Fender and Gibson are quite different, and therefore impossible to compare with any real accuracy. Not to sound cliche but it IS apples and oranges. A Les Paul is built with a different wood, different electronics, and different pickups. Gibson guitars use humbuckers, which are much more mid-range than Fender's single coil system. They are both great brands, and deserve to share the top spot. But if I had to choose, I would go with a Fender, simply because the range of tones you can get from the single coil combinations is much, much greater than Gibson's humbucking systems. I play a 20th anniversary Les Paul, an American Strat, and a Nashville Telecaster (My Preference). I love the Les Paul's deep tone and low action that make it so simple to play. But the Les Paul just doesn't get those bright tones a Fender can produce. That being said, I can adjust the tone of the pickups and use the 5-way switch on my Telecaster to get almost any sound. I can make my Telecaster sound like a Gibson Les Paul or Strat, but I have NEVER been able to make my Les Paul sound like a Fender.

Personally I absolutely LOVE all Fender products from their fantastic guitars such as the stratocaster (my first guitar and its so good I still play it all the time) a tele (also a great guitar but I think strats are better JUST MY OPINION I STILL LOVE TELIES) and I also think Mustangs are fantastic and they look really cool I also love their amps- I have a Frontman 15 and 30 G they are both great amps so that is why I think Fender deserves 1st but still I admit Gibson has some GREAT guitars and they have 2 VERY different sounds so I think they are about even in quality even though I prefer Fender products

I have been playing guitar all my life. 30 years worth of playing. I am 39. I have had all kinds of guitars. It depends on what style of music you play, the amp and effects you use, and what you want to get out of it. A telecaster is one of the most versatile of all guitars made. They are used all the way from country twang to blues, jazz, rock, Indy, hard rock and stops just short of metal. but for me I like the snap and the bite of my telecaster. It just feels right to me. I don't want to take anything away from a Les Paul they are great two, but for the argument of overall best they are a little bit limited and way pricier. I still play the heck out of mine from time to time to get that deeper smoother sound. oh and PRS is outstanding but excluded by me because of price. FENDER with a Fultone OCD pedal and a Cantrell Crybaby, I can move your soul with that sound! Oh and buy American. The quality diminishes greatly when they are imported.

I say Fender for a few reasons: comfort, tone, and iconic status.

Fender guitars have a knack for being some of the most comfortable guitars of all time. The Tele, the Strat, the Jaguar, the Jazzmaster, just about everything that they have is insanely comfortable to play when sitting down, as well as standing up. All of their models are a good weight as well, so I don't feel like I can shatter it from thinking about it too hard.

The Fender tone is the cleanest, most bell-like sound that you can find from single-coil pickus. The fender sound is used by several artists, and can be used in so many ways that I have yet to see a Gibson compete with.

What do Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Bruce Springsteen all have in common? They all pay a fender. Be it a Strat, Jaguar, or Tele, they all play one of Fender's master instruments. Three of the greatest guitarists and musicians of all time play a Fender something. Coincidence? I think not!

I'm twelve, and my dad recently bought me a tres expensive fender squire stratocaster, and it is easily the best guitar I have ever played. My dad said, when I asked about the Gibson vs. Fender thing, he laughed and said: 'You can't compare them. It's like a mustang and a ferrari, they're good in different ways. The Gibson Les Paul is the king, and the Fender Stratocaster is like the more popular, better looking Prince. ' And I completely agree.

You can make a Fender single-coil sound like anything with the right amps and effects. Can't do the same thing with a Gibson. I owned a couple Gibson and I sold them both. Don't like the necks, the body shape is uncomfortable and the quality is not as good as it should be given the price. Having said that - Fender is overrated as well. Don't pay for the name people! Musicman Silhouette Special is where it's at. Give me a modern guitar that's not trapped in the 1950's because of hype nostalgia.

The Fender Stratocaster is the greatest guitar of all time. Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Jeff Beck are just a few of the legends who play this beauty. With a crisp sound, it sounds fantastic in any kind of playing. A guitar that is great for beginners and experts alike, it's a nice instrument which you can learn technics easily. I own multiple Fenders and I prefer them over my Gibson. Whether it's a Strat, Tele or Jag, they stand above Gibson by a long shot.

The best thing about Fender is by far the value. When you buy a Gibson you have two options; buy a cheaper Epiphone and get aggrivated that you can tell that it obviously isn't a Gibson. If you buy a Fender however you have more options... instead of having to decide between a $500 Epiphone or a $2000 Gibson (both of which in reality have very inflexible prices), you can easily pick up a Mexican made Fender (WITH THE FENDER NAME ON IT! ) for $500 or less. Like I said the value is like no other. Trust me, Mexicans know how to make guitars.

Fender only has two guitars most people recognize. That said the list of their players is legendary.
Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, Jeff Beck, David Bowie, David Gilmour, Buddy Guy, Buddy Holly, George Harrison, George Lennon, Pete Townshend, Stevie Ray... (and those are only Strat players)
Syd Barrett, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Page (wrote his legendary Stairway solo on his Telecaster), Keith Richards, Bruce Springsteen, Brad Paisley, and Keith Urban.
The list goes on and on leading you to one conclusion: Fender is by far the best brand out there.

Fenders are durable, lighter, and versatile than their competition. What's more is that you can probably get them for a decent price. More? It has tradition. Fender's a proven company, and they shred Gibson by putting out guitars with better quality control at lower prices. You really can't want more than that.

Fender is the best in sound and quality. Look at how many famous guitarist use a fender. if you look at the classic guitarist they all played either a Fender or a Gibson. The guitars are well designed and play great. As an owner of a stratocaster I can tell you that this is an ideal guitar for ;players of all levels.

Much better quality, sound and versatility than any other brand, I played a Stratocaster and an SG, at guitar center, the Strat was a lot better in my opinion. I also bought a Telecaster that thing rocks, they may not be as popular or have as many designs as Gibson, but from the Fenders I have Played, I was really impressed. Nothing against Gibson though they are amazing too, just if I had a choice, I would always go with a Fender guitar.

Fender produces high quality, classic guitars at a very reasonable price. There is no better clean tone than my 1956 reissue strat. I wish Gibson could take some notes from Fender on how to turn around their quality control issues. You can order a Fender online having never played it, and still be certain the one you get will be flawless. With a Gibson you would be playing Russian roulette (and probably pay 50% more than you would for a quality Fender).

Both the Fender Stat and Tele are incredibly versitile. The Strat was a revolutionary design and has stood the test of time and been copied by others in the guitar industry. The Tele, with it's slab design and single cut-away, is so simple, yet it screams "Rock n' Roll. " Simple, but great!

For decades, Fender has created guitars which not only present guitarists with quality instruments, but also audiences with the splendor of the fine tones and beautiful colors. Do you wear socks? The sound of a Fender guitar will knock them off and replace them with better socks made with the finest materials.

Fender in my opinion has the best quality of sound and with every fender I have picked up and played I think that the wood is perfect and that if you are looking for a bad ass electric guitar that has great sound and looks sick a fender is the guitar you are looking for way better that Gibson

I have a vintage telecaster and it sounds great, has a good body and stays in tune for a long time I got it when guitar center was getting rid of them and it cost me 250 bucks no joke, I'm a bigger fan of fender than Gibson because Fenders tend to weigh much less but beside that both guitars are good but I do prefer fender

Fender is awesome but I would have to say squier classic vibe overpowers fenders standard model of guitars. If you want a guitar for lots of money fender over gibson I mean jimi hendrix used it a fellow lefty like myself and for those guitars not to go out of tune when jimi played them it means lots of work goes into them.

Best all-around guitar. Easy play. Squier brand is very good. Try a Honey Blonde Squier Tele Infinity, you'll know what I mean. Under $200.00 and sounds terrific. Have a room full of guitars. Playing since 1958. There are of course many other excellent guitars from a multitude of manufacturers. Fenders are just consistent and always please the player.

Fender is the best. But not just for guitars. Yes, I understand that Gibson makes very good guitars and I can't disagree with that. Fender makes great guitars, strings, and amplifiers. I mean how often do you see a professional guitar player use any other amplifiers than Fender or Marshall.

Tone is very subjective, but for me Fender Stratocaster tone is the best. Just ask David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Johnson, Hank Marvin, and too many to count! Amazing Guitars, much richer and more dynamic tone than any Gibson could produce.

Every man comes to a point where he must choose whether he's more of a Page or Hendrix... And I'm clearly a Hendrix guy! Lol seriousely, Fender are simply amazing, very versatile, well damn comfortable and they'll never le you down. Fender clearly owns.

Fenders just balls to the walls and most multi genre guitar. Gibson can't compete when it comes to versatility. Fender even sounds great with metal, has cheaper maintenance than gibson, and makes lighter guitars so you can be on stage longer.

This company should be the best 'cause fender changed also every thing in music and in just about every rock/blues/jazz song you can see the guitar that the lead guitarist and the Fender Stratocaster is the most played by an artist guitar in the world. Gibson... I don't really know why the company in no. 1.. I mean its stupid their guitars arn't even good sure the les paul is one of the first electric guitar but it doesn't sound good and the sg doesn'e look or sound good. I think that Fender should be no. 1 their the best and everyone knows it!

The tone is so much better on a stratocaster than a les Paul! Jimi Hendrix? Eric Clapton? Eric Johnson? SRV? Are you kidding me? Don't even get me started on what ge Telecaster means to the world and all the fantastic players that use it. Oh yeah... Also invented the electric bass guitar! P Bass and Jazz Bass have shaped modern music. So... Yeah Gibson has one really good thing... The Les Paul. The guy that invented it wasn't Gibson by the way.

Sure Gibson has great tone but so does fender. I have a les paul and a strat and I love them both but there are sounds that come from my strat that I just can't get out of my les paul. Not to mention the price difference. For the price of just a basic studio model les paul I can get an American Standard deluxe with all the bells and whistles. Don't get me wrong I love my LP but fender makes a more versatile guitar and they're not over priced. Hats off to fender for being the true king.