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281 Kawasaki
282 Cassandra Elk
283 Legpap

Nice to see nice to hold, once broken consider sold.

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284 Master

Master is also good but not better than Fender

285 Rolf

Good and value for money.. I have one in red

Rolf is even better than gibson

From where will get it

286 Lauren

Has anyone heard of it? I bought one in Tyler tex and I just love it. I'm new to guitar playing so I didn't want to spend a bundle on an instrument just to get tired of it. It was less than $ 100.00 but it sound great to me and if I can get my finger to touch one string at a time I will b successful. I play every day and I have had it for about a month. I just love mine does any one else have one
Down in Texas

287 VGS Guitars
288 Sterling by Music Man

A music man for have the price of an American made one and almost identical in quality. A guitar worth looking at!

289 Zane Guitars
290 Rockwood

First electric guitar I ever had I ended up destroying it beginners guitar, cheap nothing special.

291 Mr. I Guitars

Mr-i guitars are handmade and have amazing sound you can ask for any model of guitar and they will make it!

292 Kingston
293 Crescendo

Really not a bad guitar. Apparently made in the same factory as fender

294 Levin Guitars
295 Dame
296 Dame
297 Dexture
298 Babicz
299 C. Giant
300 Aspire
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