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A great song. My favourite on nimrod along with redundant and hitchin a ride. It should be in the top 20. The reason why this is overlooked is because Green Day didn't make it a single. It has a great riff, it's catchy and has some great lyrics. Everything you ask for in a song.

Scattered is so underrated. It's way better than warning or Restless Heart Syndrome.

#3 on my personal list, but I'm voting for it because IT NEEDS TO BE SO MUCH HIGHER! - RestlessHeartGrenade

How the HELL is this so low?

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Just love this song! Why is this ranked at 51? Like jeez. Like I said, I love his song! My favorite on warning!

The beginning guitar rift is tracking amazing! It is impossible how this isn't within the top 25

This is a pretty underrated song. It deserves a way better place than 74.

Every single son on warning is criminally underrated especially this song

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83Murder City

Did everyone forget about Murder City? Every time I hear this song, it makes me want to sing along. I can't help it, it's that catchy.

With a chorus like Murder City, it should be at least in the top 30. Highly underrated!

This is a totally underrated and un-listened to song...I really enjoy it.

I think this song is good

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84F*** TimeV3 Comments
85Last of the American Girls

This was like my anthem after the album came out. AWESOME SONG.

This song is so catchy and it's great. Just because Green Day has some great songs, you should still vote for the good ones! I don't understand why it's rank is so low, share the tunes

Not my favorite, but I'm voting for it because it deserves much higher than this.

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86GovernatorV1 Comment
8799 Revolutions

I thought that Green Day should have ended. And then this song came out. It just goes to show that this band never gets old

Renewed my faith in Green Day. I thought they should have stopped... And then I heard this song. It is absolutely brilliant!

Every time I listen to this song I feel like I wanna dance and sing and everything.. Just love it

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88When It's Time

A wonderful song.. Must listen. The time ticks around you- Full of orgasm. A must for lovers for this one really makes your heart move and fly.

What? One of the most soothing songs of Green Day and a 55th spot? People you GOT to vote for this one now!

Amazing and most soothing track Green Day ever producing. It is unlike their new pop punk rock song songs and it is quite meaningful too.

One of the most soothing and beautiful songs ever made... Let alone by Green Day... It definitely deserves a much higher position...

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89In the End

Really? This is such an underrated song. " I don't know you but I think I hate you, you're the reason for my Misery"

Dude!, this is totally coolest song I've ever heard!

Come on men, this is one of the top three in Dookie!

This is for sure one of the top dookie songs!

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91Westbound Sign

One of the most underrated songs of their most underrated albums. Come on guys, this song is perfect! I'm not saying that songs like 21 guns and stuff are bad, but this is simply one of the best pop-punk songs of all time! Get voting already

Criminally underrated song. Pure pop-punk. Will always be my favourite.

92Deadbeat Holiday

The only great classic from the album waiting. Full of punkiness

This song is amazing! Should be ranked a little higher.

Deadbeat Holiday is number 84? Really?! It's one of the best songs off of Warning.

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93409 In Your Coffeemaker

My all time favourite Green Day song. In fact, it's Billie's favourite song off of "1,039", too.

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94Nuclear Family

Why is this 74... I know it's new but it should be higher! Come on people, you know this song is amazing!

Awesome vocals and best ever lyrics. The guitar solo is simply great.

Ba ba baby baby it's a blowout! Wow yeah!

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95Too Much Too SoonV1 Comment
96Stay the Night

Great song.. I know its new one but doesn't mean it can't be on top listen to it beautiful song

Best song from Uno! Why am I scrolling so far down the page to find it?!

Definitely one of my favourite songs from UNO. I learnt the guitar riff because I love it so much

I think this is a pretty good song to dedicate but also has a nice rhythm... Love it so much

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97Sassafras Roots

One of my personal favourite songs - aspasiz

This is my favourite song from the best Gree Day album Dookie

Easily my favorite Green Day song. should be much higher on this list.

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98Church on Sunday

If I promise you go to church on sunday, will you go with me on friday night - awesome lyric great music and no 60th whats wrong with you people

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99Horseshoes and Handgrenades

There's tremendous energy in this song not present in most other post-2000 Green Day songs, and it doesn't feel contrived, like Jesus of Suburbia or East Jesus Nowhere. The musical context (comes right after Restless Heart Syndrome) gives it extra punch. A real head-banger... I usually prefer 90's Green Day, but this song really does it for me. - crimsonkipper

This is number 6 on my personal list and I cannot believe it isn't at least in the top 20! Vote now, this song is insanely good!

Browsing the below-100 songs, and I must say, I am surprised to see Horseshoes and Handgrenades this low. It's angry, it's loud, it's fast-paced, and it's all around epic. The track before it, Restless Heart Syndrome (one of my personal favourites), has all this energy locked up inside, and Horseshoes and Handgrenades takes all that energy and slaps you in the face with it. - RestlessHeartGrenade

Why is this in the 100s?! This song is amazing!

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100Drama Queen

Beautiful song, this is one example of why Green Day Still has it.

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