Best Ghost Type Pokemon

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Incredible speed and special attack, and THREE TYPE IMMUNITIES. He is all haunter and gastly are but so much more awesome. And you gotta respect gengar when he has that crazed look on his face... Creepy, powerful, cool, he's all you'd want out of a ghost type.
One of my favorite Pokémon! He's just a Boss! Not only is he one of the strongest non-legendarys, it's also a goofy, funny and chilled dude! I loved Gengar since I first saw him fight against Nidorino in the Preview of the games & T.V. -Show!
Speed and Sp. Attack is the AWESOME and 3 IMMUNITIES! It is anything you can want and you can really have a wide variety of moves you can teach it. This thing is anything you can want. I can't seem to see anything bad about this Pokemon as it also has a good type combination of Ghost/Poison. This is why this thing is number 1. Pros will pick this thing as their ghost type. So this thing is EPIC in all ways!
[Newest]No one can beat it not even arceus

Doesn't anyone know the insane power of chandelure he is awesome because of his crazy special attack of 145 even better than Alakazam. I used him on my black 2 team and he swept through even benga's team. He has the best non-legendary special attack of all. With moves like energy ball to counter water types and flamethrower, psychic and shadow ball will KO any Pokemon. Gengar isn't half as good as him he deserves to be number #1
Just the most awesome ghost type ever cause I used one in my white version and my chandelure was like the best pokemon in my team it always saves me in a pinch and with its first/second type fire and ghost and its really awesome high special attack its like the best combo ever so chandelure should be number one.
Although Gengar is considered "overpowered" when it is mega evolved, it loses its immunity to ground type moves and, instead, becomes weak to them. Chandelure has plenty of type weakness, but it beats those with its sheer number of super effective moves. Not only that, but Chandelure's design is much more sophisticated then Gengar itself, and so much cooler. Plus, Litwick was much cooler than Gengar even BEFORE it evolved.
[Newest]Chandelure is awesome every way: destructive special attack, many ways to counter weaknesses, and an amazing design. Come on people. It literally has ghostly flames sprouting from his creepy floating body. The only thing it needs is a mega evolution. We should start a protest

Giratina is my favorite Pokemon, so I may be a bit biased... However before I even got into competitive play I knew this thing was powerful. Excellent design and concept were what won my favoritism for him, however his remarkable stats and ability to switch form with the Grisceous Orb (did I spell that right? ) makes him a colossal threat on the battlefield and are the reason why he is banned in most competitive play. Up to this point, he is also the only ghost-type legendary.

I would also like to add that many Pokemon on this list, such as Aegislash, are much more useful than Gengar and have better designs and concepts too, and I urge you, the people, to vote for them instead of the generic ghost blob.
Well, let explain Giratina's power in this way: its lowest stat is 90...
Love this thing. He can destroy both Palkia AND Dialga.
[Newest]It is my favorite Pokemon and it is also one of the most strongest Pokemon as it defeated dialga.

Dusknoir, cool looking, high definitely stats, various type of moves. Despite being slow and low on hp, hopefully if an opponent strikes first, dusknoir won't die and counter attack with his various moves.
DUSKNOIR! Highest base stats if all ghost types! Should be number 1! Totally awesome pokemon not first AGAIN!
A cool thing about Dusknoir's name is that it is a compound "name." Dusk and Noir (the French word for black). Dusknoir is really powerful though.
[Newest]Good stats and well designed Pokemon

The idea of a Pokemon coming alive from a neglected doll to haunt children is genius! Strong, intriguing, and overall amazing!
Awwwww it has a really horrid story but it is adorable even if it has a creepy smile! I mean who doesn't like a creepy ghost/marionette thing that would be awesome to cuddle up 2 and to tell ghost stories 2?! It is cute and gengar sucks although I like haunter.
Banette is one of the best. He is just flat out AMAZING because he has a very great attack stat unlike most ghosts who are high in their special attack and I took this awesome thing and even took it through the elite four.
[Newest]Banette is my number one favorite Pokemon and is awesome to use in battle. I use one on every single one of my competitive teams.

Aegislash is arguably the best common Pokemon due to his awesome ability to switch from a tank to a sweeper whenever it wants to and since king's shield can heavily punish physical attackers by cutting their attack in half the opponent is immediately stuck in a mind-game when they face Aegislash.

And as a proof of it's influence Mandibuzz who was previously a pretty unknown Pokemon in OU rose to stardom for being the best counter to Aegislash. And since rapid spin hasn't entirely died yet with Defiant users such as Bisharp heavily punish defoggers Aegislash has become the best spinblocker by a mile to the point the only common rapid spinners are Excadrill and Donphan who can hit it hard with EQ, while other awesome rapid spinners such as Starmie have fallen from grace, partly because it can't do much against Aegislash. And don't even dream of pitting another ghost Pokemon against Aegislash, you will almost always face it's shield form and have it tank the first hit and then have it retaliate with shadow ball and if you manage to survive it it will finish you off with priority shadow sneak. That way only certain ground, fire and dark Pokemon stand a chance against it and even then it requires a skillful play, especially since it often has such awesome teammates such as Thundurus, Landorus and Keldeo who are often the banes of Aegislash counters.

In fact I put it like this: How many other ghost Pokemon do you commonly see beside Aegislash? Even Gengar, the first gen veteran has to bow it's head for the new best ghost Pokemon in Pokemon.
Offensive : A powerful mixed attacker of 150 Att and spA, great moves from Head Smash for Fire Types and Sacred Sword for Dark Types and Shadow Ball for Ghosts, just ONE Swords Dance then you can kill almost anything

Defensive : Can switch from Glass Canon to Tank with 150 on definitely and SpD by using King's Shield a priority of 3+ and if your hit with a contact move it pretty much cuts their Att stat in half, give it the moves Iron Defense, Rest and Toxic and then give it Leftovers for it survive longer, is immune to Normal, Fighting and Poison, resists other 9 types
All you need is King's Shield, Sacred Sword and Shadow Ball and your set to kill and defend

Give it leftovers and Rest then boom all that health back

I love this thing to death! Everything about it just rules!
She's mysterious and beautiful. Super speedy and knows the move Destiny Bond! The best!
It swept my whole team. when I battled my friend, I trolled him so bad.
[Newest]Froslass can learn decent attacks and it's beautiful AND Bad Ass!

Best physical wall, great ability, great moves like haze
Putting it leftovers and using will-o-wisp can troll anyone because hey, high defense plus burning can decrease attack stat plus leftovers can make it heal itself also teach it hex
Best ghost Pokemon period

I came across this pokemon and it killed my whole team!
Mismagius is amazing... Enough said.
Good special attacker, stats are almost the same as gengar, but gengar is weak against psychic types, and 4x dark! Plus mismagius has an awesome design.
[Newest]Mismagius is a powerful and my favourite Pokemon

He is not one of the best. He is the best.
Can't trade to get a Gengar? Haunter is a perfect substitute!
He is one of the best Pokemon
[Newest]He is a good Pokemon

The Contenders

Seriously... Seriously?

Rotom should be at least in the top 5, or ten at least. This thing is an absolute beast! This thing has 6 Forms. SIX FORMS. All of these forms have a ton of resistances, and virtually no weaknesses. Not only do these forms have crazy stats, but they can learn 50% of all TM's, which means they will have the best Flexibility

Rotom Wash is an amazing tank. It has amazing Defensive stats, and only has one weakness: Grass. Rotom Fan has some pretty good attacks, as well as Rotom Frost. Rotom Mow can deal with Spikes, and set up for HP Draining, and Rotom Heat, makes for a great Sweeper. All of this, combined with Amazing Stats and Flexibility means that Rotom, can fill in any team, even when he is still in his Ghost Form.

Long story short - Put Rotom in your team. You will not regret it.
Rotom is a good Pokemon, but not as a ghost type. First of all rotom has a base stat total of lower than 500. That is messed up. Second, it does not have the stats to keep up ghost moves. It's forms such as Wash and heat (the worst with fan. Never use it EVER) are a lot better than it's regular form. All that aside, Rotom is a pretty useful Pokemon. And vote for chandelure. Just do it.
Rotom not only looks awesome, but is a good pokemon. You can turn it into a kitchen appliance and then win.

It's a great tank, with hidden ability "harvest" you can get infinite berries, combined with substitute and leech seed makes him a great seeder, I have survived many dificult battle with these technique. It's very resistant, even to weakness the downside it's the speed factor, but on trick room team, it will do wonders.

Mine has: Leech seed, Substitute, Curse, Horn leech

Best at dishing out shadow ball and ominous wind, also teach it recover and serf and your set. If your into stats make yours have a calm nature. Also make sure to have cursed body.
Only ghost and water Pokemon and can learn some wicked water moves (surf, etc) and some great ghost moves (shadow ball, etc). Therefore jellicent is the best of both worlds! I also like the different gender appearences and frillish is adorable!
I don't know why its not in the top ten. I think its a good wall and can learn surf
[Newest]It is okay I guess

I remember the first time I saw a Sableye was in Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness. They were so strong and cool looking, they instantly became my favorite ghost Pokemon. And since they have no weaknesses with their type arrangement, why wouldn't you want one!?
Sableye is strong plus he has no weaknesses and is immune to psychic, fighting, and normal type attacks. He also looks awesome.
He should be higher He looks Just like Stitch


I am so surprised Gengar beat this thing, I mean, you get so little ghost types with such high attack and not sp attack, making it uncommon. It also has a badass design, move pool and Shiny Form
Just look at those fists! He could pinch mike Tyson out!
He is strong and he can fly

Having 130 in both defenses makes it a reliable tank and spin blocker, and just a fantastic pokemon overall
Incredible trick room Pokemon!
Eviolite makes him just as good as Dusknoir without the ugly change.

Its powerful and It dodges so easily! It deserves to be #1
Amazing move pool great coverage
One of my favorite ghost Pokémon. Teach it minimize, stockpile, will-o-wisp and baton pass and hand off the stat boosts and your unstoppable!
Rune Ice Master

He just looks amazing! Cute and cool. Definitely one of my favourite ghost types. :-)
Hhhree a good idea

Seriously? 28? Wow. Remember Gen 6? It is a great dual-type. Like, seriously. It has the same amount of weaknesses as Chandelure, but Chandelure is number 2 on the list!? Wow. You people don't know your Pokemon at all. What kind of fans are some people?
Not only does Dianthe have a gourgeist (Kalos champion) but gourgeist has a great selection of powerful ghost type moves AND grass type moves. Eg. shadow ball, phantom force and seed bomb. Notably, gourgeist has trick or treat which turns your opponent into a ghost type. This means that because ghost type is supereffective on ghost type, you can hit your foe incredibly hard! Gourgeist also has different sizes which is unique and evolves from the adorable pumpkaboo!
18? Gourgeist has trick or treat, a gamebreaking move because you can make combinations like normal ghost.

Gastly is good at least I voted for something
Gastly is a strong Pokemon but how can he be down here at least it should be in the top ten
Gastly is so amazing


[Newest]Gastly is a good Pokemon

Not only is Spiritomb powerful, but he has an awesome design. What's not to love?
Spiritomb has one of the coolest designs, one weakness only, and above average stats that make him very versatile
Only 1 weakness, only 0 Pokemon that can out look it. By far the best Pokemon that sweep anyone in its way

If you know how to create strategies this pokemon will be virtually invincible ;) and his design is awesome look at his eyes and the back with his "wings", and don't forget... "It is believed that this Pokémon will steal the spirit of anyone peering into its hollow body from its back" best pokedex entry ever
When I first encountered one of these Pokemon it wiped my team out because I had no idea what wonder guard was and I was like what the hell it doesn't die!
Come on! Wonder Guard is the best ability and Shedinja is the only Pokemon who knows it!

I think it is one of the most reliable pokemon.
It levels up quickly, and it depends on how you train it then it will become very powerful. Once it evolves into Drifblim it will learn to fly! Plus it is both ghost and flying which is awesome, as this
Type isn't that common.
Speed is decent, but other than that, great Pokemon! And if you get one with aftermath, you can end the match with a bang.
I like how its Pokedex entry says it steals children who mistake it for a ballon, laugh out loud. Drifloon and Drifblim are my favorite shiny Pokemon.

24Arceus (Spooky Plate)
Its most powerful pokemon and with ghost type its so cool
What best poke ever
Arceus is not the strongest Pokemon-in fact, far from. Goodra is most likely the strongest psuedo legend statwise and its varying move pool

Really? 28? Her evolved form is up in the top ten, but she's all the way down here? Shame on all of you. A poke doesn't have to be fully evolved to be good. She gives every NU physical spinner nightmares. She burns them with her Will-'O-Wisp and that's all she wrote.
Looks really cool and has awesome moves
Kept up the Ghost-Type through Gen 2 single-handedly.Loves to scare people.'enough said.

He's not a ghost type is he I though he was a grass type not saying he not good I say he good too but gastly and him should be switched
Who Ever put Tropius on here must really love this Pokemon


I had a tropius once it swept the elite four

Enough said

It steals the like energy out of you! How Awesome is that? Plus, ghost and fire is a cool combonation. Inferno, Flame Burst, It has an okay moveset and Sp. Attack. Also it is cute. K bye.





Shuppet's SUPERcute! The thorn on it's head contains very strong powers.
Agreed In Fact I'm shiny hunting for it right now

Eviolite, Using eviolite on this Pokemon is a must, toxic 100% hit and you can use swords dance to increase its low attack.
Doublade is better than Aegislash

Are you mad it is not even a ghost type Pokemon

How can people not love adorable frillish? Frillish comes in different colours and can learn great water and ghost type moves. Eg. surf, shadow ball and pretty much any strong water or ghost HM/TM. Finally, frillish evolves into the strong jellicent!
Frillish is awesome and it is really strong. I once beat a Jellicent with one move with my Frillish.
I think it is better than its evolved form.

Pretty good.
Especially if you name it "ponedge" not honedge -

Kicks ass not even in its category!
Ya it was a champions Pokemon
Not a ghost type!

Not a ghost type!


Gogoat is not a ghost type!

Luvdisc is not a ghost type!

Darkrai is not a ghost type!
He is a legend
Can make you have night mares


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