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Torterra is awesome because it beats the other sinnoh starter pokemon and looks like a moving forest
It has awesome moves and high hp

Really, a tree sticking out of its back? How many other pokemon have a tree sticking out of its back and still looks as cool as Torterra does. I don't know why its not first but I sure know it should be!
I think torterra is awesome with the right moves it can kick some butt!
[Newest]Torterra is op. I had him on my team and easily beat the elite four and even the champion. Just give him "leftovers" and he will beast mode any battle.
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hey venusaur should be number 1 he's the last evolution of bulbasur
You Don't Mess with Venusaur! He is a defensive wall and is the original grass Pokemon bad-ass! Although is a bit on the slow side, it just commands respect by its looks alone!
hello!? its the evolution of bulbesaur!
[Newest]Best starter pokémon evolution

he's a grass type powerhouse and when he evolves to venusaur he's look like a tank... no wonder, blastoise is like a submarine or battleship while charizard is like a jet fighter... those three can be use as a special weapons in military...
You have got to vote for Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur is the best choice for Leaf Green/Fire Red because it can easily defeat the first two gyms plus it has awesome stats. I tell you, if you pick Bulbasaur, you'll never regret it.
Straight up legend very funny in the anime was sad to see him leave along with squirtle, if only ash had kept those two he would have had a blastoise, chairzard and venasaur
[Newest]My favorite Pokemon in grass type

Fastest grass pokemon ever. Amazing attack and it looks like a gecko dinosaur. With leaf blade it's awesome and it can learn rock moves to stop pesky fire types in their tracks. False swipe too for catching pokemon. It just doesn't get any better than a sceptile. Also he was the only pokemon awesome enough to help ash beat darkrai in the sinnoh league. Don't forget it being the king of the jungle and jungle combat. Also learns night slash with the move tutor. Sceptile wins, no question.
Seriously people? Sceptile is the best grass type there is. I started out on the third generation games, and THIS pokemon was the first pokemon I ever got. So maybe it holds a very soft spot in my heart but that definitely doesn't cloud my judgment by saying it's the best grass type there is. With great overall stats, particularly speed, and an awesome move pool, Sceptile is a machine. I just recently brought mine over from my diamond and he's better than ever now with SolarBeam, Leaf Storm, Energy Ball, and Frenzy Plant. Mine pretty much single-handedly defeated the Elite Four in Emerald.
I must admit this guy isn't the best choice game-wise. But have you seen him in the anime! He is so awesome he even beat darkrai a LEGENDARY Pokemon. I mean his leaf blade is so powerful. He is so powerful that he tied with May's Blaziken who is a fire type. I bet if that battle wasn't a contest Sceptile would have won. Not only his power but his speed and his never giving up spirit is also amazing. He's so fast May's Blaziken only landed about 4 hits on him whereas he landed about 10. And when he fought with Darkrai he kept on falling down to his Dark Void- Dream Eater combo not to mention the powerful ice beam and dark pulse but he still won thanks to his mega fighting spirit. I mean he is one thing: BEAST.
[Newest]Torterra is the worst grass Pokemon I think sceptile as the strongest grass Pokemon
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*cries* How can you put plain old bulbasaur before CELEBI?! You sad, sick person! Celebi is so cool, he would be my best friend EVER if I had him... And also, since when did Bulbasaur go on any adventures? LOOK AT WHAT CELEBI DOES!
Well, for one Celebi has a base stat total of 600. With the addition of Psychic type, it can easily beat a Grass/Poison pokemon such as Bulbasaur. It also has an amazing move pool to help itself with its weaknesses! Oh. And it's cuter than a baby!
How could you say no? Celebi is an adorable little psychic/grass type time traveler who wouldn't hurt a fly! Every other legendary pokemon is in constant battle besides the exeptional two. (If you haven't noticed)
[Newest]It's an onion fairy yet it wasn't changed into grass/fairy. Weird. I really like this Pokemon. To bad it's almost unobtainable

Eevee evolves when close to moss rock, so I say Leafeon is the best, and interesting grass type
Leafeon is only the coolest and the second cutest grass type only after Shaymin (which is my favorite pokemon ever) but Leafeon is my second favorite and with Leafeon's awesome stats it should be number 1#
unbelievable.. leafeon is way cooler than that old wicked bulbasaur... just saying... no offensationalism reoccuringly done... CHAR!
[Newest]Leafeon is the BEST!

Meganium is awesome because almost no one has one. Everyone who gets to pick a Johto starter usually Picks Totodile or Cyndaquil, meaning they end up with Feraligatr and Typhlosion respectively. I also destrot fire type Pokemon with my Meganium.
I had a meganium that TOTALLY DESTROYED every Pokemon. Its so fast too. Who doesn't like a fast slightly fat green thing that lets a flower grow on its neck :D
In heart gold and soul silver she wrecks so much of the pokes there as well as being able to dish out attacks she can give status to enemies and then heal herself with photosynthesis making her last long in battles.

Shaymin sky form is the best. He has serene grace which allows it to flinch a lot of Pokemon w/air slash. It increases the 30% flinch of air slash to 60%. He is also quite fast and can keep flinching Pokemon but he still have his disadvantages. Pokemon such as zubat, dragonite and lucario have an ability call inner focus. This ability prevents flinching. After all, I still think that shaymin sky form is the best grass type Pokemon.
Completely awesome! It unique move 'seed flat' can kick any poke butt.
Shaymin sky is the best! With its tremendous speed and special attack, it'll whip all other grass types at once!
[Newest]Shaymin is hands down the best

Victreebell are just simply awesome! Nothing can beat a super big bell that james from team rocket owned!
When I originally played fire red I used a victreebell he is awesome!
Very common and his status moves can change the course of a battle.

Serperior with contrary is the best. Leaf storm just ups his special attack EVERY time he uses it. His dream world ability is just the greatest thing ever. Give him toxic energy ball and something else and he's just a god. He's my favorite grass type and my all time favorite.
Serperior is just awesome! I mean he might not have the best hp and attack but he is an amazing speedy wall. So pretty much defend a hit like a boss and hit back way, way harder.
Serperior all around is awesome. His attack is pretty good and makes Leaf Blade extremely fatal. Defense and special defense are great, and his speed is superior. Gives you an advantage when both you and your opponent's health is low. All time favorite of mine.
[Newest]My favorite starter and by far favorite Pokemon ever

The Contenders

Weak against a Pokemon? SLEEP POWDER! Against Psychic type Pokemon? SHADOW BALL! Have a status condition? SWITCH OUT WITH THE ABILITY NATURAL CURE! Such a troll to have on a team. Have a drought Ninetales? Teach it Solar Beam, Weather ball, Sleep Powder and Sludge Bomb. It will sweep an entire team with its great speed, special attack and special defense. Try roserade out, you will not be disappointed.
Roserade is an incredible grass type which I have used in more than one party. Not only can roserade poison an oppenents Pokemon and inflict them with status conditions but it has good attack moves too. Eg, mega drain, petal dance and magical leaf. Being half poison type, roserade can also learn powerful moves like sludge bomb, toxic and poison jab. With grass knot to eliminate heavier foes and solar beam with an attack of 120, roserade is a tough Pokemon to beat. No types are 4x effective on roserade and roserade is resistant to common and strong types like water and fighting. With a high special attack, roserade also looks elegant with its masquerade and bouquet origins. Finally, with a three stage evolution, you can raise adorable budew to angelic roselia to the unbeatable roserade. For YOUR team, roserade is a must have!
This pokemon already learns synthesis and petal dance if you teach it sunny day It's synthesis becomes even better and if you teach it solar beam it now goes off in one turn It's health may not be blissey level but synthesis heals two thirds of max health if you use sunny day meaning it can heal a higher percent of health than blissey making it really hard to take down at high levels making it completely awesome in my oppinion it may take a while to reach it's full potential but in my oppinion well worth it and plus I think it looks awesome
[Newest]Roserade is a great hammer with an amazing design.

Yeah, I really think that Turtwig should be in the top three. He has some really good stats at the beginning too. And, also he envolves into Torterra in a bit and can own people. And also, he is pro period.
It has excellent attacks they are powerfull and really helpfull
Turtwig is so strong from the start! It learns good moves like razor leaf from the start (I know you like that move. ) It is so cute too.


[Newest]Because he is awesome

IT can lern petal dance, which can have a base power of 270! plus, it doesn't look ugly, it's probaly the best starter when it comes to contests, it is a healing pokemon-who else is an herb pokemon? only it's evolutions! who else is healing? chansey, blissey happiny, an dbayleef and meganium! Chikorita is the only pokemon that wore sports merchandise{casey's}Plus, it evolves into meganium-who is so beautiful that grovyle evoloved to be with her! chikorita is also extremeley cute!
chikorita should REALLY be first!
i mean she is SUPER cute and MEGA powerful!
and look, she involves to BAYLEAF!
it can top pokemon contests and is REALLY helpful when gardening and also
plants science research! it should REALLY be first! baleaf, meganium, or chikorita! ANY OF THEM SHOULD BE FIRST! and I MEAN it! ~
I beat all gym leaders of johto with it chikorita is so cute and meganium is powerful chikorita should be number 1
[Newest]Very cute and strong Pokemon

One of the coolest looking grass types ever, also can learn great grass moves as well as the newest Grass Type Move
One of my favorite. Powerhouse mofo it can learn rock moves, so the weakness for grass and fighting towards flying is basically gone.
Chesnaught he is really awesome in my opinion he is not just a grass type he is also a fighting type in G6 he is one of the starters I would pick him even though he can only learn a couple of fighting attacks he is still really good
[Newest]Chesnaught is a tank! It looks like a walking shield and is naturally friendly.

Treecko's evolution is Sceptile. Sceptile is a BEAST! He can be a toxic prot. staller, a sweeper, or a simply screw you pokemon in a fight when your other pokes need a break. Not to mention it's leaf blade stab is B.A.
I like eevees evalutions and eevee and for me to vote treecko just says its awesome. I defenetly think it should be farther up its beast
I own the strongest lv 100 un evolved treecko on earth it knows dig return energy ball and aerial ace! his name is treecola
[Newest]Don't vote for Treecko! Vote for it's evolution Sceptile instead.

This is one of my favorite Pokemon he is so cool and he would be on my starting team if Pokemon were real
Tropious is an absolute beast! I love him so much he deserves to be higher! One of my all time favourite pokemon!
He looks awesome! His moves are not great but he can fly. You can also teach him a few tm's as well. An all round good Pokemon that can kick some arse

It's stats are starter status, AND it can learn aerial ace, bulk up, horn leech, leaf blade, earthquake, leech seed, seed bomb, bulldoze, rock slide, and brick break? WHY IN THE WORLD is this thing NU?
Possibly the most underrated Pokémon ever
I used this in my play through of Pokemon y it was a monster those moves and every stat being better than average I think that it should be number 4 or 5 on the list. Don't believe me try it yourself

I believe Lilligant is a great Pokemon. The reason being that it is the ONLY Pokemon that can learn Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Sleep Powder and Substitute altogether. Those 4 moves, if used correctly, can troll A LOT of people whether in PvP or in game. It's also wicked fast, and if you use Sunny Day on it with it's ability Chlorophyll it's even faster! A lot of people don't give this poor Pokemon any credit just because it's girly looking or whatever.
Lilligant is absolutely a great Pokemon! She's so awesome and beautiful! She should be number 1! Lilligant is also a great Pokemon, because it is almost the only Pokemon who has Quiver Dance! I can't believe Game Freak made such a cute Pokemon! So that's why this should be first place!
Own tempo with petal dance after even one quiver dance makes this Pokemon unstoppable (except to dragon-flying), plus with teeter dance and sleep powder, you can remove a lot of threats. Plus it looks awesome. Should be number one.
[Newest]With a sleep powder with Wide Lens item, you'll be unstoppable. Just use sleep powder on a slow Pokemon and use Quiver dance twice and with the ability own tempo and the move petal dance? No one can stop you

It isn't just an amazing Grass type, it's the best Pokemon of all time. If you never used an Oddish, get yourself on now! It's adorable, powerful, and great with status.
Vileplume is a boss! Also it's the first (i think... ) Pokémon with a branch evolution line. Although uncommon, Vileplume is a strong team player because he can dual-function as a special attacker and a tank!
Best grass type in red and blue
[Newest]I love Vileplume! One of my favorite Pokemon

Grovyle just looks awesome and I wouldn't even bother evolving it to a Sceptile as grovlye looks better. Leaf Blade, Toxic, Detect, Dig.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky Easily one of the best Pokemon Spinoff games and has one of the best characters made in the franchise, Grovyle. Also shout out to when Ash's Sceptie was a Grovyle, he was badass.
One of the best evolution Pokemon his leaf blade can defeat any fire type
[Newest]Why is it so popular

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