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61 The Rasmus The Rasmus The Rasmus are a Finnish rock band that formed in 1994 in Helsinki while the band members were still in upper comprehensive school.

I wont call them Goth but immortal, dead promised, dancer in the dark and the whole hide from the sun album does show hints of it..

they are really good with Immortal
- OblivianRuler

I absolutely love The Rasmus and Hide from the Sun is a dark and mysterious album plus Lauri Ylönen is so cute

62 London After Midnight

This is amazing band with beautiful dark music and fantastic vocal.also they have vice texts in their songs. Why the hell they are not in top 10? Just listen to them and have an eargasm! )

63 Virgin Prunes

One of my absolute favourites! Rarely do bands combine amazing, idealistic and unique music with theatrical elements. Truly unique! Not necessarily "goth" goth though.

64 The Gathering
65 Divided Lives

Now this was a band! Pure energy live and the goth tones coming through via the recorded material. Just listen to Give Me Tomorrow and Infected to see what I mean. FYI.. The band were around in the 80's and 90's playing with the likes of Salvation, Every New Dead Ghost etc.

A great band with a driving bass similar to early New Model Army but then with Gothic tones over the top. Twilight years would be my favourite track.

So amazing! The singer Gavin is so talented!

Bring on a comeback tour!

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66 Lebanon Hanover
67 Public Image Ltd.

Want to know what's the closest thing to Gothic Rock? No, it's not Gothic Metal, it's Post-Punk. All the essential Goth albums (The Cure's "Pornography", Siouxsie & the Banshee's "Juju", Bauhaus' "In the Flat Field") have strong ties to Post-Punk. And Public Image Ltd were very essential to Post-Punk. Plus, as the comment below (or above) says, they're more Gothic than some the bands getting into the Top 10 (Nightwish, HIM, Evanescence)

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68 Carillon Del Dolore
69 Rosegarden Funeral
70 Sense of Destiny

Look at YouTube; some excellent sounds

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71 The 69 Eyes

At least number 5, there song dead girls are easy is one of the best songs ever, back in blood agen another great gothic song. Come on you can not miss them out of the top 10

Quite easy one of the best bands period. They can sound one way one song and totally different on another.

A mix of Type-O Negative, Sisters of Mercy and HIM all wrapped into one tragically beautiful package, great work guys.

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72 Cradle of Filth Cradle of Filth Cradle of Filth are a British extreme metal band that formed in Suffolk in 1991. The band's musical style evolved from black metal to a cleaner and more "produced" amalgam of gothic metal, symphonic black metal and other extreme metal styles.

I guess no one knows pure gothic rock huh?.. Cradle of filth is the greatest and nothing can take their place. They are more important than the food ya eat and the air ya breath.

Seriously, clearly no one has listened to any of their songs they are pure gold. they deserve more then a pathetic place at 60 they are the kings of metal!

After listening "Bathory Aria" I became a fan.

Father and Mother of gothic...

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73 Reflexion
74 Apocalyptica Apocalyptica Apocalyptica is a Finnish metal band from Helsinki, Finland formed in 1993. The band is composed of classically trained cellists Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lötjönen, and Perttu Kivilaakso and drummer Mikko Sirén.

Excellent sound, 4 cellists that know how to create atmosphere

75 Lacrimosa

Lacrimosa is the best gothic rock band EVER. No question.

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76 Theatre of Tragedy

Each of their albums/songs have such an amazing, beautiful touch. Even their demo tape is so eerily peaceful to listen.

Easily the most underrated goth rock band of all time.

The gratest gothic metal band in the world, pioneers of the "beauty and the beast", pioneer of Gothic/Industrial metal, pioneers on female fronted, 20 years of legend. They had the most beautiful lyrics written in old english and german, two beautiful voices (Liv and Nell), the beast keyboards in metal (Lorentz Aspen) and the greatest songwritter in the world, Raymond Rohonyi!

77 End of You
78 Lullacry

Lullacry is the best gothic band on the planet. Especially their album: crucify my heart, track: heart of darkness! GENIUS.

79 Draconian Draconian

Great vocals, the dual singers add a real depth to it. I'd say they are really underrated.

80 Blutengel

The best of the modern bands though they have been around pretty long. Heavy vampire influence, but the sounds is definitely more traditional gothic. There new single is very very Sisters of Mercy, Peter Murphy, impressive. Like the Sisters spirit is with it in sound.

Blutengel are truly wonderful. Goth for the 21st Century. Brilliant vocals, wonderful lyrics and catchy tunes. Just wish tgey would tour UK.

Chris Pohl has an amazing voice and so does Ulrike Goldmann. I love them so much.

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