Top Ten Best Goth Rock Bands

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All her songs have great messages and haunting lyrics
They have to be number 1 - sweet sacrafice, haunted, going under, bring me to life, lacrimosa, weight
Of the world,... The list goes on
The best thing I ever heard about... When I listen to them it seems like I am in some other world, the world made by ev's. They are awesome that's why they have such die-hard fans. No matter we have to wait for 4 long years but now when they have just returned, I feels like we are still alive. And Amy... What can I say about her *my fallen angle*. Her voice is divine, flawless. She's the best. Hope all music lovers like their new Magic- self titled album as I like it very much.
I totally love Evanescence their songs are deep and meaningful. They certainly have to be the best goth rock band! And off course Amy Lee compliments the band further with her amazing vocals that is just out of this world and kinda gives you the goosebumps.. And not to mention her adeptness in playing the piano, gosh she sings and plays the piano at the same time effortlessly! I respect her because she ain't like some other female artists who rely more on their sex appeal rather than talent to sell their songs. Not saying that all artists are like that but sadly nowadays many lack real talent like Amy Lee and their songs are just meaningless. So, now I listen more to Evanescence amd truly enjoy their songs as I love rock and they sure know how to rock it with those great guitar riffs, impressive drums and chillingly good vocals! Someday hope to attend their concert.
[Newest]Epic lyrics, epic voice, epic melodies. Just epic.
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2The Cure
I can't believe the cure isn't number one! Not only because they were pioneers but because of their DIFFERENT music! Sorry but I sometimes can't tell or simply hear the difference between the the other bands while the cure has and always had their sound! + each album is so different of the others, some of their songs aren't Gothic at all (lovecats, how beautiful you are), their lyrics are so good, no, the cure has definitively something the others haven't... It's one of the greatest pop/gothic*rock bands of the late '70s, the '80s, the 90's... And they still are!
Even Robert Smith said in numerous interviews that THE CURE IS NOT A GOTHIC band. So I don't even understand why they are here. The cure is cure.
The Cure are true pioneers of the gothic genre. Plus, Robert Smith's haircut will always be superior. ;)
Single handily evolved the goth punk genre into goth rock with the 1982 album Pornography. Still head and shoulders above most of their counter parts even today.
[Newest]Robert Smith was doing this stuff long before any of the band members of the other band were even born! There is no comparison in the quality of their either! Not like the utter bollocks you hear today
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This band must be number 1
Best songs :
Join me in death, The funeral of hearts, Pretending, The Heartless, Sleepwalking Past Hope and all the rest.
HIM is my number one since 1999. I love HIM songs with Gothic influences, such us: Don't Fear The Reaper, It's All Tears (Drown In This Love), Join Me In Death, Poison Girl, Right Here In My Arms, Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart, The 9th Circle, Pretending, In Joy And Sorrow, Funeral Of Hearts, The Sacrament, Sweet Pandemonium, Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly, Killing Loneliness, Kiss Of Dawn, Cyanide Sun, In Venere Veritas, Heartkiller, Shatter Me With Hope, Love The Hardest Way, Ode To Solitude, In The Arms Of Rain, Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness).
"Under the Rose" she looked at me while moving her "Wings of a Butterfly" and gave me "The Kiss of Dawn" which let my "Soul on Fire" which made "The Path" clear to "Enjoy the Silence" while telling her how "Beautiful" she is laying "Right Here in my Arms" before I "Loose You Tonight" and she said no one can "Love You The Way I do" which "Scared to Death" the
"Solitary Man" who I was before I offered "Summer Wine" so she could "Join Me In Death" and be "Buried Alive by Love"
[Newest]Literally the best band around
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4The Sisters of Mercy
A little lesson for you voters who don't have this goth thing quite down yet... Bauhaus was an earthquake in the music industry and inspired the likes of Joy Division and The Sisters of Mercy (often jokingly referred to as the "Sisters of Murphy" gave birth to the pathetic populist Evanescence, and their ilk. Goth was deep, dark and intelligent, and the genre was most likely manic just like Andrew Eldritch. Witness all the copycat bands like The Cure isn't even a real goth band, the disintegration album only had the same producer/ same sound. The Cult/Southern Death Cult are mostly the same guys, only nobody really liked the southern part. The Mission uk were made up of guys who wanted to be called The Sisterhood, formerly of the Sisters of Mercy, but couldn't be, and eventually spun us right round as Dead or Alive, after trying to sell the Sisters track Black Planet as Dance on Glass. My bootleg of Dance on Glass is terrible... Anyway, the point of all this is that the influence on has on others by what you create yourself is the greatest measure of your own greatness, and Evanescence, HIM and Nightwish influenced nobody.
Copying some aspects of an earlier post. Goth is deep, dark, and intelligent with rich textures that evoke a mood in the listener. Bauhaus was an earthquake in the music industry and inspired the likes of Joy Division, and The Sisters of Mercy. The Cure was Goth back when they did 17 Seconds, Faith, and, Pornography. There was the Southern Death Cult who became The Cult. The Cult were friends with The Mission UK. The Mission UK was made up of ex-members of Sisters of Mercy. Early on when they broke from Sisters they tried to hold onto name recognition with Sisterhood. The demo version of Dance on Glass is horrible, but the revised version on the Mission UK album is a pretty good song, and no longer sounded like Black Planet. Let's not forget Christian Death as a great and influential Goth group. I personally have difficulty seeing what similarity Evanescence, HIM and Nightwish have to any Gothic Rock groups except for image. Image is not enough for me. There needs to be substance.
I totally agree with the previous poster - most of the entries above the Sisters on this list would probably not even exist if it were not for the Sisters. This band pretty much INVENTED modern Goth Rock. Yes, Bauhaus laid the template, and the Cure and the Banshees moulded the idea, but it was the Sisters who became the model for all future Goth Rock bands in terms of their sound and look. Even with their limited releases they still epitomise what Goth Rock should be about - not the commercial, oh-so-pretty pretenders who appeal to the Goth-teens of today (judging by those positioned above the Sisters in this list). The Sisters of Mercy are, and will always be, the true Godfathers of Goth. For me only the mighty Fields of the Nephilim come close.
[Newest]Evanescence is NOT Gothic... we eat emo's though I do like her music... its just not right to crown the wrong king

What the hell, man? Evanescence are not Goth-Rock--Bauhaus and The Cure are classic Goth bands. HIM are practically metal.
Unfortunatley most young people today don't really undersatand what Goth-Rock is. A shame really because every Goth-Rock list is plagued with Evanescence and Nightwish. Bauhaus pioneered and created Goth Rock, in my opinion.
I heard of Bauhaus before, and I'm only 14. I am sick of these kids claiming Evanescence is the GOAT of goth rock bands. In fact, Evanescence are actually overrated. Even The Cure were more goth, and they only had a few goth albums. But you are correct, Bauhaus did form Goth Rock.


Why does the top 3 not contain any goth bands.. Bauhaus are one the the earliest goths bands if not the earliest. Peter Murphy is still putting on excellent solo shows.
[Newest]There is no goth without Bauhaus.
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I LOVE the new singer! I do enjoy the old music sung by Tarja but I definitely enjoy the new singer more.
I do love Nightwish. Both Tarja and Anette are good. Their music is very nice to listen to and I like how the songs tell stories that seem to come to life. Marco's singing is also super awesome.
I really do love Nightwish specially the old vocalist Tarja.. Her voice is so angelic compare to their new one and I like the lyrics of their song also.
[Newest]Best band in the world

7Siouxie & The Banshees
You're not goth if you don't like Evanescence? I don't think people understand what goth really is! Siouxie, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, The Cure, Clan of Xymox, Faith ^^ The Muse, Cocteau Twins, Virgin Prunes, Joy Division... now THAT'S goth.
People aren't you forgetting. Theater de vampires there pretty awesome
In fact the true queen of goth... Whoever saw the on stage knows what I'm talking about. They were the ones who made the step from punk to goth and prepared the ground for the cure, the sisters, the mission, faith &the muse and all who followed
So so awesome! That's if your a goth. It makes you shiver just hearing there name. So listen to these and endure some pain!
[Newest]The one and only

8Joy Division
Listening to Joy Division in 2014 provides the mysterious uncertain pleasure of enjoying music far ahead of its time.
Bit of a problem here, the band who invented Goth Rock aren't even in the top ten. Really.
Joy Division is just the "mother" of all gothic bands.
[Newest]Should be in the top 5

9Christian Death
Guys, are you kidding me? What are Him, Evenescence and Rasmus doing here?

Christian Death is great especially because Rozz Williams - this man is pure goth
End Of Green, Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy, The Cure are also great, I don't know why Type O Negative isn't on that list.
What the hell is going on here? Has Hot Topic tainted the minds of our youth THIS much? Christian Death is maybe not the "greatest, " I'll leave that to Bauhaus and The Sisters of Mercy, but the belong on the top 5 at the very least. Evansescence? Nightwish? HIM? Marilyn Manson? Don't get me wrong, I like these artists (except for Evansescence, hate them posers) but they have no place here. Christian Death is my favorite though, and they truly are "Goth. " I will never come to this site again.
Uh, seriously? This needs no vote. should automatically be up there with Sisters and Bauhaus, top of the list with out any voting... too many great bands to make a proper list anyway.
[Newest]Really guys Marilyn manson isn't a Goth or Gothic band he is a shock rocker not a Goth I love his music I just don't really see Why he is here

10Within Temptation
When I heard this song I played it over and over again, their song "stand my ground" made my spine tingle
They're amazing, it's simple as that. Their musical style is very unique and the singer, Sharon Den Adel is very beautiful and so is her voice. They rock. Their latest album, The Unforgiving is a bit commercial if You ask me, but still, they remain my second favorite band, right behind Evanescence.
Sharon has a beautiful voice and love how it has the fully rock thing eg. See Who I Am one of their songs. Love them so much they are hot!
[Newest]In love with Within Temptation, probably my favorite band, but I'm not sure if I can vote them best Goth Rock band.

The Contenders

11Lacuna Coil
Lacuna coil rocks, with their guitars and just the singing itself. Can listen to them the whole day and still not get tired of that
Lacuna Coil deserves to be down towards the top 3. Cristina Scabbia all the way her voice is just so unique and beautiful. They are also from Italy!
I personally believe that this band's music is both inspirational and electrifying. With both cunning vocals and beautiful melodies, this band should be in the top 5. Nay! The top 3!


[Newest]14 really? Well opinion is always subjective but unfair to place this band so low.

12Type O Negative
Easily the most important Goth band in the history of time. This band combined goth and metal and punk into something so much more. They even brought HUMOR into the mix! COME ON PEOPLE.
I don't understand how Evanescence and Marilyn Manson are in the top 10, but the legendary Drab Four are not. That's like Skrillex ranking higher than Beethoven and Mozart on a list of the Top 10 classical composers.
How in the world is The Drab Four not on top? October Rust is one of my all-time favorite albums.
[Newest]Buy far the best goth band ever... where is frown on this list?

13Fields of the Nephilim
Got to be the number 1. They have created music with gothic atmosphere that no one can touch. They may not sell as much as stuff as some of the above but they, with the sisters of mercy, are the true gothic legends.
Maybe not number one but at least deserves top 10. Why the hell are they 48? They were one of the greatest and most influential goth bands out there
Greatest band out there.
[Newest]Best goth/rock band by far

14The Cult
Like the Sisters they weren't a goth band, the label came later, the Cult were a straight up rock band, and a damn good one at that. I saw them in 87 and 89, excellent band.
Damn right! I paid £5.50 to see them in 1987 - best fiver I ever spent.
The best. No more to say.

I wouldn't consider them goth, but their early synthpop tunes have large ties with the genre. Plus, most goths like them anyway, regardless of genre.

16Alice Cooper
WHAT KIND OFF LISE IS THIS?! HE SHOULD BE MORE HIGHER ON THE LIST songs like I love the dead, poison, cold ethyl, Killer album and heaps of other ones that I'll probably gonna keep going till next year

17Killing Joke
Revelations, Fire Dances, and Night Time all have a very powerful Gothic feel. They're not really Goth any more though, they're much closer to Industrial Metal.

18The Shroud
The very first song I heard from The Shroud was "Caged Bird" on a goth compilation CD. Lydia's vocals has spelled bound me ever since. It's hard to list in order my favorite songs. My TOP 5 FAVORITE SONGS by THE SHROUD. 1) Prophecy 2) Collector 3) Let Go 4) Pandora 5) Apology. I'm a Native American Artist, and these songs created some awesome inspiration for me in my art work and outlook on life. I think The Shroud is highly under rated. They're inspirational in lyrics and music. Love The Shroud and Love Lydia :D
A list that doesn't have Sisters, Siouxsie, or the Cure at #1 is sure to miss this standout band from the 90's. Every bit as nuanced and striking the perfect emotional tune on all levels, if you have not added The Shroud to your collection of 2nd generation Goth trailblazers, you owe it to yourself to run, not walk, to amazon (or your local music connection) to at least die having heard this sublime music and the superlative vocals of Lydia Fortner-Walker.
Highly underrated goth band. They're often included in goth compilation albums due to songs like "She... " and "Alice"


19Faith and the Muse
They are the most talented
Great band and still egsist. Nigtwish and Evanesence are not Gothic rock, you must now children.
Not exactly goth, more like deathrock

20Nine Inch Nails

21Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Mainly associated with goth due to The Birthday Party, though their early Post-Punk days could be considered goth.

22Merciful Nuns

Poisonblack best band period. Hands down no contest.
BEST band in the whole wide world!
Poisonblack is awesome period. Doesn't matter who the singer is. JP or Ville. I have to mention Him The 69 Eyes & Lacrimas Profundere all should be in the top 5 other bands I really like are Paradise Lost The Rasmus 45 Grave The Damned. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion. This is just mine. Goth Rock Punk Metal Period it's all good. I can't believe my ears with hip hop it's just down right terrible.

24Paradise Lost
Simply the greatest! These guys have never made the same album twice. Always evolving & challenging the listener. The creators of gothic metal & sadly underrated.
Pioneers of the gothic metal/rock genre, experimented with electronic sounds in the 90s and released solid albums.
Seriously. This is just AWESOME.

25Dead Can Dance
Outstanding band, the greatest simply another class of music
Their songs bring me to the Space!

26Clan of Xymox
CoX here? Must be a joke! With their many albums and 30 years of history, it is THE BAND number 1 in this ranking!
Should be Top 20!


27The Fallacy
The fallacy deserves to be here, they keep the original gothic sound with new refreshing ideas.
This is real goth rock
The best band, great sound

28Inkubus Sukkubus
This is the best band ever. The first time I ran across them was by mistake well a lot of my new fave have been by mistake. They have been the best mistake ever.
Respect:)beautiful dark romantic which metal,
Best Pagan Goth band on the planet

29Alien Sex Fiend
Took Goth and evolved it.

Drunk, stupid and goth. Best of the second generation.

31Das Kabinette

32Corpus Delicti
Because they actually ARE goth, unlike E.G. nightwish or evanescence... Also, because they recorded many great and valuable trancks. Valuable for the goth rock history. As simple as this.

33The Mission UK
This band is great but bands like Marilyn Manson, The Rasmus, Evanescence etc shouldn't even be here. You guys do not know Goth. You guys do not know emo either, most of you labelling Marilyn Manson "Goth" or "emo" really need to do some research.
Message to the Evanescence fans : please listen first five Mission Uk albums and later we talk again what is Gothic Rock. (i can't believe Evanescence on the top)
Beside The Cult and Sisters, this band is a PILLAR of gothic (even though Wayne Hussey doesn't consider themselves as goth)

34Mephisto Walz

35The Birthday Party
This system is utterly flawed. How are The Birthday Party at 82?
This band invented goth rock in the late 70s. Everyone has simply followed their blueprint. Without Nick Cave and Rolland Howard the genre wouldn't exist!

36Sex Gang Children
Andi Sex Gang and his followers were the first to be described as "goths"!
Yes! Saraband for dead lovers and skin must be my fave.


38Draconian Incubus

Just listen to "The Mind Maelstrom"

The atmosphere this band manages to create is the essence of gothic music. Period.

41The Faces of Sarah
I had the opportunity to support Nick and the boys of The Faces of Sarah on a few occasions and it was always a delight and a pleasure to watch them play and hear Nick sing... The Faces of Sarah should be higher up the list...
Nicks voice takes Goth to a new level. Fatalistic warning is purely sublime
This band is phenomenal, so different from the rest and the vocalist is just mind blowing
[Newest]Best rock for me singer is fantastic Nick Schultz.

42The Birthday Massacre
Being Canadian, music wise I have been rather disappointed, and wondering what our country has come down to (Justin Bieber, Nickelback) but when I discovered them my faith had been restored.
Awesome band. If you haven't heard them yet you are missing out! They are Goth Electronica. The lead singer Chiba's voice will haunt you deep into your soul! If you like them also try Bella Lune
They are WAY more goth than Evanescence!

43Southern Death Cult
VERY different to Death Cult, even though the vocalist is the same person. The self-titled compilation album shows very well what gothic rock really is. I wouldn't expect them to be on the top 10, but Evanescence, HIM, Nightwish, and Marilyn Manson don't deserve to be on this list at all.

44Cauda Pavonis
These guys are a strong resurgence of what is Goth. There is modern Goth and it certainly isn't HIM or Evanescence, It's Cauda Pavonis.
Truly carrying the flag for dark romantics. Go listen to their stuff and vote!

One of the best with their smashing guitars, epic solos, and vocals that are just really addictive, this band is a true discovery in goth music
Their albums the dying day lights and downhearted are just amazing
At least their name has more thought in it than most... Awesome!
Great band, have been listening to them years.

46Icon & the Black Roses

47The Naked and the Dead

48For My Pain

Nosferatu is just absolutley amazing. Crysania is my favorite song by them. Their music has sort of the creepy and eerie sound to it, that I happen to just adore!
The REAL DEAL. NO masquerading as Post Punk or whatever the current hip buzzword is. NOSFERATU have been at the forefront of Gothic Rock for a quarter of a century.

50The House of Usher

51The Gathering

Epica blasting the world!,
Epica deserves a higher place on this scale!
Epica belongs at the top of this list

5345 Grave
One of the most darkly rockgoth I have heard...Christian death is my absolute favorite and these guys belong right next to Rozz

54Dreadful Shadows
Although not part of the original goth scene, these guys have the essence of proper gothic music, sadly no longer a band, but up there with clan of xymox cruxshadows and spawned bands like tenebre, terminal choice & lucyfire dreadful ARE goth, unlike the symphonic rock bands that claim to be goth

I wish I was at home listening to Swans :(

Sentenced is a true black rose of black roses, Sentenced is a band that you'll never find again, it showed you true lifes fears nd the pain of living nd staying alive with out the 1 you care 4, whats the point of living if you don't have the 1 thing you love most, to bad this band broke up

57The Rasmus
I wont call them Goth but immortal, dead promised, dancer in the dark and the whole hide from the sun album does show hints of it..
they are really good with Immortal


I absolutely love The Rasmus and Hide from the Sun is a dark and mysterious album plus Lauri Ylönen is so cute

The Marble Index (1969), it may not be 100% gothic, but songes like "Evening of Light" and "Roses in the Snow" are gothic in my opinion, so I think she deserves some if of the credit...

59Cocteau Twins

60Black Widow

61The Last Dance

62Cradle of Filth
I guess no one knows pure gothic rock huh?.. Cradle of filth is the greatest and nothing can take their place. They are more important than the food ya eat and the air ya breath.
Seriously, clearly no one has listened to any of their songs they are pure gold. they deserve more then a pathetic place at 60 they are the kings of metal!
Cradle of filth should b right among the top ones... Dani filth's voice seems ideal for this genre... N the bone-chilling music completely mesmerises any gothic music lover...
[Newest]After listening "Bathory Aria" I became a fan.

63Sense of Destiny
Look at YouTube; some excellent sounds

I wonder why no one knows this great band but if you listen to one of its songs you'll never forget it.
Its a good definition of GOTH METAL.


66The 69 Eyes
At least number 5, there song dead girls are easy is one of the best songs ever, back in blood agen another great gothic song. Come on you can not miss them out of the top 10
A mix of Type-O Negative, Sisters of Mercy and HIM all wrapped into one tragically beautiful package, great work guys.

Excellent sound, 4 cellists that know how to create atmosphere

Schakal piano version is one the best gothic song ever

69Das Ich

70End of You

Lullacry is the best gothic band on the planet. Especially their album: crucify my heart, track: heart of darkness! GENIUS.

72Theatre of Tragedy
Each of their albums/songs have such an amazing, beautiful touch. Even their demo tape is so eerily peaceful to listen.

Easily the most underrated goth rock band of all time.
The gratest gothic metal band in the world, pioneers of the "beauty and the beast", pioneer of Gothic/Industrial metal, pioneers on female fronted, 20 years of legend. They had the most beautiful lyrics written in old english and german, two beautiful voices (Liv and Nell), the beast keyboards in metal (Lorentz Aspen) and the greatest songwritter in the world, Raymond Rohonyi!

Great vocals, the dual singers add a real depth to it. I'd say they are really underrated.

74Virgin Prunes

The best of the modern bands though they have been around pretty long. Heavy vampire influence, but the sounds is definitely more traditional gothic. There new single is very very Sisters of Mercy, Peter Murphy, impressive. Like the Sisters spirit is with it in sound.
Awesome love your music
Blutengel are truly wonderful. Goth for the 21st Century. Brilliant vocals, wonderful lyrics and catchy tunes. Just wish tgey would tour UK.

76Public Image Ltd.
Want to know what's the closest thing to Gothic Rock? No, it's not Gothic Metal, it's Post-Punk. All the essential Goth albums (The Cure's "Pornography", Siouxsie & the Banshee's "Juju", Bauhaus' "In the Flat Field") have strong ties to Post-Punk. And Public Image Ltd were very essential to Post-Punk. Plus, as the comment below (or above) says, they're more Gothic than some the bands getting into the Top 10 (Nightwish, HIM, Evanescence)
Not very gothic but great music still
Maybe not goth but they're closer to it than most of the band I see on here.

77Deine Lakaien

78Eva O
The song One in a million I agree is ONE of her best, but I like Are You Ready To Die better. I was listening to her song Children of the light, I still think the other one better. But hey, that's my opinion not yours so...
Ever O should be at the top. She is the Queen of Goth.

79Chorus of Souls
Goth goddess Post-L.A. screamster Jill Sparks gives us Whirling Dervishes, Seaside Man and Ritual, and many others. The band Tool formed in her living room.

80The Crüxshadows
The most popular Goth/Dark-wave band in the world.
The Crüxshadows were the first band from the Gothic genre to receive permission to play in China, and in 2007 they became one of only a handful of western alternative bands to perform at the Greenpeace Midi Open-air Festival in Beijing.
In recent years, they have had several alternative chart toppers in Western Europe, and their festival shows have drawn audiences in excess of 20, 000 people. In fact, in 2005, The Crüxshadows headlined the free 4-day Bochem Total festival in Germany, which drew a total attendance of just under one million people.

In the United States, the band has had two Billboard #1 hits; the late 2006 release of "Sophia" (#1 Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales Chart, #7 Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart), and more recently in September 2007 with "Birthday" (#1 Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales Chart, #2 Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart). Both songs appear on the 2007 album release Dreamcypher. A third song, "Immortal, " reached the Billboard top ten in 2008 (#2 Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales Chart, #6 Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart).
78? These are more Goth than My Chemical Romance who are further up on the scale. I usually dislike bands with huge discographies but these were just an exception. Absolutely amazing. Some of my favourite songs are Heaven's Gaze, Nothing, Untrue, Birthday and Sophia.

What are bands like Lacuna Coil, Marilyn Manson and Evanescence doing on here?
I wish people would do some research before they label Evanescence as Goth.


82The March Violets

83Gene Loves Jezebel
Great band. Saw them supporting Billy Idol at Ingliston in 1991

One of the few good goth bands! Should be at least in the top ten! Songs like Post ludium, wish, march of the dead, Dusk till dawn. All of these are execellent songs, yet gothminister hardly gets any recognition!
Definitely to be included in top 10

85Yousei Teikoku
Incredible Japanese gothic band! You have to listen to this band, especially their song, "Gothic Lolita Agitator, " the awesomest song ever! They did the openings/endings for various animes, like Mirai Nikki, Seikon No Qwasar, etc. I listen to this band every day, and so should you.

Amazing band, nowhere, my dark place alone, summertime suicide all are great songs
Old school murderdolls, cus new school isn't as good.


88Leaves Eyes
The title saying best gothic rock bands then why the hack Leaves Eyes on 85.. And Evanescence on top... Seriously! Laugh out loud
Leaves eyes is the most beautiful ballade forever!


I love them it's my new favorite band

91We Are the Fallen
If Evanescence are at no. 1, We Are The Fallen should be at least top 20! Carly's voice is absolutely amazing!
Songs to check out are: Bury Me Alive, St. John, Without You, Tear The World Down, I Am Only One.
I love this band. Not particularly gothic, but they still are classed as gothic metal.

92The Legendary Pink Dots

93Jack Off Jill
Agree to disagree very good vocally and sound is complimentary to the vocals.
I agree they was a good band until they split up... But you did not include the best... Fear of dying. The singer (Jessicka or something I guess) is way better than the other bands singers.
Why is this not in the 10's or twenties b/c this band is wayy better than the others you people need to learn!

94London After Midnight

95Xmal Deutschland
Incubus Succubus was one of the best song of my goth times.

96The Danse Society

97Wednesday 13
Not Goth, but I bloody adore Wednesday 13... Haunt Me is my favourite

Soft and dark one Germany's best and is actual GOTH



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