Best Gravity Falls Characters

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Dipper Pines
Mabel's an adorable person, but Dipper takes the cake. He's just so awkward and often is the source of the best jokes in the show. He's a walking paradox. On one hand, he's skeptical and an analyzer and on the other he's deeply into mysteries and believes in the supernatural. He's an adventurous boy, but then he's this young adult who's interested in romance. A perfect example of a character in the midst of growing up and learning the way the world is and isn't. I also believe he's had a bit more character growth than Mabel and certainly more than the others in the cast.
Dipper is kinda like the person I feel like I am when I'm out in the real world. Don't get me wrong if Mabel and me were put side by side there would be an nuclear explosion of kittens and rainbows. But I feel like Dipper is my favorite because I can relate to that awkwardness that he has. And at his age I was 50 shades of awkward, but weird and random like Mabel. Another plus to Dipper is that he is so adorkable! He's very smart, but he's a little guy that's really trying to be taken seriously. And I could happily say that I do. Cheers to you Dipper Pines. MY favorite character
I love me some dipper! :D he's so awesome and cute and silly and he is just.. Dipper. Dipper is best character! :D
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2Mabel Pines
Saw this once and her personality makes this really funny. She makes you wonder what their parents are like. Typic teen looking for love.
I love mabel! Hands down the best character.. My brother says I look and talk like her so he calls me mabel now
I think mabel is the best cartoon character next to spongebob! She shines like a star shes not afraid to show off her own style and she's ADORABLE! Definitely my favorite character on gravity falls scratch that out best character on Disney channel I just love love love mabel pines:)!
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3Grunkle Stan
Grunkle Stan is by far the funniest and best overall!
Behind the Multi- Bear, seriously? How do you not love someone who scams people like stan does?!
I like Stan he is awesome character I have ever seen.
But I like Mabel too.
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Wendys the best character! She is amazing! I wanna be her in real life!


Wendy is basically your average teenager. Just kidding! She is just like Mabel but in the future! That's why she is my second favorite. (First is Mabel) GO WENDY!
Wendy is very cool and chill
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Laugh out loud He is so funny. Like homer simpson and patrick star rolled into one.
The average fat guy you want to be friends with. He's the cousin you have who likes to be funny and eat chips all the time. Quote from "Dreamscapers": "There's a rat in the kitchen! It tried t touch me with it's weird bat fingers! " Another quote! "Think I can take these Burrito Bites into Stan's brain? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? You know what, I'm just gonna bring 'em! " HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS GUY?


Soos is just so awesome
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6Bill Cipher
Honestly, Bill should be in the top ten. He's one of the most interesting and intriguing characters on the show. In fact, he's pretty much the base of the plot line, with all the mystery and stuff. You can mock me all you want, but Bill Cipher is one of my favorite characters.
Bill should be in top 10... His extreme wit just makes me laugh my ass off! His character is the most intriguing so far. Seriously, what's the multi-bear doing ahead of Bill Cipher?
He is my favorite because he is funny and is very classy by the way he dresses. I love this guy!
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Waddles is the cutest thing ever! :D I love him so much because he is so fat I love him! My favorite part is in the SummerWeen Episode and he is dressed as a buisness men! :) WADDLES
Waddles is best pig.

This character only has one scene, but he's already on the list. Underrated. Hirsch, bring him back.

Yes! Everyone says "oh the beavers don't count as a character" even though they are clearly characters without names because the talk (in a way) and made several appearaces! The beavers are just so CUTE!
Me:I love the beavers
My oly friend that loves gravity falls (not 2 b named): THAT DESERVES A HUG!
The beavers are so funny why everyone such a hater? GO BEAVERS!

10'Lil Gideon
Correction, he is cute & evil.
He is evil and ugly

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12Lazy Susan

13Old Man McGucket
He is so funny! Honestly some of the best jokes that the show ever had were all thanks to Old Man McGucket, the local kook. I think he is a truly awesome character and he should definitely be in the show more.
As writer of the books, I deem you awesome Old man McGucket
A funny old man how wrote the journals, but almost killed Dipper, Mabel, and Soos.

14Sheriff Blubs

15Cute Biker
It is just so cute when he says get em I do like Dipper and Mable more because put them together and you have an explosion of sunshine and rainbows pus fluffy kittens :3

16Candy Chiu


18Manly Dan


I know he was only there for a few seconds, but you got to give the guy credit.

21Mr. Poolcheck
Because who doesn't love a mentally unstable pool owner? :D


23Rumble McSkirmish

24Paper Jam Dipper


26Time Baby


28Bud Gleeful

29Stan Pines
An old man that loves money and family.

30Stanley Mobile
Never mentioned but I did some research and he will be in it in the second ~season~

31Pacifica Northwest
She may be mean and stupid and stuff, but she seems to look like a perfect queen bee, not like other queen bees in other cartoon series.

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