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Pretty cool looking, otherwise pathetic

It's the worst Pokemon in the world

He just looks amazing! Cute and cool. Definitely one of my favourite ghost types. :-)

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I was in third grade getting my first Pokemon card pack, and the very first card I saw was Misdreavus, and I instantly loved her. I just love her in the games as well, and her design is great! But there was another ghost type I really like too, and that is Banette. Ugh! They are both so awesome! I don't know who to decide!

Really? 28? Her evolved form is up in the top ten, but she's all the way down here? Shame on all of you. A poke doesn't have to be fully evolved to be good. She gives every NU physical spinner nightmares. She burns them with her Will-'O-Wisp and that's all she wrote.

Looks really cool and has awesome moves

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I think it is one of the most reliable pokemon.
It levels up quickly, and it depends on how you train it then it will become very powerful. Once it evolves into Drifblim it will learn to fly! Plus it is both ghost and flying which is awesome, as this
Type isn't that common.

Speed is decent, but other than that, great Pokemon! And if you get one with aftermath, you can end the match with a bang.

I like how its Pokedex entry says it steals children who mistake it for a ballon, laugh out loud. Drifloon and Drifblim are my favorite shiny Pokemon.


When I first encountered one of these Pokemon it wiped my team out because I had no idea what wonder guard was and I was like what the hell it doesn't die!

Come on! Wonder Guard is the best ability and Shedinja is the only Pokemon who knows it!

Why is shedinja not higher on the list? I have swept entire teams thanks to wonder guard. It has sucky stats but the fact that only five types can hit it is pretty amazing.

Good one to have

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It steals the like energy out of you! How Awesome is that? Plus, ghost and fire is a cool combonation. Inferno, Flame Burst, It has an okay moveset and Sp. Attack. Also it is cute. K bye. - Swaggy11

26Arceus (Spooky Plate)

Arceus is not the strongest Pokemon-in fact, far from. Goodra is most likely the strongest psuedo legend statwise and its varying move pool

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Phantump is both adorable and creepy if you understand the description in the pokedex.

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He's not a ghost type is he I though he was a grass type not saying he not good I say he good too but gastly and him should be switched

Who Ever put Tropius on here must really love this Pokemon - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

Not even a ghost. It should be because I forgot it existed

Can't beat this haunting Pokemon

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With shadow tag, you can give your opponents nightmares (Pun intended). The shiny of this thing is amazing

Gengar Gengar Genar. This guy will finish off everyone in 3 moves or less when having good moveset. Having so many resistances, he dominates mega evolutions easily

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He has two forms: cute and strong. This Hoopa entry counts for both. It also has mysterious rings that appear everywhere is ORAS

I think hoopa's special attack stat is op. Even though I prefer hoopa unbound.

Hoopa a mythical Pokemon it should be first

It deserves to be top on this list with its awesome ability

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Decidueye is just so beautiful! I especially love the grass ghost typing. I chose it for my starter and I haven't regretted it!

Amazing pokemon nothing better then a ghost and grass typing, and its an owl pokemon can it get any better

I am in LOVE with this pokemon! I named mine "Oliver" after the Green Arrow


Are you mad it is not even a ghost type Pokemon

Can people please not put up other types?

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Such a cool and cute design.
I love saying this Pokemon's name! It's a cute, original name. - eventer51314


Chose darkrai cause his my favourite Pokemon out of all

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Shuppet's SUPERcute! The thorn on it's head contains very strong powers.

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Eviolite, Using eviolite on this Pokemon is a must, toxic 100% hit and you can use swords dance to increase its low attack.

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Kicks ass not even in its category!

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