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Farida why are you in 190th position.

223Glen Burton
224Black Machine

The pinnacle of modern metal guitar. To bad they are rare as unicorns now with people flipping them for 2-3 times the cost.

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I have a westone spectrum fx It is the best guitar I ever had and it's one of the rarest guitars out there only a very few of the are still around

The westone rainbow 1 & 2 are top guitars made in Japan at the Matsumoku Factory. it don't get better than this for Japanese quality.


I have a Thomson TS412 model, nice construction, the laminates are like "top of the line" looks like fender acoustics and the sound is so GREAT!

I have this and it's sound is very nice

228Halo Guitars
229X Trek

I really like this guitar it is just my second one though I have only had it for 2 days

231Guitar Master

The Most innovative guitar brand out there! Strandberg. Deserves to be in the top 10!

234Baker Guitars
235Michael Kelly Guitars

Don't know about their guitars but the basses are awesome. I've owned an acoustic electric bass (limited edition dragonfly 4) for close to seven years and it still sounds incredible. When I play it unplugged you can hear it very clearly unlike other acoustic basses I tried, the real surprise,however, comes when you plug one of these bad boys in. It's got such a deep tone it sounds like a stand up bass. That sold me right away when I heard it. Very beautiful looking too made with some very expensive materials too. They're just not that well known,...yet.

Best looking and playing guitar ever

I've owned a MK guitar for 10 years now and it plays beautifully, I've compared it with the top brands and it plays better than any other, maybe I'm just predjudi


Best guutar ever... With the best sound... I've had it for several years and it still plays like a charm... Very good quality guitar...


Best ever is a DELM. Each guitar is hand made and the pickups are individually wound and tuned to suit the guitar and the player. I have top of the line Fender, Gibson, Ibanez and Yamaha but the clarity of the sound of a DELM surpasses them all.

239Oscar Schmidt

Oscar Schmidt makes a variety of quality instruments!

One of the best economic guitar option available for you, good quality of it


Not one mention of Domin guitars! Wow!
Beautiful, smooth, and most affordable Japanese guitar.

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