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101The Saints Are Coming
This is the best song by green day... This should be in the top ten.. If haven't heard it, you don't deserve to be seeing this list
Amazing! And this one is featuring u2
I find it ridiculous the saints are coming is possibly the best song og U2 and Green Day it was my favorite song for a month listened to it literally NON-STOP! Amazaing guitar sick drums and overall a powerful lyrics and the best part is it is a benefit to New Orleans overfull man is this my favorite song
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102At the Library
If you really like Green Day, and eventually shift to their earlier albums, this song will be a huge surprise to you
Holy crap! What happened? It's like American Idiot & 21st century are their only albums! Half of you don't even know what 39/Smooth is! Great, relatable, song.
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103Walking Alone
Not on list? Great harmonica and beautiful chorus. Put it straight in top 20. No ones gonna vote for it if it's right down the bottom!
Personally I've listened this song more than boulevard of broken dreams it attracts me its my drug songs music make me feel better in sorrow different piece of music created by green day they should have released its official video so that it could come to public and I guarantee it will break through the charts... Love this song
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104Too Much Too Soon Listen to sample

105Stop When the Red Lights Flash
This song is epic when I heard it on the NFS Soundtrack I feel in love with it straight away.
Among the top 4 of "Dos! ", which is the best of the trilogy, I think this song deserves better.
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106Dry Ice
Just everything about this song shows how much better the first 2 albums really are, not that the new ones are bad or anything, the early stuffs just on another level, feel sorry for 90% of green day fans that haven't even heard the old songs, because I guarantee if they gave it a chance they would like it 5x more than songs like american idiot.
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107When It's Time
A wonderful song.. Must listen. The time ticks around you- Full of orgasm. A must for lovers for this one really makes your heart move and fly.
What? One of the most soothing songs of green day and a 55th spot? People you GOT to vote for this one now!
Amazing and most soothing track green day ever producing. It is unlike their new pop punk rock song songs and it is quite meaningful too.
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A great song. My favourite on nimrod along with redundant and hitchin a ride. It should be in the top 20. The reason why this is overlooked is because Green Day didn't make it a single. It has a great riff, it's catchy and has some great lyrics. Everything you ask for in a song.
Amaizing lyrics. and riff and its awesome.
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It seems fitting that it's number 86, but in my opinion, it should he number 1, as the story feels much more real than their other songs, as the band lived through the same experience when they were banned from playing 924 Gillman Street again after signing to a major label.
There's no return from 86... This song is awesome!
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110See the Light
I really don't see how this is ranked so low, awesome guitar work, nice drum line, lyrics, tune EVERYTHING. Should be at LEAST number 50, such a great song
Best song ever let alone by green day
Lyrics are awesome, & meaning is so open and relative
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111Christian's Inferno Listen to sample

112Horseshoes and Handgrenades
There's tremendous energy in this song not present in most other post-2000 Green Day songs, and it doesn't feel contrived, like Jesus of Suburbia or East Jesus Nowhere. The musical context (comes right after Restless Heart Syndrome) gives it extra punch. A real head-banger... I usually prefer 90's Green Day, but this song really does it for me.


This is number 6 on my personal list and I cannot believe it isn't at least in the top 20! Vote now, this song is insanely good!
A great song that should be in the top 10 at least
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113409 In Your Coffeemaker Listen to sample

114Sick of Me Listen to sample

115Brat Listen to sample

Listen to sample

117The Judge's Daughter Listen to sample

118Prosthetic Head
This song does not deserve to be 100th, it is way better than Paper Lanterns or Platypus. Come on guys lets get this up a bit!
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119Sweet 16
Sweet 16 is a song for the diehard Green Day fans absolutely amazing. My number 1
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120Drama Queen
Beautiful song, this is one example of why Green Day Still has it.
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121Words I Might Have Ate
Best song that inspired me GREEN DAY ROCKS! +
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122All the Time Listen to sample

This is probably the worst Green Day song in the history
Of Green Day. This should be number 168, also dominated love slave and song of the century are way better than stupid auto tuned song that doesn't make any sense.
This song is horrible. It is auto tuned as hell. This voice effect worked on billie in I run New York with lonely island but with this song, it just didn't work.


Taking a ride to my old haunt Shes in my blood, I reside in my nightlife My favourite colors candy apple
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124Working Class Hero
This song was a cover of the John Lennon version, with a beautiful added touch. Basically, the song describes the problems ( such as discrimination and torture) workers endure in corrupted systems mostly seen in the third world. Except throughout Green Day's version, quotes from Sudanese ppeople are added to address the growing civil war and the poisnous working atmosphere that occurs un Darfur. Green Day not only tries to show people what's going on but sends a message that steps have to be taken, rendering this song a special masterpiece.
This list would be just about perfect if. This song were in the top ten. Honestly I think Green Day's cover was better than Lennon's original. Don't get me wrong, I love John Lennon, but the punkedness (not a word) of green days cover was an excellent touch. Reminded me a little of holiday, but catchier.
One of best ever heard...
John Lennon was too good but he had only guitar so just couldn't give his best... Love this edited version, nearly a perfect song... Love green day...
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125Sweet Children Listen to sample

126Emenius Sleepus
Really underrated Dookie song. Got caught up in all the other hits.
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127Private Ale
People are entitled to their opinion, this is mine. I feel this song represents me best at my college age. No clear idea of my future, no reason to care, but the feelings for girls who don't know me. All are present in this song.
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128Fashion Victim
One of my favorite green day songs. It definitely deserves to be in the top 20 if not in the top 10. THIS SONG IS BOSS! Going once, Going twice, It's Gone!
Poop popsicles on yo' butthole. This song is awesome. Eat turd and drink piss then have sex with a cat.
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1291,000 Hours
This is their first song
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130Lights Out Listen to sample

131Suffocate Listen to sample

132Governator Listen to sample

Am I really the only person who likes this song? This is my favorite on Nimrod and probably their most underrated ever :D
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A good song from their new album dos! Deserves some likes here.
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135Wild One Listen to sample

136One of My Lies
My personal favourite of the Green Day collection. The words are possibly the best written by Billie Joe -
When I was younger I thought that the world circled around me,
But in time I realised I was so wrong,
My immortal thoughts turned into just dreams of a dead future,
It was a tragic case of my reality!

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This is "pre-sellout" Green Day.
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138I Was There
Great song and good lyrics. Love it!
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If you want to type it up, it will be a complete waste of your time as it's only an instrumental. It also sounds like a James Bond tune. DB7
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140One for the Razorbacks Listen to sample

141Last Ride In
I listen to it while doing homework
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142Desensitized Listen to sample

143Dominated Love Slave
Great song, I love how tre cool and mike dirnt sing together in a country voice
Tre is just plain AMAZING the drums could be better but the drummer was singing ;D
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144Makeout Party
Best song of Dos. Has catchy lyrics and a very catchy riff. Not to mention the scream halfway through the guitar solo. A risky but succesful Green Day song in my opinion.


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145Wow! That's Loud Listen to sample

146See You Tonight Listen to sample

147A Quick One While He's Away Listen to sample

148No Pride Listen to sample

149Reject Listen to sample

150Strangeland Listen to sample

151Knowledge Listen to sample

Listen to sample

153Green Day Listen to sample

154State of Shock

155Disappearing Boy Listen to sample

156Rusty James Listen to sample

157King for a Day
No! WHAT IS IT DOING at 54? It is the best green day song ever! Watch it live! Its hilarious. And the lyrics tell you that you should be proud of your self - no matter what! C'mon! Have you ever listened to this song? The lyrics are pure gold! STARTED AT THE AGE FOUR MY MOTHER WENT TO THE GROCERY STORE I SNEAK IN TO HER ROOM TO TRY ON SOMETHING IN A SIZE FOUR SUGAR AND SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE WASN'T MADE FOR ONLY GIRLS!
King for a Day is one of the Best songs by my favorite band Green Day. The Music is so catchy and full of energy, and the trumpet adds to how funny this songs ends, when it falls apart. And it is in a lot of Green Day concert set lists, because the fans love the song it should at least be in the top 20.
It has such an amazing melody and the lyrics are so epic! Especially if you see this song live, the band wear hilarious outfits that make them look like total drag queens. I STARTED CRACKING UP WHEN I HEARD THE LYRICS! AND THE TRUMPET IS TO DIE FOR!


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Oh, come on! 158?
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159Sex, Drugs, & Violence
160? This needs to be up up higher at least 40, maybe 30
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160Kill the DJ
The song should be rated much higher, it is one of the catchiest rock songs ever and unlike other catchy songs it doesn't get overplayed.
This isn't the Green Day we are used to hearing, this is the more FUNK side of Green Day. But man, what a song. An attack on today's mainstream radio. Love the riff, drum beat and bass. A great song.
You will really want to dance on this and sing it from the bottom of your heart and the solo is like a drug
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This song yo can hear when you get three stars on all the levels on the Green Day stage on Angry Birds friends on Facebook and its GOOD.


From the album uno must listen it.
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162Fell For You Listen to sample

163Platypus (I Hate You)
Its almost scary that this is 132! This is Green Day's Best Punk Rage Song! Listen to it and you'll understand why it should definitely be at least in the top 30! Though it may not be their BEST song, it is still and awesome song to rock out to! Nimrod should be a lot more popular than it currently is, Its an album that stands out so much compared to what is in the top ten (which is mostly American idiot and 21st century breakdown crap) and don't get me wrong, I love American Idiot but that is what most people think of when they hear Green Day and it's time their old classics like Platypus get some recognition!
This song can't be on 108 place, It's amazing! This have to be in the top 25! It's one of the best Green Day songs, and one of my favorites too!
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164Lady Cobra Listen to sample

165Baby Eyes Listen to sample

166The Simpsons Theme Listen to sample

167Tight Wad Hill
Not a very good song by them, but should not be THIS LOW!
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168All by Myself
Listen to sample

169Song of the Century
All right. The tune isn't great, but the meaning is very deep and touching.
Why is this song last? It is awesome!?!
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