! - DeadAsian

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5 The Loner The Loner

He can whip the Guitar... He Can Sing Via his Guitar.. No Need To Have Vocal In This song.. Just Just Awesome.. Just Feel The Solo.

The loner is an awesome instrumental that starts with a riff then goes onto a solo and you would have to listen to it to fully appreciate it, I cannot possibly explain the song in its entirety

A true masterpiece of guitar! Simplicity at its best! This song is proof that a guitar can sing.

It's like he just grabbed onto your soul and made a guitar out of it

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6 Empty Rooms Empty Rooms

Anyone who is human knows this song. Empty rooms are like the heart removed from the body. Loving someone and they go... No better explanation of human emotion.

An amazing song. No words, touches the heart. A great masterpiece

Never in my life have I felt the amount of emotion that this song made me feel...masterpiece

7 Story of the Blues Story of the Blues

A great song by one of the finest musicians ever. He nailed several music genres that are quite far from each other: from blues and jazz to heavy metal and hard rock. R.I.P. Gary. - Metal_Treasure

8 Hurricane Hurricane

His mad guitar skills showcased. - Metal_Treasure

9 The Prophet The Prophet

Come on guys you never heard this!? Never have been stoned!? And listening to this great solo!? I can't live one day without this magnificent Solo! Please vote it up!

I can't even say something about this, it makes me speechless, its an ultimate masterpiece, it has came from another world...

The best Gary Moore song in my opinion, you can feel the pain coming from the guitar

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10 After the War After the War

Empty Rooms is the best song of all times amaizing solo and lyrics a great song

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11 Midnight Blues Midnight Blues

Simply stunning... A masterpiece of a true maestro

Wow. The guitar and vocals in this are amazing. Number one in my opinion. 17 is a joke.

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12 The Messiah Will Come Again The Messiah Will Come Again

This is the best Moore song in my opinion. You can just hear all the emotion being exerted into his playing

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13 Don't Take Me for a Loser Don't Take Me for a Loser
14 Cold Day In Hell Cold Day In Hell
15 One Day One Day
16 Wild Frontier Wild Frontier
17 Run for Cover Run for Cover
18 Moving On Moving On
19 Picture of the Moon Picture of the Moon
20 Oh Pretty Woman Oh Pretty Woman

This is a really good song, the first one of Gary's that I heard and in my opinion the best.

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1. Still Got the Blues
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1. Still Got the Blues
2. Parisienne Walkways
3. After the War



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