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BEST POKEMON EVER. People think haunter is better. Those people are wrong. Here's what sets gengar apart: he is the shadow pokemon. He can morph his form to match anyone's shadow and form, though still retaining his color and. AWESOME. FACE. And think of all the times you've been paranoid after reading a scary story, and your convinced there are monsters in the dark. In the pokemon world, there is. GENGAR IS HIDING IN THE SHADOWS.

Here is all the things he can do, according o bulbapedia:


Gengar is so awesome that He decided he didn't want to be clefables shadow anymore, so he became a Pokemon true story.

He is very awesome looking, and kind of scary too, just as any ghost should be, and they have an excellent moveset. I find Gengar very useful for catching other Pokemon too because they can learn Mean Look. Because Gengar is a ghost type, most normal and fighting moves won't affect it and another added bonus is since Gengar is also part poison type it can learn poison moves. I love inflicting status problems on opponents.

He'll yea boi. If he doesn't screw you over he eats your soul. Win win for my boy gengar.

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Even though Mewtwo is a clone and scientifically created, he is still one of the best pokemon. I mean, Mewtwo was in one of the few movies that doesn't have random legendaries fighting because "someone invaded their territory" or trash like that. He is one of the original pokemon, which are the best. And Mewtwo has to deal with being created by an experiment. If I had to deal with that, I'd probably go crazy. Well Mewtwo did, technically, go crazy, but he managed to regain his sanity. Plus, MEWTWO IS AWESOME!

Only the coolest, most powerful Pokemon ever until the series decided to screw things up and throw in a bunch of gods and uber legendaries. He was smart enough to create a bunch of Pokemon using old damaged equipment he rebuilt, and he could generate a massive storm by moving his hand! He could turn back time ^^/or erase all his work, wipe everyone's memories, and not only transport everyone else away, he flies all of his Pokemon away too! The only reason he is not the king of all Pokemon (figuratively) is because of Arceus and the fact that they downgraded Mewtwo in the second movie with him.

Very powerful. Could create an army of gengar and alakazam and defeat them.

Way better than anything else

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Why does everyone choose legendaries? Those things are just cheap and are for people who don't know how to build and raise a good party. I would choose Alakazam over any legendary. Put the enemy to sleep, repeatedly use calm mind and, then attack with psychic or dream eater. Unstoppable move combo right there. If your up against a dark type, just use focus blast. Not to mention the unbeatable speed.

My favorite Pokemon of all time, when I taught him focus blast he was unstoppable! Take him over Mewtwo any day those are for players who can't really play Pokemon so they use legandaries

Alakazam can practically ruin your day if you don't have a dark or bug type. I know this because I have faced him and used him, and his psychic attacks wreck you.

Who remembers when magicians said abra kadabra alakazam in a magic trick? Well these psychics are based off that so too cool

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4MewMew is one of the fictional species of creatures from Nintendo's and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri.

First off, Mew was the original Pokemon God. Arceus was merely added to keep the story going. Also, Gengar is weak to Psychic attacks given the fact he is part poison and Ghost aren't resistant to psychic moves in any way, it's just that Ghost moves are strong against Psychic types. Mew also can Learn just about any move there is, Mew is the #1 choice on this list.

tis pink cute adorable and powerful psychic pokemon is the coolest becuz it can changeit form to any pokemon he want to be,,,, he can be a arceus, lucario, empoleon, infernape, torterra, AND MANY MORE


- blueguy120

Come on, I always knew that Mew is more powerful than Mewtwo and adorable. I fell in love with Mew when I watched the movie. Mew is AWESOME. Powerful and cute. And it's playful and sweet. It has one the most adorable laughs ever and how is stupid metagross before MEW!? I loved how it came in floating in a bubble in Mewtwo's mansion or whatever it was.

Mew can learn any attack, IT'S SO AWESOME! Even if it wasn't as good as it is I would love CAUSE IT'S SO ADORABLE! It's a psychic legendary that is a pink kitty! I like pink, kitties, and psychic is my favorite type! It's my second fave of all time (my fave is unevolved Eevee but it's not a psychic type it's normal type)

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This is the cutest pokemon that have ever seen. Plus it is really powerful when you train it correctly.

BEST Pokemon EVER! I have a level 60 and it is incredible. we have fought many battles together and she has never let me down. she took out the psychic, fighting and ghost types (using shadow ball) elites in black two with ease. Also, I have only lost to my friend once with espeon on my team (he uses a level 62 gengar and a level 57 zoroark). - espeon567

Better thought-out than the others. Once you get past level 45 or so, it really becomes a beast. Worth training.

I like it because it can learn dazzling gleam

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Being a Steel-type, Metagross is weak to very few types. It's a pseudo-legendary, too, making it quite a powerful battler is used properly. And speaking of types, Metagross handles itself well with Magnet Rise, making it immune to Ground-type attacks, and Earthquake, which is useful against Fire-types and Ground/Rock Pokemon. Out of all the pseudo-legendaries, Metagross is the most versatile in my eyes.

Meta gross every time, beast! Has one of the highest attack stats of all non legendary pokemon. Highest of all steel and psychic. Amazing typing, many resistances and few weaknesses. Why isn't this no. 1?

Shew, hard to decide, love gallade and lugia but Metagross is king, he IS the only non-dragon pseudo legendary, sure gengar is tough but he looks like a demented marshmallow...

Immune to poison and great move pool as well, simply awesome.

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Gallade Because it is one of those Pokemon that can pack a punch with 125 base attack and has solid special defense, at around 110-115? It can run a great variety of sets from choice banded to bulk up. It's one of the most underrated Pokemon.

Gallade is my fave poke, I always run him in-game if I can and I get really disappointed when I can't, I t=run leaf blade, night slash, close combat and psycho cut with choice band, its awesome coverage!

Gallade is a really good battler because it has psychic and fighting so psychic isn't so effective and it has beast speed attack and special attack all rock so much it's should be in the top 3!

Hello? It's a psychic-fighting type! Yes!

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This majestic pokemon is not just beautiful and caring its the pokemon god and the strongest one out there - lugia10158

is there really a reason to say no to this pokemon (i don't think so my friend) lugia is beast and legend 4-ever and ever more

n awesome pokemon it beats all even the ones above it it is 1 a great physical wall its aro blast... - lugia10158

If lugia can't be number one or at least two here it should be for water

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Haunter is very creepy and awesome looking!
Haunter is my favourite ghost pokemon.

Haunter is also my favorite Pokemon of all time. He may not be the strongest but he's still my favorite since Pokemon blue till today.

Haunter is amazingly cute and strong and also if you teach it shadow force,
Shadow ball, smog, and night shade it is! !

It can defeat gengar

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10Mr. Mime

He always makes me smile. So funny and rare. I love him! Whenever I play pokepark he is real nice and funny

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Good defense and pretty good attack. Could have very good potential if you are good. He is AWESOME. Not to mention his awesome loks and name. I bet mine could beat ALL of your choices. If you are smart then choose Dusknoir.

Aside from pretty good moves, stats, and awesome design, might I add how awesome a character he is in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky? For this reason, Dusknoir deserves a spot on this list, and a high one at that.

Dusknoir is easily my favorite ghost type pokemon. Even though I have never caught one, it's design is totally the bomb, and so is it's pokedex entry.

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Come on guys, this is Hypno we're talking about - he's well-educated, and will trump all these fools in a poké-spelling bee any day! Plus, he's not only a psychic genius, but he's practically part-conman with his hypnotic coin-on-string trick. With it he could trick even the most battle wise trainer into forfeiting!

Everybody's gotta love creepy yellow pervert who kidnaps kiddies...


Drifloon isn't good, alakazam is

Totes he's so amazing

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Gardevoir has HIGH special attack and special defense is awesomely versatile! I used her in emerald and platinum and she stole the spotlight! Best non legendary psychic type Pokemon :-)

This pokemon is greatly powerful. It's abilities are: Shadow Ball, Luster Purge, Psychic and Psybeam. Which makes this pokemon very powerful

My Gardevoir kicks ass and takes names. I soloed the champion in emerald with her.

Gardevoir is amazing

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Jynx is overall my favorite Pokemon, so majestic and awesome and Fierce! - SexySiren666


Dusclops is the best. He even evolves cool.


It's Quick, never misses has the best ghost move: Shadow Force In fact it was so Good that they made a game about it: Pokemon Platinum It looks amazing and learns the best moves (Draco Meteor, Hyper Beam, Earth Power)
And the combination of ghost and dragon makes it Immortal it's HP can go to astounding lengths, How is Chandelure, Mr Mine, Gengar... Above him?

Come on! Nobody Else thinks that a combination between a dragon and a ghost is really cool? If anyone here has actually played a giratina you would realize that a blend between dragon and ghost goes together very smoothly.

Super duper strong and is one of my best Pokemon

It's lowest damage attack does 90 damage

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Deoxys is one of the most versatile Pokemon there is. If you're into competitive battling, you can switch strategies by switching Deoxys' forme. Deoxys is the Pokemon with the highest attack/sp. Atk. When in Attack Forme, and has the highest base speed in Speed Forme. It's no slouch in defense/sp. Definitely. Either, having the highest base definitely stats of all psychic types. Depending on the trainer, Deoxys could easily be a tank or a sweeper.

Deoxys is a god forsaken normal type. Why in hell is it on this list?

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Mismagius is quite fast and has a decent movepool that can totally sweep with Calm Mind or Nasty Plot. She's got decent Special Attack and Special defense as well.

This Pokemon have a great Speed and good Sp. Attack. I like the moveset.

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I think you should vote for DARKRAI.
Its the best dark type pokemon.
In sinnoh league it won the finals itself. It can defeat any pokemon in a single move. It looks dangerous and its attacks are of great damage.

A VERy good and perfect Pokemon yet, it can take any Pokemon when trained perfectly, can even beat legendary Pokemons!

It may be dark type but it can learn a lot of ghost type moves and looks cool when it beats your Pokemon

Lol, this is best psychic and ghost type list not dark

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