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1Glacier Freeze

I like this the best because it is the most mild tasting and refreshing. I'm not the biggest fan of Gatorade to just drink (I prefer water), but in the summer when I get dehydrated, I need it and this flavor is probably the best (followed next by fruit punch, which just tastes heavier, relatively)

This sweet, refreshing water flavor is natural and helps your body recover well.

Is this the light blue Gatorades? Because if it is then it's the best and my favorite flavor. But, I think the light blue is like frost or something,

I fell in love with it and it's color

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2Cool Blue

When I was in Kindergarten, my mother and I went to Minnesota for a week or two to visit my cousins. On day two, I caught the stomach flu and threw up all day. After I drank some Cool Blue, I began to feel better. This flavor has been my favorite because of how when I was little, I thought Cool Blue was the cure to everything, even cancer.

YUMMY! I love this stuff. Gatorade is so good! This is much better than lemon lime! Thank you whoever made this flavor

Cool blue is amazing I love it. Its much better than glacier freeze.(side note to people I've seen posting that the light blue flavor is frost, NO laugh out loud frost is a series of flavors glacier freeze is the blue version of that series just like there is a purple version too of frost) I digress I Want the gallon size of cool blue do they make it and where can I get it or even a powder version

I think it should be number 1

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3Lemon Lime

The (ONLY) Flavor I Drink almost every day. I usually carry up to three medium sized bottles in my service van.

Lemon-Lime is good all the time - hockeyguy2100

Any other flavor is just because you didn't have lemon-lime available. Not only does it taste the best, it also happens to be the most thirst quenching. That makes it the best flavor to have when you're actually playing sports.

I think it is the best

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The BEST! Hands down, bar none, undeniably, and no questions asked.

Refreshing and quenches your thirst, for immediate energy and power up

This gatorade flavor is beyond the best I drink at least one every single day. It helps get tasks done. This also cools off the body on a hot day. This is the thirst quencher beverage!

What's not to love

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5Fruit Punch

I drink a lot of gatorade. Never drinking just one flavor. Also drink other sports drinks such as powerade and all sport but mostly gatoraid and mostly fruit punch. Fruit punch is always a good choice.

It is a simple fact that Red Gatorade, aka Fruit Punch, is by far superior to other flavors, such as yellow pee. There is no dispute on this matter; it is a fact that people, especially boys of the eighth grade, must come to accept.

I love this flavor! I drink it all the time especially after horseback riding. When I'm sick, I always drink this flavor and only this flavor. Also when you mix it with orange, half and half, it's amazing.

Lemon lime is the best Gatorade I've ever had its really refreshing after playing sports or just to drink it. So good!

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6Fierce Grape

Pretty Much the only flavor I drink! It is really good tangy/sweet not to sweet and not to dull. Its one of my top favorites it never gets old

TOP TEN please
My ALL TIME Favorite

Don't know why it taste so much better then regular grape, but its simple orgasmic.

Fierce Grape is my personal favorite, but I think overall, 6th place is probably pretty accurate

One question: Why is it dark blue?

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7Riptide Rush

It's got a more subtle sweetness to it's flavor. The taste isn't strong but it's got enough so that you can enjoy the flavor without getting sick of it. I think Riptide Rush is comparable to purple cool-ade. It tastes great!

This is the best flavor out there it is so refreshing. I am also drinking this flavor now as I type!

Best flavor out there! I hate that it's so hard to come by. This one is definitely my favorite!

This is my favorite Gatorade. The store that I shop at stopped carrying it.

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8Ice Punch

This flavor is really awesome. Yeah... It's only at my school, too. But I think it is really cool. It looks like water, but with and extra ZING to it. I drink this EVERY day, literally. And I drink it at lunch, breakfast, and I buy one and bring it home for dinner! This gatorade should be #1.

Love the flavor but disappointed that I usually can't find it and when I do find it, it's only in the 12oz size. Please make it in the larger sizes. I first tasted it when I donated blood, they gave it to me with a snack during the recovery.

This is the best of all the flavors! Extremely refreshing and sweet, but not that easy to find. I don't see how fruit punch, orange, and lemon-lime are in the top 5 unless their just old-school voters. Maybe in the 1980's or early 90's, but there's just way to many other flavors that have come out since then. Branch out and live a little.

Love this drink, it's light and refreshing

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Becasue I have always liked lemonade and this tastes like old fashioned lemonade with the added benefit of the electrolytes.

Hands down the best flavor of Gatorade! Perfect flavor not too tart or sweet! Difficult to find so have to seek it out. Wish all stores would stock this flavor. Have to watch carefully so as to not pick up lemon lime because so close in color!

I would like to know where I can buy this flavor of Gatorade in Knoxville I drink nothing but lemonade Gatorade in Mexico and haven't noticed it in any stores in Tennessee. I have to say this as one of my top favorite flavors of Gatorade I like it better than lemon lime and equal to fruit punch I drink Powerade as well but gatorade is My preferred daily beverage

I can't drink other flavors. I do not like power ade

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10Fierce Strawberry

By looking at it's ranking, I'm sure not many have tried Fierce Strawberry. You rarely see this flavor in stores but I must admit, the one time I did get to drink it, it was probably the best Gatorade I've had by far.

Fierce Strawberry is the best, I blessed this holy drink. Even though it's true by saying it's rare, it's still the best drink there is. I enjoy the drink just by both it's taste of flavor & color. I think this drink should more common in certain stores like wal-mart or your corner gas station to get it instead of certain 7/11's. God Bless Fierce Strawberry.

Fierce strawberry should be number one. This is by far my favorite flavor from Gatorade. Among others but this is number one for me

So under rated!

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?Icy Charge

It's so hard to find this flavor where I am, but it's extremely good!

One of my top 5 favorites! Great Job Gatorade!

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11Lime Cucumber

The #1 Gatorade flavor for Mexicans. Mix in a little bit of Chile salt, and it tastes exactly like a real cucumber Mexican style. Simply delicious. However if you don't like cucumbers, you should stay away from this.

Yes it is refreshing great flavor. But very hard to find. Mark (Oregon).

I tried this flavor a year or two ago just to try it out.. And by god, I get it just about every time I get gatorade in general! It just tastes crisps and is so unique compared to other flavors.

Most refreshing flavor, I have not purchased any other flavor since I tried this one. My favorite by far.

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12Glacier Cherry

I was requesting my mother to bring rain berry gatorade before she went to the store. Instead, she came home and brought me this flavor. She said they were out of rain berry and got me glacier cherry, which I've never tried. The next day, after I completed my daily exercise, I decided to drink it. I thought it was so delicious that I couldn't stay away from it! I absolutely love it! It has topped my previous favorite flavor rain berry. And since I love it so much, my mom brought me two more bottles the following day.

Last year after PE I was super thirsty and the drinking fountains were down so I drove to a local gas station and saw this flavor for the first time. I literally gulped the whole thing in 30 seconds so I had to get another. To this day my #1

I could drink Glacier Cherry all day every day. I love the white color too!

Best flavor ever

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I love this flavor although its not the most popular flavor its gotten me threw my childhood. whenever I'm sick it helps me feel better whenever I'm thirsty I go to my fridge in the garage and get a chilled bottle of delicious, tangy, thirst quenching berry gatorade.

Gatorade normally has three ingredients: sugar, water and some strange fruit flavor. Rain berry eliminates one of those variables, it is just sugar water. Although it could probably be better described as Nectar.

Just delicious, my favorite after a long game or hike in the mountains!

I absolutely loved the Fierce Berry! Please, Bring it Back, if only for a short while!

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14Raspberry Lemonade

My favorite getting harder to find. Gues. Will find another drink.

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15Cool Blue Cherry

My new favorite flavor. I can't get enough. Bought it on a lunch break, and haven't bought another flavor since.

This is my favorite and I now can't find it in stores! What's up with that ;(((

It's just more refreshing, and tastes better than most flavors.

Great taste but why is it blue? Still, the blue color is great for game days!

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16Rain Berry

The best Gatorade flavor - period. Not too syrupy sweet, not too acidic. Goes down very easy and is especially refreshing. Why don't they make this more available?

It's refreshing, slightly sweet and has a tart little kick at the end! This flavor is by far the most satisfying because it is light, cool and delicious!

My favorite only on that doesn't have that harsh bitterness when you have a sore throat. Now if I could just find it.

My favorite Gatorade ever also miss other rain flavors

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17Strawberry Kiwi

By farrr the best. and I can't find it anymore all I can find are these stupid G2 drinks. Gatorade tried to hard to compete with life water and energy drinks they should just stayed like they used to be

This is the best Gator flavor ever... But it is gone from the shelves in markets around me. What gives?

I also can't find strawberry kiwi anymore and it's the ONLY one of the gator aids that I like. Please make available again.

This was my favorite haven't found in years use to only find in sports bottle with cool twisty cap please. Bring back

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18G2: Blueberry Pomegranate

This is by far my favorite flavor and I can never find it. I have actually driven an hour to a store that I knew stocked it just to stock up on it for my house. I get really bad leg cramps and the only thing that makes them go away is Gatorade. Thank you thank you for making your product and the g2 is a lifesaver because I'm diabetic

I love this flavor! It is the best Gatorade ever! I normally do not drink Gatorade, but if this flavor is on the shelf I will buy it! Fabulous flavor! please continue to make this flavor

I love this flavor and can't find it anywhere now! Don't you guys still make it? This is the best ever and I'm almost out. Please stock the shelves at Martin's again with Blueberry Pomegranate!

I normally hate Gatorade but I love this flavor

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19G2 Grape

Grape Gatorade is so much better than fierce grape but so much harder to find these days

Best of all Gatorade taste best frozen

The best but all of a sudden I can't find it I the stores! Hope they don't discontinue it!

I drink at least 3 bottles a day!

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20G2 Orange

It's the best ever, I'm having real trouble finding it though!

I love it my favorite flavor of all

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