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1Dipper Pines

Mabel's an adorable person, but Dipper takes the cake. He's just so awkward and often is the source of the best jokes in the show. He's a walking paradox. On one hand, he's skeptical and an analyzer and on the other he's deeply into mysteries and believes in the supernatural. He's an adventurous boy, but then he's this young adult who's interested in romance. A perfect example of a character in the midst of growing up and learning the way the world is and isn't. I also believe he's had a bit more character growth than Mabel and certainly more than the others in the cast.

Dipper is kinda like the person I feel like I am when I'm out in the real world. Don't get me wrong if Mabel and me were put side by side there would be an nuclear explosion of kittens and rainbows. But I feel like Dipper is my favorite because I can relate to that awkwardness that he has. And at his age I was 50 shades of awkward, but weird and random like Mabel. Another plus to Dipper is that he is so adorkable! He's very smart, but he's a little guy that's really trying to be taken seriously. And I could happily say that I do. Cheers to you Dipper Pines. MY favorite character

Dipper cool smart Totally AWESOME He is like one of my favorites don't know what to say he is the one who always solves the mysteries and he believes in the impossible to make it possible honestly I wish my town is mysterious or maybe it is I'll tell you something if my town was mysterious and I had to choose a mystery partner from the show to help me solve the mystery I would choose dipper he is my favorite funny and just cracks me up like his voice kidding laugh out loud anyway dipper rocks

Dude. You used literally no periods. I mean, we all love the show but try to at least use a comma or something!

Dipper is boring. Mabel is better.

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2Mabel Pines

I love Mabel! She has a unique personality, and she helps Dipper a lot in his problems! Mabel is all smiles, but she really is just like anyone out there. She has problems, but she tries to make the best of every situation with a smile or a memorable quote! I admire her. And she's smart and clever in her own special way. And she is also thoughtful of others and tries to help them, even though it fails most of the time. It's sweet. And of course she's ADORABLE!

Saw this once and her personality makes this really funny. She makes you wonder what their parents are like. Typic teen looking for love.

She is the funniest character, but she also is serious when she needs to be. I also like her because she is a good sister. She has good chemistry with Dipper, and usually helps him with quests and decisions. I also love this character because she is into girly things, but still likes having caterpillars on her face. A unique character with a unique style. Great voice actor. Too many great lines, both funny and meanigful, to not be #1.

Not gonna lie, I kind of have a crush on her, too. Not in a creepy way, I just think someone like her would be an awesome person to spend time with. - Hajj

How is Mabel below Dipper on this list? she's so much more interesting and fun!

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3Grunkle Stan

Grunkle Stan is by far the funniest and best overall!

Behind the Multi- Bear, seriously? How do you not love someone who scams people like stan does?!

Grunkle Stan is the funniest character in gravity falls. He may have gotten into some illegal trouble. But let me say that. In not what he seems I literally screamed don't press the button because you could see how much he love the kids how he don't want them to get hurt. And I didn't thought for a second that he would do anything that will hurt the kids

He's funny because he's greedy. Not that I'm saying being greedy is funny, it's just...

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4Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher is the ultimate being who is hiding... well everything! He dresses up with a bow tie, top hat and cane and is 2 dimensional. He's funny and laid back and in complete control of almost every thing! Gravity Falls is a mystery and Bill Cipher himself is the mystery. He can tell the future, present and past and has and is doing something BIG! Bill Cipher only leaves clues and has most likely written in the journals himself. Now remember... THE WORLD IS AN ILLUSION THE UNIVERSE IS A HOLOGRAM, BUY GOLD, BYE!

Honestly, Bill should be in the top ten. He's one of the most interesting and intriguing characters on the show. In fact, he's pretty much the base of the plot line, with all the mystery and stuff. You can mock me all you want, but Bill Cipher is one of my favorite characters.

Bill is funny he dresses nice but what really hit me was how mysterious he is in Dreamscarpers its not what he says in the beginning but its what he said at the end A darkness approaches a day will come when everything you care about will change this just struck me I can't wait for Bill to return and when the pines find out what Bill was talking about when he said everything was going to change if they ever find out there's something huge going on right under there noses but will they ever get to the bottom of it no one knows I can't wait for the next episodes I also like soos a lot but bill is a lot more better hey guys what do you think I think Bill should be like number 3 or 4 Bill is a charecter with no weakness but I think he's saying that he's a demon even though he's a demon I know this all triangles have a weekness

He is just awesome guys, HOW CAN HE NOT BE IN #1?!

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5Wendy Corduroy

Wendy is dark, average and your normal teenager. NOT! She is actually Mabel, In the future! Wendy is my second favourite behind Dipper and Bill Cipher. She's cool with her parka hat and her clothes. She is a unseen employee in some episodes but I still like her. She also LOVES dipper! I like dipper too. It can be seen in the fixing it with Soos short in where they failed at a golf cart stunt together.

Wendys the best character! She is amazing! I wanna be her in real life! - sophialombardo

Wendy is basically your average teenager. Just kidding! She is just like Mabel but in the future! That's why she is my second favorite. (First is Mabel) GO WENDY!

Wendy is not Mabel in the future. Wendy is laid back and cool, while Mabel is hyper and fun loving.

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6Soos Ramirez

Laugh out loud He is so funny. Like homer simpson and patrick star rolled into one.

The average fat guy you want to be friends with. He's the cousin you have who likes to be funny and eat chips all the time. Quote from "Dreamscapers": "There's a rat in the kitchen! It tried t touch me with it's weird bat fingers! " Another quote! "Think I can take these Burrito Bites into Stan's brain? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? You know what, I'm just gonna bring 'em! " HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS GUY? - maddyparrot22

I love him because he seems like that regular fat and dumb guy, but he is actually kind of intelligent at times, has a huge heart, and has a certain style of humor that isn't quite like anyone else. - Hajj

Really bill cipher is higher than this hilarious fat dude what the hell soos is caring and funny

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Waddles is the cutest thing ever! :D I love him so much because he is so fat I love him! My favorite part is in the SummerWeen Episode and he is dressed as a buisness men! :) WADDLES

He's so definitely the cutest character, but he can't beat bill and dipper

Him and Mabel come in tied in my number one cutest characters

He's just a pig! Why is he above Ford!?!?!

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8Old Man McGucket

He is so funny! Honestly some of the best jokes that the show ever had were all thanks to Old Man McGucket, the local kook. I think he is a truly awesome character and he should definitely be in the show more.

The "old kook" of the town is always a funny gag, overused or not. And Old Man McGucket is no different; random, nuts and sometimes quite creepy, he is a character that has enthralled viewers with his strange logic and unprovoked randomness. It's rather a shame that he didn't write the journals, but, then again, maybe it would be a little too obvious to have the most unlikely character to have written them.
I watch Gravity Falls primarily for the random yelling of McGucket and will keep on watching for the Mystery Twins, Grunkle Stan, Wendy and Soos. An amazing show with some amazing characters.

He is really smart, and he may have written the journals according to the society of the blind eye episode. He's still cray cray though!

He's having a secret affair with the Ice King

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9Pacifica Northwest

Ever since "Northwest Mansion Mystery", I've seen Pacifica in a whole new light. No longer is she the mean, antagonistic stereotype she was before. Now she is a great character, and I can't wait to see how the series develops her after this. I can't wait to see more Pacifica in Gravity Falls.

She may be mean and stupid and stuff, but she seems to look like a perfect queen bee, not like other queen bees in other cartoon series.

Just showing her reaction to a bell ringing explained EVERYTHING. Her past, why she acts the way she does, everything about her character turned around in one episode.

She is a wonderful person, she was all jerk because of her parents.

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10Candy Chiu

I agree! In "Sock Opera" she says "I must steal him from Mabel." and "WAIT! CANDY STILL LOVES YOU! "

How can anyone not love her, Her awesome approach to life, "I'm a boy now... What's up Dude's lets grow some mustaches"
"I welcome you death"
"how many times do I have to tell you kevin I'm not interested."

"We are criminals! We will cut you! "

How did Candy get on this list? She's a really minor character, and doesn't do anything for the plot.

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Disco Girl, coming through... That girl is You!

This character only has one scene, but he's already on the list. Underrated. Hirsch, bring him back.

Did you know head 4 is the least liked by the other heads?

He had 5 minutes on one episode, and he's in the top 10 list laugh out loud

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12Ford Pines

Ford is admittedly very likable in D, D, and More D, the episode that made him my favorite character. But he has the potential to be an even greater person with something called character development. He needs truckloads of it.

Ford is the character everyone has been longing for since the beginning. We should at least put him higher because of his own character. The only mystery left is to see if Bill will make him alive again so we would all know more about him.

Ford, best character Alex Hirsch has ever created. When he was almost killed in Dipper And Mabel vs. The Future I almost died. And when he "Died" in Weirdmageddon Part 1, I died. Hands down, Ford is the most fabulous character.

A very likeable Character

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I have a secret huge crush on Robbie. I mean I'm sorry, but he plays guitar like a rock star, and has a band, and is so dark and brooding...

He's obsession with trying to get Wendy to take him back is so funny - SugarcoatShadowBolt

"Wendy! I miss you so much! I'll never move on never ever"- Robbie's ringtone - Navylexi

Why is he so low on the list? - Weasltown

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Yes! Everyone says "oh the beavers don't count as a character" even though they are clearly characters without names because the talk (in a way) and made several appearaces! The beavers are just so CUTE!
Me:I love the beavers
My oly friend that loves gravity falls (not 2 b named): THAT DESERVES A HUG!

Dipper should get a Beaver they' re just so awesome and adorable

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15Lazy Susan

"The secret ingredient to my coffee omelet is coffee! "

I think this lady is more than she appears...


I love her dramatically deep voice and her flirting style! best by far!

Her voice is just awesome, and it just doesn't go well with parts of her personality.

"There's something... ON YOUR SHIRT! "

Grenda is awesome!

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Ya, she's cool. I could see Tambry and Lee together.

18Stan Pines

He is old and grumpy but he's hilarious and he loves dipper and mabel

He loves both Dipper AND Mabel unlike gruntled Ford who favours Dipper more

He just been introduced so many people don't know him but he is really smart

Why is Stan so low on the list? He's hilarious!

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19'Lil Gideon


Yeah, you're the light of my life, kid.

That one psychopathic ten year old who is creepily cute

Gideon may be evil but he is not you-know-who

You're the light of my life too.

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20Summerween Trickster

Come on you gotta give this guys some credit - Truly

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