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As soon as I heard this song, I was sure that meliora is going to be a great album. I get chills just thinking about it - ryanrimmel

It won the Grammy! Just proves this band is miles ahead of Slipknot and Lamb of God in musical terms. - IronSabbathPriest

I started listening to ghost because of this

Just awesomeness

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Um... And why the riff sounds like the Symphony Of Destruction by Megadeth? - Metal_Treasure

The riff is similar but the rest of the song (vocals, Solo, etc) are very different. - IronSabbathPriest

It is the catchiest song about human sacrifice

I played this song four times in the day I got the album. - IronSabbathPriest

3Year Zero

If you could only listen to one Ghost song, this is the one you'd want to hear

Just incredible and unique from the very first moment I have the pleasure to taste it.

The song that got me into Ghost - Feels like a satanic ritual all the way through. Love it! - Grundapants

This song just gives me the chills b/c the lyrics are just so good

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4Monstrance Clock

Soft but heavy at the same time cool riffs I think this defines the band

Love this song; I'm so exited to see Ghost next year!

Staple of the live set for good reason if ghost doesn't finish with monstrance clock we riot! One of the most interactive experiences you will ever experience live the chorus is thunderous with the entire room singing the same words. An underrated jam I almost picked is jigolo har Megiddo especially acoustic I absolutley adore that song

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5Square Hammer

Love the album cover - makes me feel like I'm 8 or 10 again in my old house in Columbus while my dad plays medieval sounding metal/rock. I imagine Dream Theater and Black Sabbath tracks following it up.

A near perfect mixture of modern and 80's rock! Bravo to Ghost for this magnificent song!

Reminiscent of Blue Oyster Cult and Alice Cooper, with a modern touch. Love it!

My favorite ghost song for sure although some others come close

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6He Is

Unexplainable emotion, Spöksonat leaves you with a different feeling at the end than this song leads off with, and it fits. This song is executed perfectly, Meliora is going to be album of the year! Keep up the work, Ghost!

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7Ghuleh / Zombie Queen

This my current favourite song - it starts off with a beautiful haunting piano melody, followed by a sudden and awesome transition into a groovy hard rock song - definitely the band's best song to date! - petrucci75hammet

One of my new favorite Ghost songs. It's a really beautiful, chill song! The song literally sounds like you are sitting at a weird satanic ritual. The first time I heard it, I thought god was gonna smite me when the song was over. - ryanrimmel

In my opinion is best song of ghost!

8From the Pinnacle to the Pit

This songs haunts me in my sleep, pure awesomeness

This is the first song I listened to by ghost and now I'm hooked. Great song

This, in my opinion, is Ghosts best song. I can never listen to it just once. It stays with me all day!

Yeah def deserves top 10

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9Deus In Absentia

Great closer to Meliora. Summarises the album nicely while still adding it's own little touch, building up until the end. - IronSabbathPriest


This hook is following me for months. Love the bassline at the hook...

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11Stand by Him

I started listening to this song in April, in which obviously the last thing on your mind is Fall, let alone Halloween. But this song immediately made me feel like I was in a really cool, spooky Halloween setting! Definitely one of the coolest songs I've ever listened to. - Dorito

I used to hate the chorus, but then I realized that it has its place. It actually adds to the eerie feel of the song. - Caleb9000

12Con Clavi Con Dio

The bass riff is killer, and the whole song as well!

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Everything from the melodic riffing to the emotional acoustic outro to end the album - one of the best modern rock instrumentals! - petrucci75hammet

14Secular Haze

I love the rift of this song and the keyboard playing in the background! I always get chills when I listen to this song and it makes me feel like I'm a part of a religious cult. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

17Prime Mover
18Death Knell

6...6...6... My personal favorite Ghost song. The harmonies are amazing in the chorus. It is unlike anything I have ever heard. Also, going to add that this is the only good Ghost album.

19Body and Blood

This song is one of the highest play counts in my iTunes library, so I'm assuming this would be my favorite Ghost song based on that. But my favorite in my heart constantly seems to change. They're all perfect songs! - Dorito

This song is so addicting to listen to. Absolutely love it.

This is probably their most underrated song. - ryanrimmel


This song gives m chills with this creepy vibe coming from the piano + the song is full of musicality

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