Top Ten Best Goth Rock Bands

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121Theatres des Vampires

Amazing italian band, the REAL vampirish gothic style.. How it should be.
Just Pure Gothic.

122Mois dix Mois

It's written Moi Dix Mois, but they're good anyway. I was expecting Malice Mizer though because I feel like M10M is Mana's midlife crisis.

Ah, I love Juka's vocals. Not that I don't like Seth's but Juka was better in my opinion

123L'Âme Immortelle

Should be higher up the table for her good looks aloan but german bands are racking up the talent in the last 10 years or so I m o

124Get ScaredGet Scared is an American gothic metal band from Layton, Utah. Formed in 2008, they released their first EP, Cheap Tricks and Theatrics, in 2009. Another EP, Get Scared, was released in 2010.V1 Comment
125Lacrimas Profundere

Best band ever, they should be number one!


Specimen should not be this low. This band helped expand goth with their music, look, and for opening the Batcave club.

127Bullet for My ValentineBullet for My Valentine are a Welsh heavy metal band from Bridgend, formed in 1998. The band is composed of Matthew Tuck (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Michael Paget (lead guitar, backing vocals), Michael Thomas (drums) and Jamie Mathias (bass guitar). Former members include Nick Crandle and Jason James; more.

They're not higher because they're not goth rock. HAHA

Bullet For My Valentine their ok

V1 Comment

I wonder why no one knows this great band but if you listen to one of its songs you'll never forget it.
Its a good definition of GOTH METAL.

129The Mist of AvalonV1 Comment
130Medicine Rain

Really good goth with an own twist, there should be more sax in gothic music!

V1 Comment

Delain is an awesome dutch goth metal band. Great songs, great sound

132The Damned

Why doesn't this list have The Damned on it?! They are by far THE Quintessential Goth group!

134KissKiss is an American hard rock band formed in New York City in January 1973 by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and the band's original manager, Lew Linet.V1 Comment
135National Velvet
136Malice MizerMalice Mizer was a Japanese visual kei rock band active from August 1992 to December 2001. Formed by guitarists Mana and Közi, the band's name stands for "malice and misery", extracted from "Nothing but a being of malice and misery." - their reply to the question "What is human?" Their earlier music more.

Malice Mizer was one of the biggest goth rock bands in Japan. It definitely deserves a place in here.

Totally agreeing with this. The band was amazing! I love their music. Too bad they disbanded.

138VoltaireV1 Comment
139New Model Army
140The Pretty Reckless
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