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Steinberger guitars are the most innovative instruments I've every played. no head stock, a transposing tremolo and a graphite neck for lots of SUSTAAIN!


Kept the 66 strat and grestch 6120 but...
Rediscovered the early steinberger GM (headless neck, strat style body) and now have three. these are what I play now for many reasons. Not hung up on the guitar must have a headstock mentality, obvious they don't - and they are great instruments. Really wish they would reissue to early design specification... Might get a few more. Think I am the only one seen with steinberger guitars in my entire state and certainly adds to the uniqueness a guitarist should strive for.
Excellence with tuning stability. Really like my Early GM body (strat style) guitars. Balance is outstanding,
Put on a Les Paul then one of these... You tell us what's up.
Materials are top quality. Original and intelligent in design. Although wooden guitars have served other instruments well for decades the graphite neck material is an evolution that really makes sense. "Wood Tone"... Whatever they sound like a Steinberger and I like it.

I own a J&D electric guitar and it is awesome. Not even Ibanez or Leas Paul impresses me as much as this one do.
I'm probably a noob to say this, but my JD150 bass sounds sweet. Just not a very good sound when the action is low.
J&D? I see they made every styles and figures of electric guitar. I have one, SG metallic blue, Sound great at first time I tough it. This shouldn't be 100th.



Gremlin's have fantastic tone, as far as I'm concerned. They don't cost much either. Their more for the disorted sound than the clean, though

106Global Guitars
I have this and good as davis

107Floyd Rose Guitars
I own a floyd rose and it is without a doubt one of the best. The speed loaders are amazingly easy to use and the pickups are great too but be careful not to over do it because the parts ain't cheap.
This is the buitifulest guitar ever!

The original Gibson factory at Kalamazoo. Only way to get a new Gibson that is made the same old way. Heritage is guitar elite.
Why is this so low? These are better than Gibson's and they are number 1? Give me a break.
Kind of a head scratcher for me on this one. original Gibson employees started this in the original factory in Kalamazoo Mi. and although I do not own one have been told they are more like 50s and 60s era Les Pauls and are made better than new ones.

Maybe Tokai did the great copy of Les Paul but BURNEY is more better than Tokai. BURNEY also a part of Fernandes but for Les Paul copy. The sound finishing are great!
Hide guitar... Under fernades brand

110Drive Wildfire

I follow my on thoughts, and I am always open to others opinions, and their wisdom, but as for my limited knowledge of electric guitars, it seems to me that the Stadium Brand of Electric Guitars, example the WF 510 Tree Of Life is as good as any on the market, regardless of Brand Name, or Price. It has very good sound quality, and made of very good materials, and it's fit, and finish are like I said, as good as any of the top listed electric guitars, and in my opinion better than most of them.

If you're born to play, then it's more the person, than it is the guitar, again just an opinion.


Very first "decent" guitar I had, still has it and it still sounds great. Pity it can't plug in...
Had mine for years now. Love it.

Fantastic guitar.. Reliable and affordable.. It is medium weight, pretty handcraft, nice sound and the quality perfect..
I like grason guitars... But the ratings are showing that it is not good
I like grason guitar very much.

Hobner guitars are very good and smart looking guitars which suits everyone's personality and are also at very good price. It also have a light weight which is easy to handle and play
I have this guitar. It is Indian guitar. Cheap, reliable and nice sound. It was not mentioned on this list thus I added it.
This is best guitar in Indian made guitars. I'm using this from last five years but still the sound quality is awesome.
[Newest]This brand is one of the most popular brands in India, owing to its price..superb sound..has its own gravity!

Incredible guitars. Their Indonesian series are pure bliss. Their aesthetic value is great.
Good guitars, they need more publicity

117Zager Guitars
You can say all you want about all those other brands, but you will be cheating yourself if you haven't tried a Zager acoustic guitar, made by Danny Zager, he's the guy that did the song in the year 2525 and he's been making guitars since 1969.. I just got the ZAD 80 acoustic electric.. He's developed that easy play system which makes his guitars the easiest playing guitars with the best action..

Sounds crazy if you've never heard of one of these guitars, check them out online.. Lots of Zager versus Taylor videos on YouTube.. And a few Zager versus Martin..

You can only buy them online.. So you save lots of money.. See for yourself
I'm not a professional player, but I've been playing for over 30 years, I've owned quite a few guitars throughout the years and I've tried many guitars and stores.. But I have never played such a nice guitar like this ZAD80.. I paid $1300 with electronics and the case.. This would easily be a $3500 guitar anywhere and I and brand.. The sound is great and the build quality is impressive, absolutely gorgeous... Go online and take a look.. You can buy one and they will ship it back and forth if you don't like it for any reason at no charge to you..

I love my Zager ZAD80
Excellent 24-7 accessibility on-line sales and service. Superb build quality and sound. ZAD20 is a great guitar. Easy to play. Sent with an very good case and extra strings. Great on-line lessons. Oldest guitar lesson site on the web. Great after the purchase sell. Only 100% warranty in the guitar industry that I know of.
[Newest]I love playing on zager! You can free your mind and just play with these.


Cheap like rockwood my accoustic encore refuses to stay in tune needless to say it let me down when I had a go at busking if somone offered me a fiver they can have it laugh out loud

Might not be well known but the they make very good guitars and support small bands instead of large bands finally they were founded by the owner of the best music based YouTube channelse in the world rob Chapman
A real guitar player's dream
Lovely to play, and shockingly versatile.

Excellent for Begineers n Intermediates..!
If you are a begineer then go with the Kaps guitar... It was awesome guitar.. Its sound quality is oustanding hand made of high furnished wood, best wood is used,... It was my first guitar I owned and its was just awesome.. Nonbody can beat it... Design & sound is so impresive.. & made up fan... It is better than Best. !
Kaps guitar rock. !

Very nice sound, although it is not famous it sounds like a fender stratocaster!
Very nice guitar
It is the best I've ever used

The very best guitars in the world! Very expensive though. Look at Matias Kupiainen of Stratovarius. His hellcat is sick!

I have a crescent guitar & its great

125Soul Call Back

In my opinion, Lotus is the best "knockoff" brand guitar. I have a Lotus Stratocaster with a Floyd Rose. It plays beautifully. I think that it's comparable to Epiphone regarding Fender.

127JS Schindler

128Jim Reed

129Hudson & Co.
People people,
There's a "new" brand and it crushes all low to medium prized guitars.
Hudson & Co is perfect for beginners and seasoned players
Had one of there Telecasters... Sounded like the real thing... I own 2 fender teles. Amazing value for money.

Good guitar for beginners but isn't a very well known brand.
Good guitars at good price



You should try this.. Totally no comment. I bought it in my dreams and I woke up right away. Thanks to this guitar I sucked so bad GG sons
I think that all fenders are great whether its a stratocaster or a telecaster.

They are the best no doubt, not the most well known make but amazing sound, I've got all the folk cutaway collection and 4 of the appalo collection. Getting a new one this summer I tell you they are a lot better that fender, gibson, martin, and loads of other acoustic!

This is the best guitar ever,.. The neck is layer by a carbon fiber instead a trust rod. Believe me, the neck wont get twisted/ bent for more than 30 years.. Its the most technological guitar ever made.. You gotta check it.
Vigier guitars are so amazing! I would love to have one someday... a lot of people that are considered to be the best guitarists in the world are endorsed by them. I was personally inspired by Tina S.
Great company. Bummblefoot, Matt Moliti, best guitar players in the world. Can't go wrong with that.

The classic Brit. Sound of the 60ies built by Burns of London.
Brilliant pickups and a great finish.
Had a Nu-Sonic which I stupidly parted with. Wish I could get my hands on one again.

Santana HW41-201 jumbo is the guitar I own... It really sounds great... its made of solid spruce which resonates awesomely loud & clear... build is also very fine... it is the guitar which I bought for only 4200 RS/-... it is certainly the best low budget guitar... sounds like gibson.. takamine.. Fenders... I am happy to own it.

138Rick Hanes
Best guitar made in Indonesia


140Patrick Eggle

141Dillion Guitars




145FGN (Fujigen)
This is the brand that represents a company that has produced the MIJ Gibbys, Fenders and makes all the high end Ibanez. Best of what Japan has to offer.



148RKS Guitars
VERY UNIQUE! It looks like a guitar from Outer Space. This guitar can change your attitude while playing on stage! It rocks! M/


This guitar works so good why not get it I had a lot of experiences with this guitar
These guitars are better then any starcaster or accent if you get a guitar get either an Austin or Gibson.
I have a austin and it works great for what I play not the best but no regrets a vey good buy


152Custom Acoustic


154Chiquita Guitars


156Orville by Gibson
Japan made Gibson guitar.
Most of ObG the guitars are better than USA Gibson.










166Warmoth Custom Guitars


This is a stunning guitar very cheap and is awesome quality never heard of the brand in the shop and it plays great this is also a good brand because they do all types of guitars from classical to acoustic even to electric must have brand.
I have an Amena classical guitar serial no IC 100. Plays and sounds great. Does anyone know who made this brand of guitar & possibly what year this guitar was made. thanks. Cooper

169Casino Stage Series

170Aristides Instruments
Indeed very very good guitars! The tone and sound are amazing. No other guitar brand have such innovative techniques and design. And they don't use wood, but Arium, a special developed material for excellent sustain and resonance. The sustain is even better than a Gibson Les Paul!
Amazing stuff! The 010 has a great sound, but the looks are just a bit to moderns for my taste. Their second model, the 020 is simply awesome, very classy looks and the sound just blew me away!
A unique outstanding electric guitar! Made from a new material called Arium. Very high resonance and sustain! Really modern, innovative electric guitar.

171Swing Guitar

Some of the most original and reliable guitars made, brilliant shapes, perfect tune, a real smooth yet punky type or guitar
I have sdc 22 it's very good. It's cheap, fast and sound is great


174Jay Jr

175Blueridge BR-70
Best sounding Bluegrass guitar I ever heard & that to me is what is important

I have a Brunswick Expertise acoustic guitar. Nothing wrong with it at all except in the eyes of some people the name dictates that it will be rubbish. Er, not so. We haven't all got mega bucks to spend on an instrument.

LONG LIVE EDDIE! One of the most expensive guitar brand but they still have an affordable Eddie Van Halen models. Very nice tone, wood and easy to play. I will give 101% to this brand! You will experience the ERUPTION when you JUMP while playing this guitar! M/

Spectrum is a very decent guitar. I know Fender don't make the best amplifiers, but play it through a Fender amp & it will blow you away!
Its awesome. And some of the notes sound electric on acoustic!


Never heard of it until I snagged one at the pawn shop for 150. Model is al 2000. Solid mahogany les Paul copy. Alinco II dual hums. Grover tuners and my personal favorite, a licensed Floyd rose trem! Awesome awesome les Paul copy. Very solid, rich tones, and sports a decent Floyd. Definitely better than an epi les Paul and it look bad ass!
A good guitar is only as good as the sum of its components. From top of the line to the bottom Agile scores high on quality.
Very nice LP copies play, great quality, good clean sound. My AL3200 plays like a dream. The neck is better than a Gibson LP and faster than my Am Strat.

181Santa Cruz
My friend also have one and I think it also have a quality.

Steve Fairclough is an awesome guitar player and has put his name to something a bit special! For example: The Fairclough Sky Electro-Acoustic (fitted with Fishman preamp) is a beautifully crafted and sweet sounding instrument and deserves to be up there with the best! Go try one!

They are manufactured in Malaysia. Unique design & multiple tone. Guitar player should try one of these when its shipped into global market soon. Its kinda pricey for its premium variant;handmade. But sure good quality stuff, long lasting satisfaction, pride to whom who own it.
Best custom hand made with reasonable price

Big body and vintage sound

I have a Rocks RT-1000CT model cut-away guitar. Its a bit heavy 41", sounds very loud and soft. The colour is the best of my choice. I paid around US $100, which accounts to be quite less for a quality guitar. I am an intermediate player and found it one of the best in range which and best sounded guitar

186Recording King
Recording King guitars are probably the most underrated guitars ever, I have an RD10 all solid wood guitar that sounded great the day I got it and sounds better now, this time next year it will sound even better

187Frank Hartung Guitars
German luthier that ranks among top 5 in the world when it comes to design, materials, innovation and the most incredible quality of build. Expensive but these guitars are unmatched.

It has fab sound... Lovable design... And beautiful colours...
I have a blue acoustic bass guitar of signature brand..
Very affordable. Nice sound. Its an Indian brand.

189Dars Guitar
Cheap guitar and quality sound. Made in malaysia.

190Brian May Guitars
Simply the best, its got a lot more abbilitys

I have a kay Guitar and it has the all around sound that any musician Solís want
I have one and it really sounds great..

192Crusader Guitars

I haVE a java guitar... that looks and sounds great... exactly like ibanez... price is 8000 Indian rupe...

I owned a Westfield acoustic guitar for 10 years. It was a good beginner guitar kept its shape well.
"Absolutely oldschool authentic acoustics. Beautifully crafted. Great for beginners! "


Recommended by teachers and preferred by students as their entry level instrument of choice - Available in over 70 countries across the globe
This is my first guitar
Valencia magic clear loud acoustics without mic's and amps you would hear this one above most top guitars, it's the one I play most. I have a martin takamin fender yamaha.


This guitar is my first guitar, for all occations

199Gil Yaron
Well made and plays fantastic!
Best ever hands down.


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