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My 5222 from 1988 still plays great, looks beautiful, and just keeps sounding better and better--and the 5222 was a reasonably inexpensive guitar. Really rich tone. The only thing upgraded are the tuning machines and nut from the plastic to bone.

Alvarez has always been an under-rated brand. Beautiful workmanship, great sound- an excellent value for the money. I have one of the old six string "dove" guitars and a Yairi 12 string: both are close to forty years old and both still sound and look great and have never needed any repairs. I also have an old Martin six string. I have done the "blindfold" test with friends to choose the best sound between the alvarez and the martin - alvarez wins every time.

Alvarez masterworks are some of the best guitars made. They are not rated as high as others because they do not cost as much. Cost has NOTHING to do with quality. Big name manufacturers are a rip-off

There great, plain and simple.

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Wow! You guys have no idea at all! (probably Americans! )

Maton is the true winner here people!

Doesn't matter what anyone tells you, put a Maton next to Martin, Taylor, Cole Clark or any of the above and Maton will outperform them in Tone, looks and character!

Each has their own preference - mine will always be Maton

Best guitars in the world
Their just not well known as relatively few guitars are made and it is hard to get in the us
I tried many guitars and a maton blows them away
The good thing a bout maton is that even their lower end models are real maton's made with the same luthiers who make the high end models. unlike fender, gibson, martin, etc who sell you a cheap Chinese knockoff fooling you into thinking you have the real thing

I love my Maton. The tone is incredible! They are made from great wood and are quality Aussie guitars. Highly recommended for beginners and serious players alike. They are also good value for money and should last you a life time.

The Queensland maple is really something!

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Affordable price but no compromise in quality. Even the SD1 for beginners produce great sounds.

Amazing guitars, specially the Custom Series full solids. You can choose from variety of tonewoods and soundboard combination and 4 different shapes. Offering almost every player's preference. You can also choose options such as soundport off-the-rack. Great craftsmanship, amazing tone, and superb playabality at an amazing price. Great guitar, and definitely not an OEM brand. They only make their own guitars.

This is a good brand because Maestro comes from Gibson.
So therfore it as beautiful just like Gibson. What so bad about this? I think MAESTRo... IS... AWESOME!. So... Ge

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It's A Good Guitar Brand... their Hollow guitars are good

This is my first guitar an I think it's better than all the guitars I have seen till date, if you r a beginner you blindly go with this brand..., jimm rocks!

Awesome Guitar in Low budget... Sound quality very good...

My Second guitar...Sound's Quality is awesome

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This guitar is good

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Seriously, Ramirez guitars are the best. Ebony fretboard, solid brazilian rosewood back and sides, solid cedar top ivory or bone bridge and a masterly construction make them the best guitars ever.


2P DXL CUSTOM airline. They bleed rawness and feeling.

I'm no pro, but I take my time when I'm buying a guitar. I played everything, and for feel, sound and playability, I was about sold on a Gretsch 6119 vintage remake. Then I played an Eastman TX 186. Hollowbody constructed from all solid wood, better pickups than the Gretsch, and just fantastic tone that gets better the more I play it. And it cost about 60% what the Gretsch cost - not an entry level price, but a guitar I won't get tired of playing. They deserve to be better known. Some of the Epiphones and most of the Ibanezes felt and sounded cheap in comparison.

The first Eastman guitar I bought was an affordable AC320CE (sitka spruce top and mahogany sides and back). I liked it so much that later on I bought an Eastman E20 OM (adirondac spruce top and rosewood sides and back). That last one I play daily and it still blows me away. Great guitars for a great price.



because I hate kasuga! their just imitations of gibson les pauls!
plus I have a custom aria!
its purple with a gold marble plate, built-in tuner, and in the dots there are LED lights!
Solid copper tuning keys!
mahogany neck!

I've had an aria guitar for the last 40 years, it's a great sounding well balanced instrument. I've played a lot of other, better brand names like gibsons and martins, mine is just as good, if not better.

I love my aria guitar! It's great

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ok everyone kasuga guitar is the best its better than epiphone and stuff my guitar teacher said and he is so good so I think he knows what he is talking about so year go kasuga

Over 30 years of playing different guitars the Kasuga I had in the late 1970s was the best and I was a total idiot for getting rid of it.

Kasuga's is the top guitar brand it has such good sound and are a rare guitar I have 1 and nothing will beat it I recommend this guitar brand to every 1 they are so good just unbeatable so vote for them 2 and add comments - Smith

Bought a Kasuga D-180 in a yard sale it has become the family favorite... Always being passed around!

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Made in China but awesome worthy for the price I mean it's very cheap but really goes on to the standards of yamaha

That is cool guitar for the everyone, because it has very bass sound and so beautiful!

I also have a starsun guitar. My first one. It's awesome for a beginner. Nice sound too

Please give this brand more votes!

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It is a great choice! Vote this guys. Trust me you will love its sound quality. Its worth it guys! Please vote this guitar best model too! And designs

This one is great! This brand should be next to Yamaha.. I just can't believe it's down low.. My friend has a Fernando guitar and I have a Yamaha.. Both just sound great..

I am not a pro musician but I know when an instrument sounds good or not and I must say Fernando is a great buy. It has an affordable price for an awesome sound. You will never regret buying one especially their acoustics.

Efficient. Affordable. Very audible.

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I have a Black color stunning gb&a guitar...
Its sounds sexy whenever strum the strings...
This is the best I have ever buy...
I suggest this to all guitar lovers..
Its best for intermediates and even for professionals...
The guitar is heavy n good shape n awesome sound and good sound output as well.. By the way am having semi acoustic sexy black color..

I am having a yamaha acoustic (wooden finish) and gb&a acoustic guitar (black)... And guess what... Gb&a has far better sound quality than yamaha and even looks also... Don't understand why GB&A is all the way down here.

Dude I have been using a gb&a acoustic for two years and trust me it's got the best sound in the world!

GB&A is the best guitar brand with respect to cost and quality...Its gives you more natural and smooth sound with a cheaper cost

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Try those guitars they are the taylor guitars of the phillippines its verry comfortable and I really like the sound quality

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I have a Johnson and works fine!

I have my Johnson acoustic-electric guitar that I bought in US and if I'm not mistaken my Johnson is 10 years old now or maybe more than 10.

From what I've heard, Johnson guitars have great tuning ability and sound like shear perfection.

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Rondo aka Agile is probably the most underrated guitar manufacturer of the world. Better than any Les Paul clones out there including Epiphone or Vintage. Amazing value and quality for money!

By the way the Agile was only 499 and the Gibson was $2300 also in my last comment it should say Nick through the body not next to the body

Rondo aka Agile guitars blows away epiphone and esp les pauls any day of the week and twice on sunday. Check them out if you are looking for a true gibson like tone out of a cheap guitar. And the value for money is truly astounding.


My first and only guitar currently is a stagg and I'm in love with it. there is nothing majorly wrong with a stagg and I'm proud to say I own one. it serves me well in my work and that's all I could ask for

I recently purchased a stagg and the clarity is amazing even though I bought it used I still love it I plan to give it a new coat of paint and fix it up a little

I have a les paul copy stagg and it has served me well as my first guitar, it sounds pretty decent as well.

Pretty good for beginner and intermediate guitarists

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Have you seen them... You could even design your own in almost every way... Great sound but you would expect that when you could be spending £5000 on one but I'd say that's worth it for the acoustic of your dreams... Check out the site

It is beautiful and its sound quality and its woods

I think is good I like this guitar brand

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Kapok guitar is similar to the classical guitar. It's fret is also as big as classical. You can use both nylon or steel string. Anyway, it is easy to find it. You even can found it at a Bookstore.

Ya I too have the same company guitar its good

This brand, kapok in Indonesian mean "give up" laugh out loud

Amazing acoustic guitar to classical guitar

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I have been using it since 3 years. It is not even costly. Its good looking and I think its even better than gibson. It even very easy to tune for it has a very good sound quality. More over it has a beautiful look like a guitar. Even a beginner should be advised to buy this guitar for it cost a minimum of 3000 rs. So as it is less costly and more quality it's the best for me. I even like lakewood but its cost is just my dream.

I am using it since 3 years. They really make good guitars with good sound in an affordable price.

I have a Granada guitar... It is a great GUITAR! It sounds very well...


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I'm playing Pluto past 3 months ago.. This is my 5th guitar. It sounds very good, well furnished and beautiful look...

The best acoustic for anyone. I have been using it for 2 years and it sounds like lakewood. It is even better than gibson. It has a nice standard look and easy to tune for it's better sound quality

I like the sound of pluto's acoustic.
its better than my 1st guitar and many other brands

It's a very cool Guitar brand.

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