Best Girls Generation (SNSD) Songs

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The Top Ten

I Got a Boy
The song is a bit unpredictable.. It certaintly isn't for everyone, but however I just love it, it's so dynamic and as much as I love the Old GG this song is a departure from their usual music, but I LOVE IT. The beats, the chorus, everything is very catchy, probably my favorite part would have to be Sica's last part <3 I think it was a different experience. SOSHI FIGHTING
This song is brilliant! Really, a new revolution.. It sounds like 5 songs but each song is amazing... Really from cute to fierce to a a fast beat... This song is a master peas!
This so Amazing song
[Newest]This song is the best

Gee is awesome
i can't stop hear it and keep replay until I get tired

so addicting.
I think Gee is the best GG song. Well, this song make their breakthrough. Without this song GG wouldn't be this famous this days.

Not only that, I think the choreography is cute. When I first saw the mv, I felt in love with GG.

In addition, Gee is the only mv for GG to hit more than 100 million. This prove than many SONE love this song and couldn't stop watching the mv.

Moreover, the lyrics is very catchy. Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby.
I love Gee so much because Gee was the first song that I heard from SNSD this is the song that made me a SONE. I love the tone and the beats! It was so cute and sweet
[Newest]Gee gee gee it was amazing

Sowoneul marhaebwa. This song is the best. Very cute, very good. In this song, their voice are very amazing. Very awesome. They make everything to be best. But as for me genie is the best in their songs. I like another their songs but I like it the best. "Into the new world, " "Gee, The boys " are also good. But I will pick Genie forever. I love "Genie and SnSd". Fighting. PHEW! =-O
Genie is the best song in the world. Genie is lovely. I love genie.
Good good good very good. I'm genie for you wish. Come on.
[Newest]The song that got me into Kpop!

4The Boys
I love this song so much in this song yoona's voice is improving and they knowit that they bring the boys out.
This is my favorite song from snsd because in their stepings they have their own styles..
This song rocks. when I heard the chorus I fell for it
[Newest]I love the sweet voice of yoona! And I can easily understand it because they used English language

5Into the New World
Their first song, their first start, their first to being top of the world.
Because this song are very very beautiful, look good and pretty
Like thiss!
This song marks the start of their journey to fame. This song was the song that captured many fans heart. Without this song, SNSD won't be as famous as they are.
[Newest]This song means a lot to both fans and snsd. First song, first win. This song made them who they are. Also the lyrics of the song captured many hearts. It's the theme song for sones.

6Run Devil Run
I love how fierce and angry this is, such passion! Also, LOVE THE OUTFITS. My favorite song ever!
Honestly, a lot of SNSD songs are hit or miss for me... but this song is AWESOME.
My only idol in run devil run is sunny because she is beautiful cute and all my love for my idol name is sunny Lee I love you my idol
[Newest]It was spooky but I liked it a lot

First time make falling love with snsd, and look jessica very gorgeous woman! (♥▿♥ʃƪ)
This song has such an upbeat and cheerful mood. The girls show their cute side in this :3 It makes me want to go hang out or go to the mall. The energy it suddenly brings from nowhere is amazing.
Oh! Is different a like it so much the beat is so good..
[Newest]That's right, the song is simply great, better than I got a boy in my opinion

8Mr. Mr.
Mr. Mr. Is just awesome! I think it's even better than IGAB. What the hell is Mr. Mr. doing way down here? Maybe just because it was released just a few days ago.. I hope more people vote this song!
It's better than I GOT A BOY, and I really like the concept that SNSD gives, and the simple movement of their dance is quite memorable & easy to practice. 1 thing I can't resist is that Hyoyeon is becoming a new visual of this promotional picture.
This song is so catchy! It deserves to be in the Top 5! Taeyeon sounds amazing in this song.
[Newest]This song is just so good it needs to get no 3 at least. Sorry if any spelling errors have tank place.

This one should be the number 1 for sure
Bad the girl generation...!
I like the dresses that you dressed is not favorite color what is your favorite color
[Newest]It is a great song. you want to dance while listening to it!

10Mr. Taxi (Japanese Version)
This should be number two!
We don't like your taste, we like hot songs, those songs we can feel the beat; follow the beat; falling love with the beat!
It is cool it should be on 2 place! Laugh out loud this song is good
Because there all pretty there
[Newest]This song is always good to listen and dance.

The Contenders

11Hoot (Korean Version)
This song has a catchy beat and its overall a great song from SNSD!
I like this song I vote
I love you sunny Lee Berry much mmmhua mmmhua love you love you sunny your voice so cute like a princess in th e casell or a kingdom of frozen olive sunny leee

I love the 3 of them but 2 girls is my favorite forts is the leader names Kim taeyeon and second is tiffany like a couple name is tawny I love this3 girls love you macnaie
I love this song. And I love Tiffany
I think twinkle song is amazing I love Yuri
[Newest]I love taeyeon. Cutie.

13Kissing You
It's the song that got them on track to where they are today. And it's one of my favorites
Best snsd song ever!
I will kiss you every day every night my idol is Jessica jung any her sister KrystaI want the heirs because your sister is so good in acting so I'm verry souprizedbbecause I don't now krystal is in the heirs I love you Jung sister

14All My Love Is for You
Nice harmony, I like tiffany in here
I love this song. It should be in the first place. ♥
My sexy idol is sunny but her smilebcomfots me with her beautiful eyes I love sunny lee

This should definitely be the best song of Girls' Generation. It is the simple communication between SNSD and SONEs.
This is such the most meaningful song among their songs for me ;-)
This is the most meaningful song to SNSD! It is just amazing

16Dancing Queen
I really like dancing queen a lot it needs to get no 4 please vote

17Baby Baby
Love you girls generation hart hart hart

18Time Machine
This song's just amazing! It's so sweet and melancholy at the same time and the MV -, it's just perfect! This shouldn't be the 18th song, come on!
I want the sort hair my idol is sunny Lee and taeyeon tiffany and Jessica and Yuri yoona and also sooyoung and seiyoun it hard to spell it love you hyoyeon
Time Machine is an amazing song. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful beat and beautiful voices. ( ♥ )

19Beep Beep
The most amazing song I heard!
I love song and the dance and the dresses I love most it is the voice love you sunny lee
Must be around 5 seriously


20Flower Power
Am I the only one who thinks this song is totally awesome!
the Chorus is JUST PERFECTION super catchy, well composed! And it actually has such amazing lyrics!
not mentioning that 50% of the song is actually in English!
A song with good lyrics about real world and people pretending to be beautiful to attract others with a nice beat to the song.
This is Great Song! I like the beat and their moves that's so AMAIZING!

21Galaxy Supernova
I love it go with the flow girls laugh out loud thanks to you all love girls keep love snsd and the girls generation every days
I love the song, the dance and their style. It's totally an awesome song
They are very beautiful with their colorful dresses.. Love it

22Romantic Street
I like jessica's last part in this song :D it's just so adorable. I love this song very much!

23Girls' Generation
The Fun Song, a happy song, I LIKE THE SONG!
As well as the song having some great harmonies and high notes from Taeyeon/Sica, some of the facial expressions in this video make my day every time I watch it. Sarangahaeyo SNSD!

24Bad Girl
The bad girl it so feeling my heat because I'm a skirt bad girl to but my only want is to be in my idol beside in there concert because the if the concert is started I want to go but is hard because I just stop be a bad girls this music's is my 5favorite song I ever head I love girls generation keep calm and love snsd love ya so much hart hart hart
I just love this song, I agree that it's very underrated. I love Hyoyeon's part and Taeyeon's voclas throughout!
One of my favorite snsd songs period.

25My Oh My
My oh my is wonderful song
The music video for this song is complete gold, also the English is perfect ❤
My o my is my 6 songs but my taeyoen is not so nice voice she is my idol in dancing love you Kim taeyeon

26Wait a Minute
I don't know this song because I don't here in another days what is this love slow song or a fast song
I litterally adore Hyoyeons voice in this song! :) it's a bit upsetting that she doesn't have more lines :(

27Let It Rain
This song is very beautiful and emotional.

28Lingua Franca
I love you sunny Lee and taeyeon and tiffany and Jessica and Yuri and other member of the girls generations thank you my idols hart hart hart
Its a nice song for me. I get so fun in thi song.
This is one of the bests! 😍💕🎶

29Dear Mom
I love Dear Mom,
This song is for all mom in the world


Dear mom is for our belovely mother. In this song, SNSD realized that they love their mother. I very love this song
Whenever I hear this song I probably think of my mom. And I feel sad for tiffany who lost her mother at a very young age.

I don't know exactly about this song meaning but, I think get a lot of fun in this song

Fantastic song... Should of been released with a mv
This is such a great song! I'm surprised it's way down here
But still, it's difficult to pick the very best songs in snsd because they have so many good ones
It like a chocolate love song
[Newest]Happy song I like this

32Mr. Taxi
I love this chorus! It is some kind of interesting! And it is like a Japanese anime song when you get to the final!
I really love this song


I really love this song! Very recommended song

35Visual Dreams
Musically, it's one of the most interesting songs from their entire discography, with the fun electro-pop sound and catchy, infectious feel. This is also one of the most interesting GG concepts--the cute androids/robots in love, with adorable choreography.
Is great, I love sunny
I like the dance songs love you girls

36Expresss 999
This song is amazing, how can you not love it?!
I love the baby faces of all of you love hart hart hart
One of their best songs, they reflect the concept of IGAB album perfectly!

37Baby Maybe
I love how sweet, Classic, and exciting this Song is..
I love this songs, its really relax and peaceful. 😆And every body sings solo great!
I love this song

38Chocolate Love
I love this because all your voice is ferry Berry beautiful love you Hart Hart keep calm sunny love all fans who love you all most and keep smiling because you are so cute talented to me because you are my idol
Chocolate love is my most favourite song of snsd. This song is very sexy
Even though it's an advertisement song, it's still a brilliant song by the girls, and I really like the sexy but classy concept wih this one, especial with Sunny.

39Star, Star, Star
So sad and beautiful. The emotion expressed is very moving and unique.
This song is placed so low...

40Born to Be a Lady

41Stay Girls
This song is very great to hear it, you guys must hear this song, because this song has give me a bravely and be a real girl
Love the girls generation and love also taeyeon and keep calm when there is danger or fighting each other love you tiffany Yuri yoona of course my idol sunnny Lee

42Tell Me Your Wish
I've listened to this song since 2010 and never get bored. This is definitely one of snsd's best song ever
My favorite song so far, the cutest inspirational song for me ever.
I love you my leader Kim taeyeon

43How Great Is Your Love
Are you kidding?! This is the best song ever! Jessica's voice is amazing in here. It should be in the first place of this list. Common people, vote on this song more. I mean, this is meaningful so, so amazing. I can repeat it over and over again

Is loud song I want to sing all of an and your echo song love you

La verdad, el ritmo es bueno.

46Say Yes
I love this song.. ! Cause this song can make me feel so happy!
I will like I'm in the snow when I sing it

47Lazy Girl
This song makes me smile when I wake up
The song is so fun. Written by the leader, kim taeyeon.
Are you lazy girl, taeyeon?

48Everyday Love
This one needs to go up higher than this!
Great slow beat song. Fits perfectly for Jessica's voice.
One of their best Japanese songs everrr

49Love & Girls
Best japanese album ever!
Best Japanese song! Proud to be a sone from Indonesian
I like the way their dancing


51Baby Steps

52My Best Friend

Oh! My god yunyulseo and taeyeon and ganda ganda nio talaga...!

54Talk Talk
How is this so low


It's a sweet song and the lyrics denote members feelings towards their fans.
Chorus has a lovely and emotional feel to it


I love this song ♥download it

59Karma Butterfly

Musically, this is one of the very best SNSD songs, with really pleasing and catchy melody and arrangement, and the lyrics is wistful but also optimistic.
It's so relaxing. For me this is one of the best songs of SNSD. It has a catchy tune and a rejuvenating feel. "You are the only one. YOUNGWONHEE ~"

As soon as I listened to this song I could not stop singing to it, so catchy!
I love this song, it should be 4th, why is this so low.

It truly is a divine song. The final song of snsd before jessica left. jessica's high pitched 'We are always
One' line makes every sane person's heart ache when listening to it. jessica will always be a part of soshi in my heart

63Top Secret (Shake the Tree)
Love this song, the chorus is the best!



66Cabi Song
Yoona is sexy and yuri is favorite snsd

67Look at Me

68The Great Escape
This song has a catchy melody along with great harmonization and adlibs, not to mention a fun theme. Top-ten worthy in my opinion!

The best track from their new EP "Mr. Mr.", in my opinion. The harmonies are excellent, the rap isn't bad, it's got energy and some beautiful high notes from Taeyon and Seohyun.

Beautiful tune. Could be an OST for a Chinese drama


These girls prove that they will not easily destroy or break by anything happens in their life and career as a group... Love it!

73Day by Day
This is the sweetest song with the cutest music video ❤
This is a cutest and sweet songs... They are so cute in this MV... Lovely! ^^

Love this song, especially in the oh and ah~part when sunny sings after taeyon's "habing some fun"

75Only U
This song is lyrics by SNSD Seohyun.
This song is sooo good. The chorus is just beautiful. The people I knew who didn't like kpop or never listened to it before changed their opinion on kpop after I sent this song to them. that's how good it us. I hope this can reach at least top 20 soon because it really is a lovely song

76Omg (Oh My God)

77Gossip Girls

In terms of coolness factor, this song ties with The Great Escape, but is catchier and more fun.

79I'm In Love With the Hero

I really love this song more than I love mr. Mr! You guys have to listen to this song!

81Show! Show! Show!

82I'm a Diamond


84My J
This is a very lovely song. I love it

85? ?! Way to Go
Just like it's name, hearing to this song makes me feel better and give me strength.
I really really love this song although all of their songs are my favourite...
I feel relaxed when I'm listening to this song..
That's why it is called Himnae Himnae means Feel Better..

861, 2 Step


This song is awesome! Really good beat and vocals, Sica has a really good high note and Hyoyeon rocks
What?! This song needs a higher rank! It's so epic to dance to! Come on guys!

This song is so good! This and flower power are my favourite snsd songs!
This song is so catchy, at first I thought it was ok but later it grows on and I like it even more now

90Blue Jeans
I'm going to assume that this isn't already on the list because it's newer. It is a great song. It is a little chaotic like I Got A Boy, but it's happier. You really feel good after listening to this song.


91Chain Reaction

92Show Girls

Please add this song. It's my favorite.


94Back Hug
An amazing ballad that people should be able to vote for.



96Let's Talk About Love

97Girls & Peace

98Not Alone

99Lost In Love
I can't believe this isn't on this list.



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